35+ End Of Summer Quotes

Modified: July 3, 2023, Published: May 29, 2017

As the summer season comes to an end, it’s a time for reflection, nostalgia, and bidding farewell to the warm and sunny days. Whether you’re sad to see the summer go or looking forward to the cozy comforts of the upcoming season, capturing the essence of the end of summer in words can be a beautiful way to express your thoughts and feelings.

Here are some end of summer quotes that encapsulate the bittersweet transition and evoke the memories, emotions, and moments that make summer so special.

The end of summer is not the end of the world. It’s simply the beginning of a new chapter.

As the sun sets on summer, let the memories warm your heart.

Summer’s last kiss leaves its mark, reminding us of warmth even in the coldest of days.

Summer, like youth, is fleeting. Embrace every sunny moment.

The end of summer is a gentle reminder that change is beautiful.

Goodbye, summer days. You will be missed, but your memories will forever shine in my heart.

Autumn whispers the secrets of summer, carrying them into a new season.

Farewell, summer nights. Your enchanting skies will forever be etched in my soul.

Summer ends with a kaleidoscope of colors, paving the way for a new season’s palette.

The sun may set on summer, but its warmth lingers in our hearts.

Summer fades into the embrace of autumn, leaving behind a tapestry of golden memories.

The end of summer is not a goodbye, but rather a see you later.

Summer’s end is the beginning of the harvest, where memories ripen and moments bear fruit.

Let the sweet memories of summer carry you through the cooler days ahead.

Summer ends with a symphony of crickets and the whispers of a new adventure.

With the end of summer comes the promise of a fresh start and new beginnings.

As the last summer breeze dances, it whispers the secrets of carefree days.

The end of summer brings a sense of gratitude for the moments that made it shine.

Though summer may fade, its spirit remains eternal in our hearts.

Goodbye, summer’s embrace. Thank you for the warmth and the memories.

Summer’s farewell leaves a trail of nostalgia and a yearning for sunlit days.

The end of summer is like a closing chapter, preparing us for the adventures of the next season.

As summer makes its grand exit, may gratitude fill our hearts for the moments we shared.

The end of summer whispers promises of new journeys and unexplored horizons.

Summer ends so fast that I believe it should get a speeding ticket.

Summer ends, and autumn is about to come. He who would have it otherwise will have high tide always and a full moon each night.

The winds at the end of summer make people become restless.

The morning has dawned clear and cold, along with the crispiness that hinted it’s already the end of summer.

One should learn how to maintain a little bit of summer, even in the midst of winter.

The tans may fade, but all the memories of a beautiful summer will definitely last forever.

Summer is definitely one of the best seasons. It’s like sleeping at the back screened porch in a cot or trying to sleep in a tree house. Summer is definitely everything what people have longed for.

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Do not cry because summer is over. Smile because it has just happened.

Spring has passed and you remembered one’s innocence. Summer passes and you get reminded of one’s exuberance. Autumn has passed and you remembered one’s reverence. Winter has passed and you are reminded of one’s perseverance.

August rain is the best of summer gone and the new fall is not yet born.

By all the lovely tokens, the September days are now here. With summers best weather and the autumn’s best of cheer.

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What good is the warmth of summer without the winter cold to give it its sweetness?

There’s something deep in us that would sob at endings. Why does all nature has to grow old and why do summer has to go?

Dearest winter, I want to break up with you. But I think it is time that I start seeing other seasons. P.S. Summer is definitely hotter than you are.

Autumn has killed the summer with the sweetest and the softest kisses.

It’s one of those warm nights right at the end of summer that makes promises that will not be kept.

Some people often choose at the end of summer to fall in love with someone because secretly, they do not want the relationship to last.

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Green was silence and wet was light. The month of June has trembled like the butterflies.

Love is for the heart what summer is for the farmer’s year. It is because summer could mean more harvest of all the loveliest flowers out there.

It’s June and suddenly the world smelled of roses, the sunshine is like powdered with gold over the grassy hillsides.

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The summer night resembles that of the perfection of thoughts.

Summer afternoons, for me, are the two most beautiful words in the English vocabulary.

My grandmother would always say, summer friends will always melt away just like summer snows. However, winter friends would definitely last forever.

A man would say a lot of things about summer although he does not mean in winter.

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I have always wished that we were like butterflies and have lived three summer days. However, these days with you I can fill it with more gladness than the fifty more years that I could ever contain.

One of the greatest benefits of summer is that each day, we would need more light in order to read by.

Just like childhood, the summer season will end soon enough.

During summer, the song will sing for itself.

If the June night would be able to talk, it will probably boast that it has invented romance.

