Best Friends Forever Quotes and Messages

Modified: June 27, 2023, Published: November 29, 2016

Friendship is a special bond that brings joy, support, and endless laughter to our lives. Best friends forever are those extraordinary individuals who stand by us through thick and thin, sharing the highs and lows of life’s journey. They are our confidants, cheerleaders, and partners in crime. To celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship, here is a collection of heartfelt and uplifting quotes and messages dedicated to best friends forever.

These words express gratitude, love, and appreciation for the unbreakable connection we share with our closest companions. So, let’s dive into these Best Friends Forever quotes and messages, and celebrate the extraordinary friendships that enrich our lives.

A true friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Best friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest, it’s about who came and never left your side.

In the garden of friendship, even the smallest flower can blossom and bring immense joy.

Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even on your worst days, you have someone by your side who believes in you.

True friends are like diamonds—precious, rare, and forever.

A best friend is someone who lifts you up when you’re down and makes your good times even better.

Friendship is not about how many friends you have, but about the quality of those friendships.

A best friend is the one who brings out the best in you, even when you feel your worst.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

In the journey of life, a best friend is the compass that guides you through every twist and turn.

Best friends are the ones who make your problems their problems, just so you don’t have to face them alone.

A true friend is someone who accepts you as you are and still believes in who you can become.

Friendship is the sweetest form of love that blooms and flourishes with every passing day.

A best friend is someone who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway.

True friendship is built on trust, loyalty, and a shared sense of adventure.

A best friend is the one who laughs with you, cries with you, and stays by your side through it all.

Friendship is the art of being there for each other, even when you’re miles apart.

A best friend is the one who makes your ordinary moments extraordinary just by being there.

A best friend is the one who knows all your weird quirks and loves you for them.

Friendship is the fuel that keeps our souls aflame with joy and laughter.

Best friends are the ones who can turn a simple moment into a cherished memory.

In the dictionary of friendship, ‘forever’ is defined as ‘always having each other’s backs.’

A best friend is like a guardian angel who lifts you up when your wings forget how to fly.

Friendship is the secret ingredient that makes life’s challenges more bearable and its triumphs even sweeter.

True friends are the ones who see the sparkle in your eyes, even when you’ve lost sight of it yourself.

A best friend is the one who can make you burst into laughter even on your gloomiest days.

A best friend is the person who never judges your crazy ideas but instead joins in and makes them even crazier.

You are my friend that, if not a girl, I would have married because you are the dearest person to me.

I feel privileged to have you as my best friend. I don’t get along with anyone and I am very lucky to have found you.

I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends, that’s why I only have a few. Wait a second! I only have you! You passed my delicate taste! Congratulations!

Having a best friend that will last a lifetime is the best gift in the world and I am thankful that I got you!

If I only have to choose one friend to stay with me forever, I will choose you. Besides, I don’t have any other friend.

The world is a better place to live when you have friends, especially if they are close to you like you are to me.

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Having the best buddy will entitle you to have random breakouts without having to explain yourself because you are accepted, loved and appreciated just the way you are.

Loving someone like you love yourself is almost greater than loving someone on a romantic level. Having a best friend that is there for you without expecting something in return is awesome.

Real friends will try their best to share their joys with you and not their sorrows. You, being a real friend to them, will just make you realize their sufferings.

I cannot and will not even imagine my life without you. Thanks for being the most awesome friend that one could have.

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People say that I am only crazy when I am around you they don’t know that I am the real me when you are around and I don’t have the courage to be crazy when I am around normal people. Thanks for being another crazy soul!

My friends are not a goody two shoes. We make mistakes together and do crazy stuff. That doesn’t mean we are good-for-nothing. It just means we are real people.

My best friend is like my twin soul. It’s just that I am the pretty one and you are the kind one.

You know you are really close to someone when you can bluntly tell him or her about her mistakes and is openly criticizing him straight to the face.

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Friends are a treasure and you are my most prized treasure, though I know that you are not a possession—you just chose to stay with me no matter what and I am very thankful for that.

With you, I am never afraid of being stabbed in the back since you keep on stabbing me right on my face. A highly appreciate how honest and real friend you are to me.

You know you are with your best friend when you can be totally off-guarded and silly. I love you and you will always be my best friend ever.

If I will choose between you or superman to be my best friend, I’d still choose you because I know that no kryptonite will stop you from saving my day.

