21st Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

When a person gets into the 21st year of their life, all they want is to enjoy life, all they want is to get into the corporate world and start a new job, to get into a certain company that they have long wanted to go to, all they really want is to settle a good job and be more stable in terms of financial matter that they do not really have the time to have fun and enjoy their lives.

This is why if you have a friend who is turning 21, it would be a great idea to throw him or her a party so he or she can forget all the pressure that society has put on him or her and just makes sense of the life he or she is living.


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Here are some 21st birthday meme to enjoy and to try to make sense of.

Birthday Memes

It's your 21st birthday, be good, okay?


Be happy like Loki! Happy 21st Birthday!


I'm 21 today and I'm kinda excited for tonight!


Happy 21st Birthday to the princess of the day!

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Belated Birthday Memes

I can't chil!!! It's my 21st birthday!


I'm sure you'll have a great night! Happy 21st Birthday!


Have a sweet 21st birthday!


You! Yes you! Happy 21st Birthday!


Happy 21st Birthday!


I am now 21 and I'm a happy girl!


This "Chill" dragon lizard wants to greet you a Happy 21st Birthday!


I tell you, being 21 is awesome


So, it's your 21st birthday... have you been sober and studying?


Happy 21st Birthday!


Me so high! I'm 21 today!


Hey! Just poppin' to say Happy 21st Birthday!


Happy 21st Birthday!


Enjoy your 21st birthday!


Like, whatever. Yeah, I'm 21!


Good luck! Happy 21st Birthday!


Well, well, look who's turning 21 today!


Happy 21st Birthday! Now go and be a good person!


Happy 21st Birthday from MJ


Eeh, so what if it's your 21st birthday?


You good? Happy 21st Birthday!


Take it slow, you just turned 21.


Happy 21st Birthday my dear!


So what's your 21st birthday wish?


Wrong! Your birthday was 21 years ago.


What's your plan for tonight? Happy 21st Birthday!


Happy 21st Birthday beautiful!




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