45+ Sweet Happy Birthday my Queen Wishes with Love

Whether she is your wife, partner or girlfriend, she certainly means the world to you that you refer to her as “my queen”. If your queen is celebrating her special day, then you should let her know how special she is to you. But if you cannot find the right words to express how much she means to you, then here are some happy birthday quotes that can surely make your queen feel special on her special day.


67 Best Happy 19th Birthday Quotes for Son, Daughter or Friends

This age is a milestone, being nineteen means you get trapped in the world of still being a teenager and becoming a full adult. It is the gap year that you take when you still want to explore the world before you hit it and do the responsibilities that you have on hand, it is the year that you need to make the most of because there is no turning back. Appreciate this year for it is the last take you get at being a teenager, at making the mistakes that you want to make, the risks that you need to take. Be careful in the choices you take because not all of them will get you to where you want to be, some may hinder you still. Here are some birthday wishes for those teens that are in their last year of their teenage days, wish them and make them a bit happier than before.


35+ Happy Birthday Bae Wishes with Images

A birthday celebration is often very special. It is the time to celebrate the day when someone was born. If your bae is celebrating his or her birthday, then send him or her greetings with these special wishes and quotes.


55 Happy 23rd Birthday Quotes for Him or Her with Images

It is never a bad experience to turn into a new age because you can only get better and a whole lot wiser as you grow older. The thing is you get to have more experiences and even more fun. By the age of twenty three you are just about to blossom in whatever career you are taking, you are probably just getting out of the nest to celebrate what you have been given, to use what you have learned from years in school. There is no one to tell you how your life will go from this point that is all up to you so no matter what happens, you should be confident in making choices because they will surely matter by now. Here are some birthday wishes for the people in this age.


35 Sarcastic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Sister or Brother with Images

Birthday wishes comes in many form, those that are romantic, for those special people in your love or those that you want to impress, there are birthday wishes that are quite funny that are meant to make the birthday celebrant laugh, those that are amusing, those dedicated to family, purely platonic, those that are meant for your friends, those that are meant for the elderly and quite a lot more. On the other hand, here are some sarcastic birthday wishes that are for you to use freely to make humor or maybe just to use it to greet your enemies on their birthday. You can try them out to see if it really works.


Top 35 Happy 26th Birthday Quotes for Son or Daughter

For that special person in your life, your brother, your lover, your wife or, maybe your sister or your nephew or even far fetch, your cousin, below are some quotes that will let them know how much you feel blessed that they are in your life. Being 26 means that you are halfway through with life, by then you would be successful already or on your way there. For those people that matters to you, here are some things to wish them by, some wishes to make them feel that you love them enough not to forget them on their special day. Forget all those notions of prepared speeches because sometimes, great things are said with a sentence or two, so here are some for you. May you find the right words here to tell what you want to say to him or her.


75 Happy Birthday Twins, Brothers or Sisters with Images

Twins basically means double the trouble, double the fun and twice everything that you ever get from a child. Having twins is definitely a challenge, especially if they look alike. For those who have twins as their children, or friend or beloved, then one of the hardest thing would be to guess who is who, in this case, it is also possible to just go greet them at the same time so that you can never be wrong. Here are some of the wishes that you can try to greet them with, some birthday wishes for twins that will surely make them happy.


65 Inspirational Messages to say Happy Birthday Soul Sister

Some people do not get the luxury to have a sister in their life and grow up as an only child or with brothers, but there is something about having a sister that makes life so much more colorful. In line with that, each person has another half, their soulmate, but it also applies to sisters, you can find your soul sister in a person, someone who understands you without having to say a single word, someone who makes you be a better version of yourself, someone you can rely on, a soul sister is all of that. When you find that person, do not let her go, here are some birthday wishes for your soul sister that you can use to greet her on her birthday.


56 Happy 29th Birthday Quotes for Sister or Brother with Photos

You are a year close to hitting the big three zero and this is totally the time to think upon your life. When a person hits this age, he or she is most likely thinking of settling down, has met the right person and is on the stage of getting married or at the very least engage. Of course there are times when a person is still trying to figure out himself or herself at this stage in life. Nevertheless, if your son, daughter, friend, sister, brother or your cousin is turning this age, then you should be there to greet him or her the happiest birthday ever and give some words of advice or encouragement. Here are some quotes that will totally help you with doing just that.


45 Happy Birthday Honey I Love You Messages

Honey is sweet and this is why people use this word to refer to the sweetest person in their life. It could refer to a friend, a loved one, relative, parents or anyone who has a special place in their heart. If your honey is celebrating his or her birthday, here are the Happy Birthday honey quotes that you can send them.


