Birthday Memes

Updated: February 11, 2019

A birthday is one of the most important event in a person’s life, it is one of those moments that come yearly and would be great not to be forgotten. It is great if you can turn this special day into one of the most memorable day of someone’s life. Birthdays only come once a year so you might as well make the most out of it.

Have you already picked what you are going to give to the celebrant? Do you think he or she will like what you have carefully wrapped in that gift box? Well, if you are not that confident in your gifts and you are a bit afraid he or she might not like it, here are some birthday meme that might help you out in making that person feel special and appreciated.


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Maybe a good laugh is what he or she needs, so give just that with these memes below.

Birthday Memes Collection:

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Birthday memes for sister
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Happy birthday wine memes
Birthday memes for a friend

You could send one of the following memes to your family and friends for some birthday fun. Enjoy picking memes that would be right for them.


Awkward Birthday Memes:

We’ve heard some people that don’t want to be sang at, the Happy Birthday song, because it cringes them. Their solution? Keep their birth date to themselves. There are people also who are awkward in greeting someone on their birthday, maybe they’re just shy. If you know someone, the following memes are for them.

When people sing Happy Birthday to you and you just sit there like...


shakin' my body fo yah birthday


Help!!! They're here to sing me the Happy Birthday song


happy birthday! Lots of smooches for you

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Happy 50th birthday memes
Happy birthday mom memes
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I have something nice to tell you... coz you've been secretive today, Happy Birthday!


The hills are alive because it's your birthday


It's my birthday and I'm not tellin'


I heard it's your birthday. Can I have a cake? Well, Happy Birthday!


HHMMM... We'll celebrate your birthday today even if you don't want to


Funny Birthday Memes Video

How about some memes in video to have a good laugh and we all know that laughing is good for your health 🙂


In a More Serious Birthday Memes:

Game of thrones birthday memes
Cat birthday memes ‎
Happy 21st birthday memes

When we greet the person we love and adore, we tend to be serious. We want them to know that they’re that special. So pick a meme, and send it to them.

Happy Birthday Cheers to you


praying for you on your birthday


from the bottom of my heart Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Let's celebrate and have fun!


Oh Lord Jesus Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday! Sipping a tea for yah


I smell cake. Is it a birthday cake?


me howling Happy Birthday!


I almost forgot that it's your day. Happy Birthday!


I'm Coming! Excited to eat your birthday cake!


me wants to greets you, Happy Birthdayss


Thumbs Up! Your bday party rocks!


coz today is your birthday, my cat wants to invite you for some tea


oh my! I almost missed it. Happy Birthday!


we'll put a Happy little Birthday over here


Yoda i Greet you Birthday Happy


Shout out to you! Happiest Birthday!


Just dropping by to say Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Let's drink to that!


Yo dawg I heard you like happy birthdays, so I decided to say Happy Birthday on your birthday so you can be happy on your birthday



Funny Birthday Memes:

Memes are mostly funny and you’re in the right track of finding a funny one here. Enjoy!

Let me guess It's your birthday


Happy Birthday! Believe me, I am the best and greatest in wishing you a Happy Birthday


Just called to say Happy Birthday, BTW... ate your cake


We have every right to celebrate your birthday!


Do you know what day it is? Yes! What? It's your birthday!


Nobody wishes happy birthday better than me, believe me


I'm drunk but I remember that today is your birthday!


It's your birthday and you didn't even mention it


Now.. Where's the birthday food?


Smile It's your birthday!


Using Spongebob's voice, imagine me singing... Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!


Let me guess, Today is your birthday


Happy Birthday Stay Gangster


Sending you this Unicorn Man on your birthday


What you should wear for your birthday? Birthday Suit! Duh


Waiting for you to invite me on your birthday party


Happy Birthday and believe me, no one can wish you a better happy birthday than me


What up hotdawggg Happy Birthday Homie!


Thankful Birthday Memes:

Some birthdays are hard to remember but thanks to social media, we are reminded always.

And…. At the end of the day, it’s the celebrant’s turn to say something to all the greeters. A “Thank you” phrase is enough.

Gee! You guys! Thank you for all the birthday greetings




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