45+ Cat Birthday Memes

Updated: August 22, 2019

Cats are truly nice pets, they are very much cute and they are very fluffy as well. You would just love to pet them and to hug them or to just snuggle with them, that is how awesome they are. They are truly nice to keep as pet inside the house because they are not as loud as dogs are and they purr in such a nice way. They are also easily taught to be potty trained and they have a good sense of loyalty too.

If you know someone who love cats, you might want to throw a cat filled birthday party to let him or her know that there is nothing wrong with his or her love for cats. You can fill up his or her place with cat shaped balloons and even send a cat shaped birthday cake.


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Here are some cat birthday meme that will make sure that you do it right.

Hope you have an unforgettable Birthday! Birthday Memes
Happy Birthday! Congtas on reaching an age when getting a "Quickie" means a 15 min nap. Priority delivery, Your Happy Birthday Cat I mades u a cake, Happy birthday! Happy purrrthday, Best Fishes
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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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Happy birthday to an amazing person Happy birthday! Just another year closer to being that Crazy Cat Lady... Live long and pawspurr

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This cat has bread on his face. Happy birthday

Happy birthday, from me & this cat Tried to make good birthday chemistry joke but all the good ones argon Cat Porn or Cake Porn? You decide. I got you a present for your birthday, it's in my litter box. Wishing you a purfect Birthday! Happy birthday. Now give me that cake. It's your birthday? Bog deal. I've had nine lives. Happy birthday, I pooped in your bed Birthdayy Hollahhh! Happy birthday, Have a mice day, Best Fishes Have a Happy Birthday Happy birthday! Have a purrrfect day! Feel the birthday. Embrace the birthday. Happy birthday! I made you a present! It's your birthday, are you as excited about it as I am? Happy Birthday Ah ma gaaad! It's your birthday!! Happy birthday cat. Let me think about the gift for you. Let me hide here from my friends.... because it's my birthday. Happee Burfday! I giv yoo... ME! Yoga cat says Happy Birthday! Happy birthday crazy lady The Party Cats wish you a Happy Birthday!


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