Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

Your cousin is practically your sister with a different mother, you may think that she is awesome but that is just because you are practically the same. Especially if you are of the same year level, you would probably get each other the most, so here is a birthday wish to that beautiful cousin, here are some sample wishes you can use when the words escape you.


Birthday Messages for Special Someone

When you have someone special and their special day is coming, their birthday, you want to be able to greet them with all that you can and make them happy in a unique and simple way. Here are some of the best birthday messages that you can give that person so that you can make that person feel how special he or she is to you.


Birthday SMS for Brother

When you are in the mood to greet your beloved brother on his birthday, here are some of the SMS messages that you can send to help you decide on what to tell him. Just pick one of these and you are good to go especially if your brother knows how to appreciate the things that he is given.


Birthday SMS for Friend

You do not want your friend to feel left out with all the birthdays happening everywhere in the world. Make him or her feel a whole lot more special by giving him or her the greeting that he or she deserves. Here are some of the best birthday SMS that you can send your friend to let him or her know how much you care about him or her!


Birthday SMS for Sister

It is both a blessing and a curse to have a sister. You have a friend in her whenever you get into trouble or experience some heartbreaks but she is also the same annoying person who steals your clothes, your new purse and wears your shoes without your permission and some other stuff that you have. That explains why a sister is both a blessing and a curse. But no matter what, your sister will always hold a special place in your heart. So if you are looking for wonderful birthday wishes for you sister you are in the right place. We have a list of birthday SMS created jus for a sister. Read thru the list for you to pick out the perfect message for your sister and feel free to share.


Birthday Invitation SMS

Because on that very special moment of your life, you want to invite the people that matters the most to you, your birthday is one of them and you just want to tell those people that they are invited or that they are mandated to come to your celebration. Here are some birthday invitation sms that will help you out with that.


Happy Birthday SMS Wishes

There are so many people to send a happy birthday SMS to, whether it is your family, your friends, your loved ones or just a classmate or an acquaintance. The essence is that you greeted them on their birthday and you made the effort to do so and not just say the lines of happy birthday. They will surely appreciate this one if you do this. Here are some of the SMS wishes that you can try out when you are having a hard time thinking of a birthday greeting.


Motivational Monday Quotes

So, it is Monday again. It happens every week, no matter how much we try to ignore it. Although it is so hard to drag yourself out of bed and get ready for the day, the most important thing to remember is that it there are only four more days until Friday! Hey, you’ve got this. Just in case, here are some motivational words of wisdom to make Mondays seem just a little bit better. 


Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Love is not about clichés and formal greetings and all that but still each year you find yourself in a position to celebrate anniversary and you really feel like making your partner happier. In order to do that, you need some good quotes and here are some suggestions from our side: 


Happy Birthday to Pregnant Mom

Birthdays are times to celebrate milestones, achievements and the addition of another year to life. Pregnant mothers rarely pay attention to their birthdays as they are normally busy supporting life in their bellies. Here are a few sweet quotes that you can send an expectant mother on her birthday and have her positively beaming ear to ear:


Birthday SMS for Husband

You love your husband which is why you marry him and on his special day, you just want to show him how much you care about him, love him and appreciate him by greeting him in the nicest way possible. If you are not sure on what to tell him on his very special day, worry not as here are some of the birthday sms that you can send your husband so he would know that you truly do love him so much and that you really do care about him.


Happy Birthday Boo

Whenever the special someone of your life is about to or currently celebrating his/her birthday you frantically turn your brain upside down to think and construct the one of kind, heartfelt and loving birthday greetings he/she deserves. But sometimes no matter how hard you think or try to create you always come out empty-handed. We are saving the day for we have here a list of happy birthday greetings for your love one or for your boo. Read through the list and pick out the best birthday greetings of your choice. Feel free to share!


Happiest Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are fun to celebrate indeed but it is more fun and memorable if the celebration is filled with tons of thoughtful and whimsical happiest birthday wishes. On this site you will find a variety of happiest birthday wishes that you can use in expressing your birthday wishes to someone you know or dear to you who are celebrating his/ her natal day. We hope that this list of birthday wishes be helpful to you. Have a good time browsing and feel free to share.


Happy Birthday Young Man

To your young man or boy, you want to be able to greet him a happy birthday on his most important day but you are not of the same age so you are unsure of what to say. If so, here are some of the best birthday quotes for a young man that you can use for that. Pick the one that tells what you want to tell the most and just say it to him on his birthday. He will appreciate it for sure!


Happy Birthday Godson

When you have a godson, it would be so good to greet him on his special day so here are some happy birthday quotes for your godson that would surely make him happy. Cheer him up with some of these messages. So to those who loves their godson, then here are the quotes you can use to greet that child on his birthday.


Birthday SMS for Lover

When the birthday of your lover is near, you start to wonder how you would greet him or her. Here are some of the ways that you can greet that person and make him or her feel just how much you love him or her and appreciate that person.


Reply to Birthday Wishes

It is overwhelming to receive tons of birthday wishes on your birthday; it only means that people love you so much that they spend some of their time sending you their thoughtful wishes. It is only just and right that you show them as well how grateful you are to them for remembering you. This list contains an assortment of birthday wishes replies that you can make use of if you will be sending out your gratitude to all the people who remembered you on your special day. Feel free to share this awesome find and take your time reading through the list.


Happy Birthday Teenager

Expressing best wishes for birthday has never been easier. Think of what you have learnt from life and put it all together in a wise quote, funny message or a cute note on a greeting card. Celebrate this moment because it is once in a while, and the beginning of teenage is one of life’s most exciting phases. here are some quotes and greetings for happy birthday teenager. So read on and enjoy!


Happy Birthday Tio

Your tio, your uncle, the brother of your father or your mother, or whatever you call him is probably the person who has contributed a lot to your life, especially when you were just a little child. Now, on his birthday, give him something back by greeting him the way he deserves to be greeted because you love him so much.


Happy Birthday Post

It is so good to celebrate one’s birthday but it is much better if it is celebrated with tons of wishful happy birthday post. This thoughtful list of happy birthday post will surely add delight to the happiness of the birthday celebrator. Feel free to use this list and don’t forget to share.