Get Well Soon Messages for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend Husband or Wife

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Updated: March 25, 2017

If your greatest love has gotten sick, you will feel like you are sick as well. Indeed, knowing that our loved one is unwell is perhaps one of the saddest moments of our life.
So to help your loved one feel better, send him or her some get well soon wishes to express your love and care.
Here are the top 60 get well soon messages for your boyfriend, girlfriend husband and wife.

Get Well Soon Wishes For Boyfriend

Baby, your doctor will need to give medicines for people. I cannot be well, while you aren’t. Get Well Soon.

I am not surprised you have a high fever, I always found you hot. Get Well Soon.

I am sending you some kisses as medicines. Muah. Get Well Soon

Did the doctor prescribe you time with me? Till we do that, you won’t feel better. Get Well Soon

Please add two hugs a day to your prescription to get better in half the time.

My face will not get a smile till I get to know you’re feeling better. Get Well Soon

We’ll lose out on important time while you’re unwell, so get well soon.

get well soon messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

Just because you got some bugs, doesn’t mean we have to stop our hugs. Get Well Soon

I hope my wishes make you feel better, just as your smile always makes me feel better. Get Well Soon

Please tell your doctor that he’s going to have a face a very angry girlfriend if you don’t get better soon. Get Well Soon

My life has stopped since I’m not being able to see you smile and laugh. Please Get Well Soon.

Since I heard about you being unwell, my heart is feeling unwell. Get Well Soon

I am not clinically unwell, but I won’t be fine until you become well. Get Well Soon

I love you. Get Well Soon

Each and every bone of my body feels the pain that you are going through. So Please Take Care and Get Well Soon

I understand your pain and I am with you. Get Well Soon

Even I am feeling unwell now, because our bodies might be separate but our heart beats as one. Get Well Soon

You look handsome even in the hospital gown. Get Well Soon.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Get Well Soon

60 Get Well Soon Messages

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Feel Better Soon Messages

My heart has been skipping a beat since I have found out you are unwell. Get Well Soon

Each injection you have to go through, you will get equal number of kisses to feel better. Get Well Soon

I want to take my selfies with you again. Let’s go out again asap. Get Well Soon

As important as your medicines are for you while you are unwell, that’s how important you are to me every day. Get Well Soon

Sickness might come and go, but I will always be here with you to help. Get Well Soon

I wish I was a doctor so that I would have a reason to be with you continuously while you are unwell. Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon Wishes For Girlfriend

My life feels incomplete without long talks with you and holding your hand. Want to do that soon again, so please get well soon

I can’t believe my HOT girlfriend has got a COLD. Get Well Soon


Opposites attract – that’s why sick bugs are attacking a beautiful person like you. Get Well Soon

All the bugs and bacteria are becoming attracted to you like me. Get Well Soon

If I will not be able to hug you for another day, I will get more unwell than you are right now. Get Well Soon

I am becoming like a flower who hasn’t been watered. I need you. Get Well Soon

You didn’t need to prove to me that you are hot by spiking your temperature. I knew that always. Get Well Soon

If I get a chance, I will wrap you in my arms so that no bug or bacteria can touch you again

I want to keep kissing you until you feel better. Get Well Soon


I am with you while you get well. Get Well Soon

My heart will be your hospital. Come and take admission. Get Well Soon

Neither Facebook, nor Twitter nor Instagram is fun without you. Get Well Soon

Even while you are unwell, you look hot and pretty. I miss you. Get Well Soon

I am going to beat the germs in your body and kick them out. Get Well Soon

When I was unwell, just one glance at you made me feel perfectly health. Get Well Soon


You don’t need to fall unwell to get pampered from me, I can pamper you anytime. Get Well Soon

Just close your eyes and remember me. All the bugs and bacteria will run away from your body. Get Well Soon

All my best wishes are with you. Get Well Soon

I feel like a mobile without network when you are away. Get well soon

I want to hold you, hug you, kiss you and pamper you until you feel better. Get Well Soon

No germs, no bacteria, nothing can keep me away from you. Get Well Soon

I am here for you, and I will make you feel better. Get Well Soon


Till you are unwell, nothing is going to feel normal to me, nothing is going to make me smile. Only your smile can make me smile. Get Well Soon

You will need to meet me only once to become well. Because once you meet me, my love will completely cure you. Get Well Soon

Say goodbye to your medicines, capsules and tablets. I am going to cure you with my love. Get Well Soon.

