The 85 Happy Birthday Bhai-bhaiya : Quotes and Wishes

Updated: March 25, 2017

Have you greeted your brother for his birthday yet? Then what are you waiting for! Give him the best birthday wish he has ever received on his birthday!
Here are some of the sweetest and funniest birthday greetings for your big or little bros out there:

Happy Birthday to the 2nd best son of my parents! Haha, no seriously, I wish you a happy happy birthday bro!

To my best friend, happy Birthday. Love, your brother.

This year I’m considering getting you a toupee, haha kidding bro, I love you so much! Happy Birthday old man!

I know this day is yours to celebrate, but when you were born, I gained not just a brother but a best friend. Happy birthday bro! I may not say it out loud but thank you for always being there for me no matter what. Have a good one!

You taught me how to play football wrong till I learned how to play it right, maybe that’s the pro and con of having a quarter back for a brother. Alas, you’re getting older means I can get your spot at NFL hahaha! Kidding! Happy birthday Bro! See you soon!

Happy Birthday! You get a free pass to everything and anything you want (well except a ticket)! Want an espresso? On me! See you later!

Thanks for a wonderful lifetime spent with the most wonderful person I can ever be so lucky to be my twin brother. Happy Birthday!

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You have always been the best to me even when I’m at my worse, and for that I love you so much bro! Happy birthday!

When you were baking in the oven, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like you as a brother, turns out, I don’t! Because I love you not only as a brother, but also as my bestest friend. Happy birthday goof ball!

You make me the proudest brother every time you do something that I just can’t believe someone related to me would do. I love you bro no matter what! Bros for life! Happy birthday!

I have always felt blessed to have been born with a bro like you. I love you bro! Happy Birthday!

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I wish you a happy happy birthday little bro! you don’t have to admit that I’m you biggest idol of all time, I already know it. Love you super!

Happy Birthday! Now, I’m about to give you a birthday gift that I expect you will top on my birthday. Plan ahead and make it good!

Despite our constant bickering, I would still wish to say, you are still so wrong, but I love you. Happy birthday!

Thank you for being the most generous brother of all time! happy birthday big bro! I love you! (PS. I would like to have my own game boy on my birthday soon. Thanks!)

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To my sweet brother, happy birthday! I pray that God will grant all of your wishes on this very day and that they may come true the moment you need it.

Being your brother gives me so much pride. If you hadn’t been there for me all these years, I don’t know where I would be now. Happy Birthday.

It is you who inspires me everyday to be the best person I can be. Happy birthday bro!

I am the luckiest because I have asked mom and dad constantly when I was a kid to make you a little brother. Tada! Yeah you have been a pain in the ass, but really you have been the best. Happy birthday!

When we were kids, we fight a lot about everything. Maybe that’s what brothers and sisters do? Fight their way to adulthood till they get tired and all that’s left to do is to love each other. Happy birthday Bro!

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I would not want anything else in a brother than what God has made of you. I am indeed the luckiest brother out there, Happy birthday!

Thank you for being a great, loyal and excellent friend and a goof of a brother. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my most handsome brother. I wish for you all the happiness in the world and all the precious things life can offer. Cheers!

I know we’re totally opposite, but I have always adored you so much little bro! Happy birthday!

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You are the coolest big brother a little brother could ask for. Happy Birthday!

You have always been such a prankster since we were kids that I had to be on guard every time I don’t see you around. Now, I’m just excited to see you and I can’t wait for what your next prank will be. Happy Birthday bro!

The other kids idolized celebrities and superheros but for me, the only person I look up to is you. You have been a superman to me, a batman and even Oprah when you just feel like giving. Happy birthday big bro! Thank you for everything.

You taught me how to swim, how to hold a bat, how to catch a ball, how to dribble, how to approach girls and how to find the right girl. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for you. Happy birthday Bro!

I always catch myself reeling back on old memories when life was easy and that the only bad thing was getting hand me downs from your closet instead of mom shopping for me. Little do you guys know is that I am the happiest to get everything you owned because to me, they were a part of you that I could be too! Happy birthday idol!

The best life advice I ever had was the one you gave me where you said, Life will always throw you something you don’t want, but if you stick a little longer, you would find that it was brought to you to learn something from it. I have always reminded myself of that and I thank you for it every day. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, I will be the one to make a wish. I wish that we continue to be brothers here on earth and beyond. Happy Birthday bro!


Life is just a gift that keeps on giving. I am very grateful life has given you to us. Happy birthday Bro!

I never learned the word quit because no one made it an option for me. You always told me that quitting should not be an option, and that you should continue with anything you start with. You have always been such an inspiration and for that I thank you. Happy birthday!

We had the best childhood. With your quick witted humor and my genius pranking, we were a force to be reckoned with. I sure do miss those good old days. Happy birthday old man!

I always tell people we are so different. But really, we could not be any less similar. We’re twins! Haha! Happy birthday!

I am the most blessed person in this room to have been given a brother like you. You are a superhero to me. You always rescue me when in time of great need and I will never forget that. Happy birthday!

I care less for friends as long as I have you as a brother. Happy Birthday!

You may suck at math, hell you even suck at English, but one thing you are excellent at is being a brother. No one in the world can ever top how much you mean to me. Happy birthday!

Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for this family! I am sure that is the reason why God has given you so many blessings in the past years. I am very grateful for your kindness and generousness. I love you brother! Happy birthday!


Being your big brother, I am telling you this once. When you were born, I remember when I held you in my arms for the first time and I knew that I was going to have the best little brother in the world. You were the best gift god has ever given this family. Happy birthday!

I try to top your antics, but bro you are the best. Mom and Dad misses you and so do I! we’re excited for your birthday because you are celebrating it this year at home! Cannot wait for tomorrow! Advance happy birthday!

You were a pain in the ass growing up. But look at you now, you are more accomplished than I had hoped for. I am proud of you little bro! Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, I check your Facebook to see what idiotic antics you have in stored for us to laugh at. Surprisingly you never let me down. Haha! Happy Birthday Bro!

I seriously cannot believe how big you have grown! You were just a tittle mouse when we were young but now you are so huge I do not even measure up to your shoulder! Hahaha! Happy birthday my little big brother! Lots of love!

I cannot wait to tell mom and dad what stupid things you have done recently. But today I shall give you a free pass. Lucky you! Happy birthday!

Bro, mail came and I saw your grades for this semester. They are not looking good. Luckily it happens to be your birthday so I guess mom and dad will let this one slide. Use this as your free pass! Use it wisely! Happy Birthday!

To my very special secret hero. Happiest birthday Brother Man! I have kept my promise to keep your identity don’t worry. Love you little bro—I mean Brother Man! Happy birthday!

Oh goodness, it is our birthday again this year. What can I say other than, you are so lucky to look exactly like I look. My good looks have always been a win for the ladies if you know what I mean. Happy Birthday to us! See you in a bit!

You are the most generous of all people I know, and you are just nine years old! I cannot wait till you get older I am gonna have to need you to get me a car then! Haha! Happy birthday baby boy! Love, your big sister!