Birthday Memes for Boyfriend

Updated: February 8, 2018

Every girl dreams of finding the right man for her, the one who will sweep him off of her feet, the one who will make her feel special and loved. Everyone wants someone who will love her no matter how she looks, even without her makeup on, even with snot flowing from her nose.

She wants someone who will accept all of her flaws and all that. And one day she will find him and she will have a boyfriend, someone who appreciates her and all that. Now, if you have found your certain someone, the love of your life, you might as well make sure that he feels your appreciation, that he feels that you love him as much as he loves you and that you care for him and he makes you happy.


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Here are some birthday memes for boyfriend that will surely make him feel special and happy.


Hey Birthday boy! I love you!

Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday bae!

35+ Game Of Thrones Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday sweetie pie!

Mexican Birthday Memes

Have a fun birthday mi amore!

Science Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday to my man!

Happy Birthday Meme Dog

Happy Birthday my love


Hey boyfriend! Happy Birthday!


Whut? Why would I do that? Enough of this talk. Happy Birthday babe!


Happy Birthday boyfriend!


Hey love! Happy Birthday!


And I'm like... Happy Birthday boyfriend!


Happy Birthday to my handsome boyfriend!


This medal is for you! Happy Birthday babe!


Happy Birthday from the one who endures your farts and still loves you anyway.


Happy Birthday my love! Ready for tonight?


Happy Birthday boyfriend! Knives are ready!


Happy Birthday boyfriend. You're almost just as sexy as me.


Hey birthday guy! Who's that girl you huggin'?


Happy Birthday boyfriend!


How was your boyfriend's birthday?


How to hide a birthday present from your boyfriend


Hey birthday guy! Have fun tonight!


Boyfriend not allowed birthday candles. What you wishing for? Your wishes came true when you met me.


Heeee boyfriend. Happy Birthday!!!


Tells boyfriend 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook using memes


Hello! Happy Birthday boyfriend!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest boyfriend!


Happy Birthday to my boyfriend! Yeah!


Happy Birthday love! I have a surprise for you tonight!


You're not having a formal birthday dinner? Whhhyyy???


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