I don’t need a lot of money in this world when I am already blessed with the best friend that would make me smile during my darkest hour. Thanks so much for being my best bud!

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You are the best friend that fairy godmothers are jealous about. You can magically turn the bad times into great ones just by being there and listening to my stories.

I would love to spend the rest of my life being a kid or a teenager with a best friend like you by my side. If I could just stop the world for us to be young, crazy and carefree together, I would.

If you did not exist, I would have given up life and my fate in humanity, trusts and friendships. Now you have the idea how your plain existence.

I’d rather be not popular if you are not going to be my best friend. The great thing about not being popular is that you get to have the truest friend available. Thanks for being one!

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I know that it’s tough to walk through the difficult times with you, but I’d rather walk the difficult path, rather than walk in the easy path alone.

Liquors are there for a reason, they teach as that the longer you stay the more valuable you become. So thanks for being my most valuable friend up to date.

The thing I love about my best friend is that he treats me exactly the way I treat him and I am a very crazy friend. So he is.

When a true friend realizes you’re confused, he will not give any advice. He will just be there by your side listening until you figure out the problem on your own. He knows that advising you in your state of confusion will just get you more confused.

You are trusted by your friend if he can tell your weaknesses straight to your face. He trusts you more than himself when he tells you his own weaknesses.

If a friend cannot share with you your darkest hours, then he is not worthy to share with your blessings.

What’s the use of having all the wealth on the world if you don’t have a friend to share it with?

It is funny how people associate friendship with sufferings and blessings when all people encounter such. Before you start pointing that your friend is not always there for you, how about think first if your friend is also suffering her own burdens.

It’s easier to gain friends by being interested in them rather than trying to be more interesting to them.

The fun of having real friends is that you stay close even if you don’t have time for each other and you have been away for too long. It’s not like a relationship where people have breakups.

I need a friend who will stay beside me more than lovers could. I need a friend who will not lie to me just like lover might.

Friendships were created because God knew he couldn’t send all of the angels down to earth.


Being taken care of by a friend is way better than being rich, powerful and independent.

Not every friend has the capability of staying with you all your life. But every friend has the capability to make you happy, be it for a certain period of time or forever.

You know you are dealing with your best friend when you are being criticized to the bones yet you don’t feel offended at all.


Having a friend will make you feel that you are the very blessed despite not having a money on your pocket.

You know why they are called best friends? It’s not just because they are the best. They can also be the beast that irritates you, criticizes you and condemn you but you know at the end of the day that they love you.

Have you ever felt that moment when you felt much closer to your best friend than your own family? That’s what I have always felt with you.


Best friends may laugh at you when you slip or fall, but they will sure break the face of anyone else who would.

Having you, as a best friend, is like having an enemy that attacks me right of my face.

The main difference between a friend and a best friend is that a friend will not tell your shortcomings because they feel that they have a duty of loyalty to you, while a best friend will slam your mistakes on your face because it’s their duty to correct you.

When family and friends are not able to connect with you, trust that a best friend would. He understands you like no one else can.

Your worst enemy has the possibility of becoming your best friend while your best friend can turn into your worst enemy.


I think you are an enemy who likes to keep your enemies closer because you tend to make me insane when you are around. I love you, my crazy friend!

Do not worry what other people may think of you. Your true best friends can only tell you who you are and that’s the most important opinion that you should only consider.


I am the type of friend who will break someone else’s face for telling bad things about you even if we are not in good terms, even if we don’t talk anymore and even if you won’t let me.

Those people who kept on telling that a dog is a man’s best friend might have mistaken you for one! Kidding, I love you my pretty friend!


You are the best friend in the world ever! It almost feels like having you is unfair for everyone else.

No other friend was able to bring light in my darkest hours and laughter n my sorrows like you had! Thanks for being my best friend!

They say a friend in the times of need will always be a true friend. I need some money best friend.

Distance will never be an issue for a true friend. It’s almost amazing to talk to your best friend for hours like it was yesterday when you’ve been away for years.

If a friend cannot understand the way you are feeling, then he or she is a friend who does not know you. And not knowing you means not interested in you.

They say every friendship is built on self-interest. Well, that’s true since I wanted you to be my friend so that I would have the best friend in the world. That’s pure self-interest.

Best friends forever quotes that make you cry

Best friends forever hold a special place in our hearts, and their presence in our lives brings immeasurable joy. However, sometimes the depth of the bond we share with our best friends can evoke strong emotions, including moments that make us shed tears of both joy and sadness.

