Disney Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Every kid loves Disney, it produces such great movies and all that it has gained so much fame over the years. Every little girl wants to be a princess whether it be Aurora, Moana, Belle, Snow White, or even Merida, it is their dream to be a Disney princess because they all have great qualities, they all have that braveness within them, of kindness and loyalty, the qualities that makes a great princess.

Meanwhile, there are also some adventure themed cartoons that are produced by Disney. It can be assured that even your friends has some Disney movie that they just love to watch over and over again.


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Now, when their special day has come, it would be great to greet them up through a Disney birthday meme and bring them back to their childhood and remind them of how wonderful it is to be a kid once more, just like before.


Happy Birthday! One bite from this apple and all your wish will come true.


Happy Birthday! Stay beautiful!


wishing a very merry birthday to you!

Birthday Memes
Happy Birthday Mom Memes
Happy Birthday Cousin Memes

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Fly high!


Wow, a real fork! It must be my birthday!


Happy Birthday friend!
Happy Birthday Meme Dog
Unicorn Birthday Memes

Now, blow the candles out my dear, and make your wish come true.


Ready for your birthday party?


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday from the disney world!


Happy Birthday and be like the river


Happy Birthday! From one ahhemmm to another!


Birthday memes, birthday memes everywhere


That's all your birthday food?


Go on a trip on your birthday and have fun!


A happiest birthday to you!


It's must be your birthday!


Oh my! We forgot your birthday!


Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!


Happy Birthday! Where to?


Happy Birthday, from one smolderer to another!


Happy Birthday


Now statistics prove prove that you've one birthday!


It's your birthday, don't be Grumpy!


Wishing you the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday


May all your birthdays and unbirthdays be happy ones


Have the most magical birthday!


The stars are celebrating with you on your birthday!


Hey there! So, where's your birthday cake?


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