40+ Birthday Memes For Sister

Updated: February 8, 2018

Your sister is one of the best people in your life for sure. She is the one who is always there for you when you need someone to listen to you or someone to lean on when you have a big problem that you do not know how to solve. She is the one who has guided you through life, who stuck with you even through the hardest moments of your life.

So, on her birthday, let her know just how important she is to you. Let her know just how much you appreciate everything that she has done for you and that you are more than willing to do the same for her.


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Here are some birthday memes for sister that would surely make her feel that way and maybe make her smile too. It is her birthday, after all, so you might as well give her something to laugh about.


Happy Birthday Sister Memes Collection:

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You are blessed to have a sister. A sister’s love is unconditional. She is the one person in your life that will love and respect you genuinely and help you get through with all your problems. Make her laugh on her birthday using these memes.


Funny Birthday Memes for Sister:

You can tease your sister all you want for you know she won’t be seriously mad at you. Use one of these memes for her.

Happy birthday sister. I have a gift for you but I was just joking.


Happy birthday little sister! Y u no stay little?


Happy Birthday, sister! Hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!
Birthday Memes
Coolest old chic ever... Besides you, of course! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to my big sister who will always hit every decade before me!


Sis, my wish for you on your birthday is for your toes to be like these, muah!


Happy birthday sister, your gift is here


Thanks for being older than me. Happy birthday sis!


Happy Birthday sister! You've now turned "29" five times!
It's my younger sisters birthday and a bunch of little annoying girls are coming to our house


Happy Birthday sister! Going to get a car as your birthday gift


Happy Birthday sister! Celebrating birthday, can't eat cake, due to dieting


Happy birthday to my sister. This is her recent photo, please wisher her a happy birthday


Good morning idiot… I’ve been collecting for a few weeks now for this present. Please don’t be mad, but it’s so cute! Happy birthday! It’s under your pillow btw!
My sister is magical. Don't joke with her birthday


Happy birthday sister! Now tell me who told mom about the exam grades


Carry this birthday cake to my sister? Oops! Butterfingers


I dont often wish old women a happy birthday but since your my sister, I'll make an exception.


Happy Birthday sister! That's how you will run for the birthday gifts


Happy Birthday Sister. Is bathing necessary to join your birthday party?


Me waiting for my sister to pick me up for her birthday party


Happy birthday sister, until now I'm asking God why He gave me a sister like you


Happy Birthday to my little sister 'cause if you ain't first, you're last!

“GIRL” Birthday Memes for Sister:

Are you one of the siblings that call your sister “girl” sometimes? It has a different impact, isn’t it? You feel more closer to her, just like these memes.

Who's a birthday girl? You're a birthday girl


Hey girl, it's your birthday today [long sexy stare] That's cool.


Happy birthday to a girl who has a pretty awesome older sister!


Happy birthday gorgeous, awesome, and funny girl. Did I just wish to myself? Anyway, happy birthday, sister!


Happy birthday girrllll!!


Sis, take it slow girl, Happy Birthday though


Hey Girl, Happy Birthday


Happy birthday, girl. You’re the best birthday haver who has ever had a birthday, ever. No other birthday is as good as yours.


Wait... One minute! It's my sister's birthday! Happy bday baby girl!


“A Bit Formal” Birthday Memes for Sister:

Let’s take a serious turn, not too serious though. A meme is a meme, but it can be serious sometimes.


Happy Birthday to my sweet sister


Happy birthday sis! I feel nice when I see you happy


Hey sister! Smile! It's your birthday!


A very happy birthday to you sis


Happy birthday to my Irish sister!


Hello Sister, Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday work sister, You stay classy


Happy birthday baby sister


I hear it's your birthday! Enjoy it sister!!!


Happy birthday sister! I will find you and I will wish you a happy birthday!


you! Big sister lady! Happy Birthday


Happy birthday to my big sister


Happy birthday to the world's best sister


Happy birthday to my soul sister! Love you!


Come on! At least you're not as old as you'll be next year.


Happy birthday to an awesome sister!!


Happy birthday sister! Don't tell mom that I came late last night


Drake the type of nigga who wishes his sister a happy birthday. Happy Birthday!



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