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining brightly and the breeze is blowing while you got mojito on your one hand.

The summer season will always end with lots of good memories to cherish.

Summer is finally over and it’s time to officially remember what day of the week it already is.

Summer is like the ultimate one nightstand. It is jot as hell, but totally thrilling and before you know it, it’s already gone.

I have always dreamed of a never-ending summer.

It’s sad that summer is finally over. Just the smell of it makes me fall in love over and over again.

The end of summer is less depressing than when you no longer have any money to enjoy summer.

A life that has no love is like a year without summer.

I know I am just a summer fling of your life and not the entire four seasons of the whole year.

August has already passed and yet summer still continues by force to grow days. They usually sprout secretly in between the chapters of the year and covertly included in between its pages.

When the summer season would gather up her robes of glory, and like a dream of a beauty, it would soon glide away.

When we are young and beautiful, living would be free and easy. Here without any worries, dancing in our bare feet because when summer is done, we might not be so beautiful and young anymore.

I would be really happy with this summer if it is all that we ever had.


Another secret of the universe – sometimes pain is like a storm that has come out of nowhere. The clearest summer can end in a downpour and it could end in thunder and lightning.

The summer sun is not really meant for boys like me, because boys like me are better in the rain.

Summer has finally end. Gone are the beautiful birds that are our summer guests.

Do not remember summer even when it comes to saying goodbye.

Bees do have smell, you know, and if they do not, they should, for their feet are dusted of spices from a million flowers.

Summer’s goodbye is a gentle reminder to savor every fleeting season, for each holds its own magic.

With the end of summer, nature’s colors transition into a magnificent autumn canvas.

Goodbye, summer haze. Your warmth and radiance will be missed.

The closing of summer’s chapter leaves room for the anticipation of a new season’s tale.

Summer’s farewell is a reminder to carry its joy and sunshine in our hearts year-round.

As the sun sets on summer, let gratitude fill our hearts for the memories we’ve made.

The end of summer is a gentle reminder to embrace change and embrace the beauty of each season.

Summer’s departure signals the arrival of new adventures and discoveries.

Farewell, summer’s adventures. The memories we’ve created will forever be cherished.

With summer’s end, we bid farewell to lazy days and welcome the rhythm of the changing season.

Summer may fade, but its spirit of joy and freedom stays with us forever.

The end of summer is a poignant reminder of the ebb and flow of life’s seasons.

With the end of summer comes the promise of cooler days and cozy moments.

Goodbye, summer nights. Your twinkling stars will forever illuminate my dreams.

Summer’s end brings a sense of reflection, grateful for the memories that unfolded under its warmth.

As summer slips away, let us embrace the beauty of the changing landscape and the wisdom it brings.

The end of summer invites us to pause, reflect, and embrace the memories we’ve created.

Farewell, summer’s laughter. Your echoes will forever resonate in our hearts.

With summer’s departure, may we carry its carefree spirit with us wherever we go.

The end of summer signals the start of a new rhythm, a new season of growth and transformation.

Goodbye, summer’s breeze. Your whispers of freedom will forever linger in my soul.

Summer’s farewell is a reminder to cherish the beauty of each passing season.

With the end of summer, we welcome the crisp air and the opportunity for new beginnings.


Summer is no doubt our best season and it’s sad that it is going to end soon. It is like everything that is good to eat and it was like a thousand colors in a beautifully parched landscape.

Summer has set in itself its usual severity. We have to do what we can because summer will always have its flies.

Our fear of death is just like our fear that summer will soon end. But when we have our swing of pleasure and frill of fruit, we would say that we have our best day so far.

As summer bids adieu, let us hold onto the warmth and joy it brought to our lives.

The closing of summer’s chapter invites us to write a new story filled with hope and possibilities.

Farewell, summer’s embrace. Thank you for the moments of pure bliss and serenity.

The end of summer is a gentle nudge to embrace change and find beauty in transitions.

With summer’s farewell, we gather the memories like seashells, treasures from days gone by.

Goodbye, summer’s song. Your melodies will forever echo in the chambers of my heart.

As summer drifts away, let us embrace the falling leaves and the magic of the changing season.

Summer’s end is a reminder that every ending carries the seeds of new beginnings.

With the closing of summer’s door, we welcome the golden hues of autumn’s palette.

Farewell, summer’s flavors. Your taste lingers, reminding us of sun-kissed days.

The end of summer brings a sense of gratitude for the warmth it brought into our lives.

As the final rays of summer fade, let us carry the sunshine within us wherever we go.

Goodbye, summer’s laughter. Your echoes will forever brighten our hearts on cloudy days.

