Get Well Soon Messages for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend Husband or Wife

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If the love of your life has gotten sick, you probably feel like you are about to get sick as well. Indeed, knowing that our loved one is unwell is perhaps one of the saddest moments of our life.
So to help your loved one feel better, send him or her some get well soon wishes to express your love and care.
Here are the top 60 get well soon messages for your boyfriend, girlfriend husband and wife.

Get Well Soon Messages for Boyfriend

Hey my love, I know there would be no substitute for my kisses and hugs. But I promise that we will more than make up for it once you are well. So get well soon. I love you!

I know I cannot kiss you right now because of your flu, but that will certainly not stop me from expressing how much I love you. Get well soon!

Honey, please ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for two. Because honestly, when you are feeling sick, I feel like I’m about to be sick too… that’s how much I love you. Get well soon!

Baby, your sickness may keep you away from me for a few days… But I promise that we will make it up soon…when you feel better. So get well, I love you!

get well soon messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

Facebook is waiting for you to post something and Twitter is longing for your tweets… But more importantly, I am here waiting for your warm hugs and kisses. I love you sweetheart, get well soon!

Cheer up, honey! For I want to see you fit and happy… Get well soon. I love you!

Whether the battle of your life is big or small. One thing is for sure, I will be with you through it all. Get well soon baby, I love you so much!

Without your sweet smile, my life is incomplete. I know I am being selfish, but honey… please get better soon so I can have my sunshine back.

Sweetheart, please get better soon. Why? Because I want to kiss you, hug you and hold you tight. I love you!

I hate it when you are unwell. I hope you will feel better soon, because I want you here. So please, please, please feel better! I love you!

60 Get Well Soon Messages

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Feel Better Soon Messages

It’s sad to see you suffer, but just wait a little longer and you will be better…So cheer up. I love you!


Honey, I want you to know that I am thinking of you always… Wishing and hoping that you will feel so much better soon! I love you!

Worry is eating me up while stress is biting into me. So please feel better soon, so you can be back to brighten up my days. I love you!

I can also feel your sickness since our body might be separated but our hearts beat us one. Get well soon, I love you!

You may be sick but honestly… you look hot and handsome even with that hospital gown. Get well soon, I love you!

Don’t worry baby for my sweet kisses will surely wipe away all the bitterness of the pills that you are taking now. Get well soon. I love you!

Baby, please listen to your doctor so you will get better soon. Don’t forget to take your medicines as well! I love you so much!


Get Well Soon Messages for Girlfriend

To the love of my life, you took good care of me so well and now that you are unwell, please give me a chance to get back at you. Get well soon, I love you!

You have worked hard enough honey that you forgot to give your body a break and that’s why it has forced you to lay down for a while. So take as much rest as you can and I hope you will get better sooner. I love you!

All this time that you are unwell, I want you to know that you are my queen and I am your servant so all you have to do is ask and everything will be done. So take advantage of it, baby. Get well soon!

Now that you are tucked in this hospital bed, I am grateful that I can kiss you all I want. But I would love it even more if you are up and well. I love you! Get well soon.


Hi baby, you honestly sound so sexy in that hoarse voice. But I wish that infection would go away the soonest, but the hoarse voice can stay. Just kidding! I love you, get well soon!

Baby, I actually need your kisses more than you need those medicines… and I need you more than your doctor would. So please, get well soon for me. I love you!

Honey, I request that you spare the bacteria and please prevent them from attracting your beautiful body. Get well soon!

If kisses are drugs, hugs were medicine and cuddle a home remedy. Believe me, sweetheart, I would certainly nurse you all day and all night. I love you, get well soon!

Sweetheart, please keep in mind that my love for you is stronger than any viruses in this world. I hope that you will get well soon, I love you!

My hand certainly misses your hand and my shoulders miss your head as well… Most of all, my mouth misses your lips. So please be well baby, I miss you!


