30th Birthday Memes

Updated: August 22, 2019

Say goodbye to the twenties as you hit the thirties, or maybe someone you know, a friend or a loved one is going to the sweet but hard transition of being thirty. The problem is that by this age, people are expecting that you have already settled down.

First of all, they expect you to have a decent and stable job by this time and at the worst case scenario to have a family already and a happy life. Well, not everyone is going to have all of that and most are just going to enjoy their birthday. This is a transition that not everyone knows about.


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Nevertheless, here are some 30th birthday meme to keep you intact in the case that you forget to buy a gift for your friend. Worry not because these will surely make him or her laugh out loud or maybe make him or her smile.

Happy "30th" birthday!! Let's light the candles with "the Laser"

Birthday Memes

30th birthday? You mean weekend of camping awesomeness I'm not 3o. I'm $29.95 plus tax.

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30th Birthday. You've gotta be kitteh me
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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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You're how old? Get. Out. Happy 30th I'm 30, I'm Catholic, and I'm going to die alone in a light-up Christmas sweater talking to a menagrie of parrots. Turning 30? We all have ways of coping. Happy 30th Birthday. And don't worry, I won't make any age-related jokes. I genuinely feel bad about how old you are. Happy 30th birthday Happy 30th birthday to us Enjoy your last days before turning 30 Happy 30th birthday! On the 30th. You 30 year old man! Happy 30th birthday!!! Have you seen my driver? You know what rhymes with thirty? VODKA. Happy birthday you bitch. You are 30 now. Start acting like that. Don't you dare be sour! Clap for your 30th birthday and feel the power. It is your birthday. Drink all the whiskey. Clear liquor is for rich women on diets. Oh. It's your 30th birthday? You must be so mature. Had a 30th birthday party when he was only 15 30th Birthday. Stays at home on Facebook replying to everyone's posts. I heard you are now 30 years old?! Happy Birthday anyway! Why God? Why? We had a deal! Let others grow old! Not me! There is nothing you can do at 25 that you can't do at 30 except perhaps getting out of a chair without makign a noise 30th Birthday? Challenge accepted, so long as you have a drink with me to forget I'm turning 30 Happy 30th birthday, It's going to be huge, fabulous. Mom called to wish me a Happy 30th birthday, turned 29 30 is only 12 in Scrabble 30th Birthday Invite. You've gotta be kitteh me I have an important birthday coming up, and this is what I have to keep reminding myself. I'm not like a regular 30 year-old. I'm a coll 30 year-old! Happy 30th birthday! Love Derek, A-Rod and the Yankees! I see 30 years old people Happy 30th birthday beautiful!


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