Facebook Birthday Memes

Updated: February 9, 2018

Facebook is quite popular nowadays especially since it is one of the best social media sites as of today. It is really useful as well as you can communicate easier, as you can talk to someone with just a few clicks. You can even have the best way of communicating with your loved one with it.


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There are a lot of social media sites out there as well but it is the most popular and it is also the one that is sure to have the most people on it. With that said, you can use some Facebook birthday meme to greet your beloved and send it through Messenger, Facebook’s messaging application where you can go ahead and chat with the people you love.


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Here are some Facebook birthday meme that you can try out to send to someone you love in the hopes that he or she will appreciate it and love it.


Friend has birthday according to Facebook. Checks his page to be sure it's not a fake and not be the only one to wish Happy Birthday


Tomorrow is my birthday. Today, I changed the date on Facebook


Doesn't have Facebook, still remembers your birthday

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Once delete your birthday date from Facebook and then see how many people will wish you. They are your real friends.


"Happy Birthday" Facebook wallposts social event of the year


When the clock hits midnight on your birthday and you get the first notification on Facebook of of someone saying "Happy Birthday!"


If you didn't want stupid Facebook birthday memes, you shouldn't have got a Facebook


Once you delete your birthday date from Facebook, you realize no one gave a shit about you


Gets lots of Facebook birthday wishes, leaves meme as a thank you note


Happy birthday. Now get off Facebook and get back to work.


Not sure if people actually remember my birthday or Facebook notified them and they feel obligated.


Deleted my birthdate in Facebook, No one remembered my birthday


Happy 24 hours of Constant Facebook Notifications Day.


Writes Happy Birthday on your Facebook, not your birthday


People don't always post on my Facebook wall. But when they do, they wish me "Happy Birthday" and ignore me for a year.


I purposefully set my Facebook birthday to week before the actual date. My tiwn brother wishes me Happy Birthday


On second thought, let's not keep spamming birthday memes on your Facebook page, it's a silly place.


I'm just waiting for Facebook birthday messages


Thank you Facebook for reminding my friends about my birthday every year.


Flooding Facebook with birthday memes, so much win


If you could stop reminding us your upcoming birthday on Facebook, that would be great


I wishes her a happy birthday on her Facebook and she "liked" my comment. So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.


Happy birthday. You can thank the upper right corner of my Facebook notifications


Write Happy Birthday on Facebook wall, Ain't nobody got time fo' that


I was told there would be notifications


The number of Happy Birthday memes on your Facebook wall is too damn high


It's my birthday, and people spam my Timeline with congratulations. Answer ALL the posts!!


It's your birthday?! Fake news! All lies. Failing Facebook.


Oh, you got 35 Facebook comments on your birthday? You must be extremely popular.


Your Facebook post thanking everyone for wishing you a happy birthday reminded me to wish you a happy birthday.


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