The following collection of Best Friends Forever quotes is designed to touch the deepest corners of our hearts, evoking tears that flow from the sheer beauty and profound connection of these friendships.

Let these quotes serve as a reminder of the profound impact that a best friend can have on our lives, evoking tears that symbolize the depth of our appreciation and gratitude for these extraordinary relationships.

A best friend is not just a person who makes you laugh, but someone who can see the tears behind your smile.

In the garden of friendship, tears are the water that nourishes the flowers of love and understanding.

Sometimes, the tears we shed with our best friend are the most healing drops that wash away our pain.

True friends are the ones who hold your hand and offer a shoulder to cry on when words fail to heal your heart.

The depth of our friendship is measured by the tears we’ve shared and the strength we’ve gained through each other’s support.

In the silence of tears, our best friend understands the words our hearts cannot speak.

Tears may fall, but in the embrace of a best friend, they transform into healing rainbows of hope.

Crying with a best friend is a testament to the depth of trust and vulnerability we share in our unbreakable bond.

Through tears, we find solace in knowing that our best friend will always be there, even when the world feels too heavy.

The tears we shed together create an unspoken language that only our hearts can comprehend.

The beauty of friendship lies in the tears we wipe away from each other’s cheeks, nurturing the seeds of empathy and compassion.

Tears are the unspoken prayers that our best friends offer up on our behalf when we struggle to find the words ourselves.

Crying in the presence of a best friend is an act of surrender, knowing that they will catch every tear and hold it gently in their heart.

The bond of best friends is so strong that even tears cannot weaken it but only serve to reinforce the foundation of love and trust.

Tears are the ink that writes the stories of our friendship, etching moments of laughter, understanding, and unwavering support.

In the tears we shed together, we find strength, resilience, and a reminder that we are never alone in our battles.

The tears we cry with a best friend are not tears of weakness but a testament to the strength of our friendship in the face of adversity.

Through tears, we forge a deeper connection with our best friends, knowing that vulnerability is the key to true intimacy.

Tears are the heart’s way of cleansing itself, and a best friend is the gentle breeze that dries them, leaving us renewed and ready to face the world.

The tears we share with a best friend are sacred drops of emotion that cement our bond and remind us of the profound love we have for each other.

In the tears we shed together, we find a sanctuary where our souls intertwine, forever bonded as best friends.

When tears flow, our best friend becomes the anchor that holds us steady in the storm, offering unwavering support and love.

The tears we cry in the presence of a best friend are sacred, for they wash away our fears and strengthen the ties that bind us.

Through tears, we unveil the rawest parts of ourselves, and it is in the embrace of a best friend that we find solace and understanding.

Tears shared with a best friend are like healing waters, washing away our pain and nurturing the roots of our friendship.

The tears we shed in each other’s presence are a testament to the depth of our connection and the safe haven we’ve built within our friendship.

In the language of tears, our best friend becomes the translator, deciphering the unspoken words and holding space for our deepest emotions.

Tears are the currency of trust between best friends, exchanged freely and valued immensely in the unbreakable bond we share.

Through tears, we reveal our vulnerabilities, and it is in the tender care of a best friend that we find the strength to heal and grow.

The tears we shed with a best friend become precious jewels, glistening with the memories, laughter, and unwavering support that define our friendship.

I will always be your best friend and I will always give all that I can toward making your life a little brighter and a little better.

Best friends are there for you when you are sad, and they help to make the bad days a little better.

Best friends look out for one another and step in to save each other, and they are always giving and forgiving.

Best friends make the world brighter and they help to change lives and positively affect the worlds of one another.


I will always care about you and be grateful for the friendship that we have… I cannot imagine having a better best friend than you.

Best friends are always there, without fail, never disappearing when times start to get hard and the world starts to get dark.

Best friends will do what they need to do to look out for one another, even when that puts their life and happiness at risk.

I am thankful each time that I realize just how blessed I am to have a best friend like you in my life, and I would not want to go through life without you.

A best friend is someone who is there in the good times but also there when things start to get crazy and difficult.

A best friend is always loving and always going to look past the mistakes of that person that they care about.

The world needs more best friends, people who are looking out for one another and helping to make life a little happier.

Without a best friend like you, I would not be half of the person that I am today, and I am grateful for your friendship.

I know that I am lucky to have a best friend like you, and I hope that you feel the same way about me.