Summer’s farewell is a gentle reminder to cherish the fleeting moments and make them count.

With the end of summer, we embrace the rhythm of change and the beauty of nature’s transformation.

Farewell, summer’s adventures. Thank you for the memories that will forever light our way.

As summer’s chapter closes, let us open our hearts to the possibilities that lie ahead.

The end of summer is a bittersweet reminder of the passage of time and the beauty of fleeting moments.

With summer’s farewell, we welcome the crisp air and the promise of new beginnings.

Goodbye, summer’s serenity. Your tranquility will forever guide us through the busyness of life.

Summer’s end invites us to reflect on the memories made and the growth experienced.

As we bid adieu to summer’s warmth, let us hold onto its fire within us, igniting our passions.

The closing of summer’s door paves the way for the cozy comforts of the upcoming season.

Farewell, summer’s dreams. May they inspire us to create new ones as we journey forward.

With the end of summer, we embrace the change and find beauty in the shifting seasons.

Goodbye, summer’s rhythm. Your vibrant beats will forever dance in our hearts.


Oh, the beautiful summer night. It has a smile of light and she is sitting in a sapphire throne.

Autumn seems to be leaving its mellowness behind for a spiky rotted sage. Do not remember the summer even when saying goodbye.

Summer is about to end. Farewell, my old friend.

It’s time to go to bed when summer ends. What a great idea it is. Waking up bright and early once the bird starts to announce its spring.

But even more so, it reminds me that this is all really happening – the end of summer. It is the beginning of my real life. It’s not just creeping up, but lingering in plain sight.

Summer’s farewell whispers of gratitude for the moments that made our souls come alive.

As we say goodbye to summer’s embrace, let us carry its spirit of adventure wherever we go.

The end of summer invites us to savor the memories like the last taste of a sweet summer fruit.

With summer’s departure, we bid farewell to lazy afternoons and welcome the allure of autumn.

Farewell, summer’s magic. Your enchantment will forever be woven into the tapestry of our lives.

Goodbye, summer’s symphony. Your melodies will echo in our hearts, bringing solace in times of quiet.

The end of summer signifies the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new journey.

As summer fades into the horizon, we embrace the changing seasons and the stories they hold.

With the farewell of summer, we welcome the arrival of fall with its golden hues and cozy moments.

Summer’s end is a gentle reminder to seize the day and cherish the moments we have.

Goodbye, summer’s sunsets. Your breathtaking colors will forever inspire awe and gratitude.

The closing of summer’s door brings a sense of nostalgia for the days filled with warmth and laughter.

Farewell, summer’s freedom. Your carefree spirit will forever reside in our hearts.

With the end of summer, we gather the memories like seashells, treasures from a season well-lived.

As summer bids adieu, let us embrace the promise of new beginnings and the beauty of change.

The farewell of summer’s embrace reminds us to carry its joy within us, wherever life takes us.


And suddenly, this world has filled me with a brand of sadness that I have not felt ever since childhood. It’s the kind of sadness that you will usually feel at summer’s end, when the fireflies are gone and the ponds dried up, with plants wilting weary from being very green.

With all these lovely tokens of September days are here, with summers best of weather and the autumns best of cheer.

During the depth of winter, I have finally learned that within me, there lies an invincible summer.


When summer starts to gather up her robes of glory and just like a dream, it will soon glide away.

The August rain is the best of summer gone and the new fall has yet to be born.

It will not always be summer, so start building barns.

Once the winter comes, the summer will shine infinitely within our hearts.


It is always summer anywhere else in the world.

Life will start all over again when it becomes crisp during the fall.

We all know that in September, we wander all through the warm wind of summer’s wreckage while we welcome the summer’s ghost.

Every summer will always have a story and every summer always ends with wonderful memories.

Oh, summer… No school and no exams to worry. Most of all, there will be no waking up so early.


I wish I could go back to the summer day when I have met you, because honestly, it would have saved me so much pain and hurt.

Summer may soon be ending, but everything you want in life is coming. So relax and let the universe pick the timing.

Summer has filled in her veins so much light while her heart is washed with noon.

Summer is over so that means goodbye summer vacation, goodbye sun and love adventures. I will definitely see you soon.

Gone are my summer vacations and it’s sad that I’m soon going back to work. But I am not really complaining because I have done so many amazing things and met a lot of interesting people during my summer vacation.

The end of summer also means end of vacation and along with these are the end of parties and celebrations. These are the only days where I only cared about relaxing and feeling good.

My summer is perfect. It is when I met my love and walked in places that I did not know existed.

One of the things that I will miss the most in summer is the endless and unstoppable nights that I have truly enjoyed a lot.