Chuck Norris Birthday Memes

Updated: February 10, 2018

Are you in for some action or are you in for some Chuck Norris? Define bad boy and that is him, a true born action star that a lot of people love. Action fans will surely fall for this and will surely love this.


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There are a lot of fans of Chuck Norris and if you have a friend or a loved one that is a Chuck Norris fan then you might want to check it out and see for yourself what it means to have that. You can greet your friend through a Chuck Norris birthday meme and make someone happier today. You can even mix it up with some touching message to make it seem better than ever and give it a plot twist.


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Here are some more memes about Chuck Norris that you can surely send to your friends and love ones and give you a wide range to choose from.


I wish you the very best for your birthday!


Happy Birthday old friend!


I would say happy belated birthday but Chuck Norris just changed your birthday!!!


Have an incredible birthday!

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Happy Birthday from me, Baby Chuck


Happy Birthday! Have a blast!


Chuck Norris doesn't wish you a Happy Birthday. He forces you a Happy Birthday.

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Chill and enjoy your birthday!


Chuck Norris doesn't blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He suffocates them with the weight of his stare.


Video calling yo to say Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Be brave and strong!


Have a happy birthday... or Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you in the balls


It's your birthday, Chuck Norris approves. You may now celebrate.


One more Happy birthday from Chuck Norris means one more year taht Chuck Norris has decided to let you keep breathing.


I remember how crazy you get on your birthday


Happy Birthday man!


I see.. Happy Birthday to you!


Chuck Norris allows you to live another year. Happy Birthday


Have a kickass birthday!


Ready for your birthday party


Have a fun birthday! You deserve it!


Calling you just to greet you a Happy Birthday!


Remember... Enjoy your birthday!


Dear Birthday, Happy Chuck Norris


Happy Bbirthday Darling


Happy Birthday to you


Chuck Norris doesn't just wishes anybody a Happy Birthday but when he does... you can be sure she deserves one! Happiest of


Happy Birthday brother from another mother


When I tell you have a great birthday... do it!


Happy Birthday beautiful


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