Heart Touching Happy Birthday Ex-Boyfriend Messages for Tumblr

One of the worst moments in your life and the one that will truly break your heart is when you finally break up with your boyfriend, with the person that you have already planned your future with, the one who said he loves you and you actually believed he meant it. It is one thing for a friend to betray you and leave you but when a person so dear to your heart, like a lover does, it leaves you an open wound that can permanently become a scar. What you can do is to accept that, to stop letting it have power over you and to show your ex, by now, that you have moved on with your life and that you are happy enough that you can send him good wishes on his birthday. Here are some quotes that can help you do just that and show him you have truly let go.


55 Happy Birthday Angel Wishes with Images

If a woman is so dear to us, we often refer to them as our angel, someone who is so dear to us and is often the love of our lives. An angel can also refer to the girl who can make your heart jump the moment she is around. If your angel is celebrating her birthday, then here are the happy birthday quotes to send her.


Emotional Happy birthday Ex-Girlfriend Wishes for Tumblr

There is always going to be the ex that you are going to curse, to hate, to make sure you never see again, but there is also going to be an ex that you will hope you can have again, the one that you still think of every time, the one that you still want to be with, the one that you will always remember memories and relate it with everything that you see. At the end of it, you will also have the ex that you will go back to being friends with again, you will have that one that you can exchange stories and enjoy their friendship. Once you have gotten it back, you can actually find a reason to greet her on her big day. For this occasion, here are some wishes to help you out.


75 Inspirational Birthday Wishes and Messages for Step Daughter to say I Love You

Your stepdaughter is the child you practically treat as your real daughter, you love her just as much even though she may not be able to appreciate you that much because she probably hates your guts. It is important to remember events such as her birthday to make her like you even just a little bit more. To accomplish that, you need some birthday wishes for your stepdaughter that will make her feel good about herself and about you as well. Here are some of those wishes that you can use and try out to see how it goes.


Funny Happy Birthday Ex-Husband Messages for Tumblr

The truth is past husbands can actually be a pain in the ass, as most exes usually are and the truth is there never need be a grudge to be held with that. There is a certain knowing if the pain you had back then has subsided and you will know that when you have let go of it and can actually wish that previous husband of yours birthday wishes on the day of his birth. So stop fretting and don’t regret what has happened between the two of you. Here are some quotes that will help you get it across him that you are already moving forward with your life that does not include him at all.


85 Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Childhood Friends and Memories

It’s been said that one of the closest types of friendship is the childhood friend. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend who is also your childhood friend, and she is celebrating her special day, you should take time to greet her or him. Here are some of the birthday wishes for childhood friend that you can use to greet your friend and show appreciation of your friendship.


For Separated Happy Birthday Ex-Wife Messages to Share on Facebook

Break ups happen all the time, even the best relationships in the world went through it at least once but once it has become a permanence in one’s life, you learn to move on. Of course, being friends with your ex is one thing and being able to look at her directly and say what you want to is another. Sending her birthday messages on her special day is something that can help you to let go of all the stress you might be feeling and a therapy for you just the same, so why not make someone happy today, after all, she was you wife in your past, does that not count for something? Here are some quotes that will make sure that you keep it wholesome and friendly.


45 Inspirational Birthday Wishes for a very Special Friend Male or Female

Moments come when you want to make those people that are special to you feel that they are indeed special. You need to let them know just how you feel about them and how you want them to stay in your life for the rest of forever. For the friend that you do not ever want to let go, here are some birthday wishes for your special friend that you can use to let him or her know that you love him or her. Use these when you are out of words to say or when you just cannot find the right things to greet your friend on his or her birthday.


55 Short and Funny Birthday Wishes for Myself to share on Facebook

As much as other people are important to you, the one who matters the most to you is yourself. Aside from receiving those tons of gifts and birthday cards from different people, you should also find time for yourself, to reflect on your wishes and maybe make some for yourself just the same. To that, here are some happy birthday wishes that will surely make you smile and show you that you alone can also make yourself happier on your birthday even when you think that you cannot, below are some of those wishes that you can try out.


60 Birthday Wishes for Elderly Uncle or Aunt

Those people who are considered elderly, your grandfather, grandmother, grand auntie or grand uncle are meant to be respected and cared for. They need someone to remind them how special they are and how awesome they are. Show them that you are that person and that you have a big heart and a sharp mind to remember when their birthday is. Should you ever run out of words to say to them, here are some happy birthday wishes for elderly people that you can use to greet them with, try them out and see how they work for you.