Birthday Memes For Friend

Updated: February 8, 2018

A friend is a companion, someone you have always shared your problems to, someone who you are with when you wanted to watch a movie that you have been waiting for a long time. He or she is someone you can pull away from what he or she is doing just because you wanted to eat somewhere.
A friend is someone that you can depend on, that will be there for you especially when you need him or her the most, especially when you are feeling so down and alone. When your friend celebrates his or her special day, you need to be there to have fun and make him or her feel special. It is your duty as a friend to keep him or her happy.


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Here are some birthday meme for friend that you might want to try to use in the hopes that it can make him or her smile at the very least.


Collection of Birthday Memes for Friend:

The longer the friendship, the more sarcastic you are to each other.  Gone are the serious greetings for a friend and memes are here to fit in with your friendship.  When you think of memes, you know majority of it to be funny. So, here are some of them.
Birthday Memes

Birthday Memes for Friend with Cats:

Who has a cat lover friend here? This section is perfect for him/her.


It's your birthday, I like to propose a toast!


Why the lack of energy? Boost up! It's your birthday!


it smells like... birthday!!!
Game of thrones birthday memes
Cat birthday memes ‎
Happy birthday gay memes
Let me guess... it's your birthday again


Birthday hug incoming!


Is it time to celebrate your birthday?


Hey! We're coming for your birthday party!


Birthdays are about the F words! Friends, family, food...



Birthday Memes for Friend with other animals:

Animals are cute especially with memes. They give more humor to it.


Happy birthday from one sexy beast to another


This is my happy birthday face for ma friend


Well done for being born many years ago


Ermahgerd Happy birthday!


Forgets to post funny happy birthday meme for friend, creates an awkward penguin meme to apologize


Happy birthday sexy.


Hmm, I do say Happy birthday


More Birthday Memes for Friend:


It's hard to find a friend like you... Happy birthday!


Happy birthday friend, leave some cake for me, I am coming just after the exam.


Happy birthday friend, where is my treat


Hello, it's me. Happy birthday


Happy birthday woooo!!


They say love is all you need... So I forgot to buy you a birthday present. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my favorite Harry Potter head


Ermahgerd ertz yehr buhrthder!


Happy birthday you big rug muncher


and I will strike upon you with birthday flowers.


Chuck Norris allows you to live another year, Happy birthday!


One does not simply with a happy birthday without a meme


For your birthday, I baked you a cake and bought you a shovel, the cake's underneath the candles. Start digging.


Happy birthday pretty person


With age comes new skills... You can laugh, cough, sneeze, and pee all at the same time!


Did you just continue scrolling right after I told you it's my birthday


Hooray! It's your birthday


When you forgot your best friend's birthday


Happy birthday to my good friend


I brought Richard Simmons out of retirement to wish you a happy birthday


Lee... Lee.. I said Happy birthday man! Do you understand-the-words-that-are-coming out my mouth?


Send you birthday memes all day? Challenge accepted


Balloons are so weird... Happy Birthday! Here's a plastic sack of my breath


I was going to make you a rum cake for your birthday but now it's just cake and I'm drunk


You're so pretty, you make Kim Kardashian cry. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!!! Ooohhhhhh Yeeahhhh!


Today is your whaaa? Happy birthday!


I'm wishing you a happy birthday, way before it becomes mainstream


Today is your birthday? False. Today is the anniversary of your birthday.


It's your day! Happy birthday!


Let the happy birthday posts begin


I know I won't see you but Happy Birthday


Happy birthday friend, your birthday cake was !!yacky!!


You're only as old as you remember you are


Another year older huh? You must be so thrilled.


I hope your birthday is better than mine over here



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