Get Well Soon Wishes For Husband

I pray to God for your speedy recovery. Get well soon

You are not feeling well and so am I as you are not around. Get well soon

Take care hubby. Get well soon


Praying to God daily for your fast recovery. Get well soon

Sending you my love and care with the wind. Get well soon

Last night when I looked up in the sky, I noticed all stars were not shining. Because all of them know that my dear husband is not well. Get well soon

Love, this message is straight from my heart to wish you good health. Get well soon honey.


I understand how low t feels when you are sick. Please have your medicines regularly on time. Get well soon

It is so hard for me to see you sick. It hurts me equally. Get well soon

I feel so bad for you my love. Get well soon.

Sending you the warmest wishes for you. Take care and get well soon

I hope and wish you regain your strength soon. Get well soon

I am eagerly waiting for you to get back to your original spark. Feel better soon honey.

I am sending you love your way. Get well soon

Keep Calm and Get well soon.

There is nothing in this world more painful than seeing you in this pain. Feel better soon love

Don’t be so stressed honey. You will be well very soon.

Hoping that you feel better soon

My heartfelt wishes for you. Get well soon.


I feel extremely sad as I miss to see the smile on your face. Get well soon

Hope you get back to your full swing soon and get well soon

I have asked God to make you happy, to make you smile, o bring you back to the best health possible. Get well soon

I wish I would have got the illness in your place. Get well soon

I know in how much pain you are. I can understand your situation. Get well soon

I am there to take proper care of you and promise you will be fine by tomorrow. Be strong

I am missing you badly. I can’t wait any longer. Get well soon.

I don’t like to see you so blue. Please get well soon

I wish I were a magician who could make you feel fine right away. Get well soon

The way sun rises, I pray you rise from your illness and get going. Get well soon.

I hope my get well soon wishes for you bring a smile on your face. I love you. Get well soon.

You are too good to fall sick. Get well soon

I wish I had a magic wand which I could spin and bring you back to good health. Get well soon

Get Well Soon Wishes For Wife

You are too beautiful to fall sick. Get well soon

Get well soon my dear wife.

While you are fighting with your disease, I will sit next to you and pray for your speedy recovery. Get well soon

I know today you are not feeling well, but you will be well very soon as we all are praying for your well being

East or west, my wife is the best. Get well soon honey

Illness can put you down to bed for a few days but cannot take away your beauty. I love you

The best medicine for you is my kiss. Muah. Get well soon


I will keep kissing you, hugging you, cuddling you, and pampering you till you feel well. I love you

I pray to God for your good health hundred times a day. Get well soon

I am sure staying in bed is not at all a good feeling to have. I am waiting for you to feel better that we can again go back to action. Get well soon

I am sure you don’t want to get your butt injected. So, better get well soon

I am really tired of taking care of myself now. Please get well soon

Please God, keep me calm and make my wife well soon again

Get well soon my amazing wife

You are my cup of tea. Get well soon

A small note to tell you how much you mean to me. I just want you to know that I am always there for you. Get well soon.

I wish even I was sick with you so that we both could cuddle in the bed and spend all time together. We would have not needed any medicine and our recovery would have been so quick

Seeing you suffering makes me feel so sad. I will fall sick seeing you like this. Please get well soon

I need your kisses more than you need your medicines. I need your hugs more than you need your doctor visits. Get well soon honey

Only I am allowed to give you such a tired look and not this illness. Get well soon

I beg you to stop attracting the germs and bacteria towards you and your body. I am so jealous. Get well soon baby

Believe me if my kisses, hugs and cuddling would have been your medicine then I would have been nursing you. I love you honey

Earlier your mom wanted me to stay away from you and now after marriage she has sent her alibi to keep me away from you. Please get well soon. I miss you.

I know you want to be pampered all the time but this is no way to get pampered. Get well soon and I promise you to pamper you always.

I know I always keep telling you how hot you are but you didn’t have to take it so seriously and fall sick. Get well soon.

I am so jealous of your flu. Flu can’t get to spend the whole day and time with you. Please get well soon.

Going anywhere without is no fun. It is like watching a movie without glasses. Get well soon

Let it be hospitals blue gown or those loose pajamas, you look awesome always. Get well soon

Close your eye and think about our first kiss and you will feel better. I love you. Get well soon

My life is so incomplete without you. Please get well soon.