Your sickness is truly affecting my happiness while your condition is bringing me some frustration. Above all, your ailment is affecting my enjoyment. So please… get well soon baby or I might end up getting sick as well. I love you!

The flower of my life withers without the sunshine of your face. I miss you honey, get well soon!

If I am a genie, I would certainly come up with a potion to beat your illnesses. But because I’m just your boyfriend, allow me to cure you with smiles, hugs, laughter and happiness. I love you!

I am coming to meet you soon, sweetheart! So say goodbye to capsules, tablets and balms. I promise that you will be well as I will make you feel better with my unending charms. I love you!


I know I have been telling you how HOT you really all… But honey, you do not need to take that literally and get heated up with a fever. I’m kidding… I love you, please get well soon!

Get Well Soon Messages for Husband

Honey, I know you have gone through so many suffering and pain lately. But this will just come to pass… Soon enough, everything will be back to normal. Get well soon, I love you!

Darling, I promise to bring you hot chicken soup each day until you become well. I love you!


I know there is not much you can do while you are confined in a hospital bed. So I got here some of your favorite movies… to somehow ease your boredom. I love you, wishing you a speedy recovery.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Get well soon honeys… we all are waiting for you back home. I love you!

My love, thank you for all the things you have done for me as your wife. Please get well soon. I love you!

Baby, you have done so much for us, thank you for that. And now that you are ill, we will make sure to bring you cheer… Please feel better soon. We love you to infinity and beyond!

Honey, I am sorry you have to go through all this. If I could, I will surely take all the viruses and get sick instead of you. I love you, please be well.

Darling, please be strong. I know you will get better soon. So cheer up, because I really do not want to see you sad.


Now that you are sick, I will send you tons of kisses and hugs to help you to recover and restore back your health. I love you!

Today, I have realized how handicapped I am without you. So please get better baby… come back home so I can have anyone to talk to. I love you.

Now that you are sick and away from me, I want you to know that I’m thinking of you… every single day. I love you honey, get well soon!

Honey, please fell better fast, so we can have you back home. I love you!

Hang in there, honey. You are such an amazing man and I know you are much stronger than any of those illnesses that got into you. A little patience and a whole lot of medication is all you need, and you will soon get back on your feet. I love you!


Get well soon my darling. I pray for your quick recovery and good health for the years ahead. I love you!

Get Well Soon Messages for Wife

Darling, you are the prettiest when you are cheerful. You are the sweetest when you are lovable. So please my love, get better soon! I love you.

Honey, you know that I am not much of a praying person. But if that’s all it takes for you to be well… I will surely pray every single day until your recovery. I love you!

I hope my words can help to brighten your day. I wish my smile can weaken your pain… Above all, I pray that my love can heal you fully. I love you baby!

Sweetheart, I am probably not doing a great job in taking care of you. But I will try my best and keep trying until you will get better. I love you!


Baby, say goodbye to that bout of bad health. Take your medicines and listen to what your doctor has to say. We want you back home, so please be well. I love you!

I know what you are going through is tough. But please get better fast. I know you can do it, I love you lots!

Darling, all I pray is for each and every inch of your body to get better soon. I love you!

Darling, please do what the doctor says so you will feel better soon. We long to see you back home. We love you so much!

Honey, I know you are in pain. I wish I can take all those pain away and suffer for you. I love you! Get well soon!


Cheer up, honey! We can’t wait to see you fit and well soon… I love you!

Baby, I hate seeing you in the hospital bed and suffer in pain. Nevertheless, I am here to show you that I truly care and I won’t get tired doing this for you over and over again. I love you!

Honey, I cannot wait to hug and kiss you. So please be well. I love you!

Your place is not supposed to be in the hospital. Rather, it’s in my heart. And you do not deserve a strong dose of medicine, for what you deserve is my love. Get well soon!

I think I am beginning to get jealous of your flu, that’s because it gets to spend all day with you. I’m kidding! Get well soon! I love you.