The 105 Funny and Scary Halloween Quotes

Modified: June 23, 2023, Published: October 5, 2015

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, is filled with laughter, frights, and plenty of humor. Whether you’re looking to tickle your funny bone or send shivers down your spine, we’ve curated a collection of 105 Funny and Scary Halloween Quotes to add a playful and eerie touch to your Halloween festivities.

From witty one-liners to creepy sayings, these quotes are sure to bring a smile to your face and give you a delightful dose of Halloween spirit. So, get ready to chuckle and shudder with these spooky and humorous Halloween quotes!

Wishing you a Halloween full of ghoulish laughter, spooky surprises, and a pumpkin that doesn’t turn into a carriage at midnight!

May your Halloween be so fun and frightening that it makes your hair stand on end—literally!

Sending you wickedly good vibes and a cauldron full of laughter on this spooky Halloween night!

Wishing you a night of tricks, treats, and enough candy to give your dentist nightmares. Happy Halloween!

May your Halloween be filled with more treats than tricks, and may the ghosts in your house be friendly ones!

Sending you a witch’s brew of laughter, scares, and a bag full of candy that magically refills itself. Happy Halloween!

Here’s to a Halloween filled with funny costumes, deliciously spooky treats, and memories that will haunt you forever!

Wishing you a Halloween night so thrilling and chilling that even the ghosts get goosebumps!

May your Halloween be as boo-tiful, fang-tastic, and spook-tacular as you are! Enjoy the frightful festivities!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat…or else I’ll play a spooky prank on you! Happy Halloween!

Hoping your Halloween is full of more laughter than screams, and more treats than tricks. Have a wickedly good time!

May your Halloween be so fun and fabulous that it’s scary, and so scary that it’s fun! Enjoy the bewitching night!

Wishing you a Halloween night filled with ghostly giggles, monstrous munchies, and a graveyard full of good times!

May your Halloween be full of wickedly funny moments and hauntingly good memories. Happy haunting!

Sending you Halloween wishes wrapped in spider webs and sealed with a vampire’s bite. Have a ghoulishly great time!

Wishing you a Halloween night so hilarious and hair-raising that it becomes the stuff of legends. Enjoy the frightful fun!

Here’s to a Halloween filled with tricks that make you laugh and treats that make you scream with delight!

May your Halloween be a howling success, with more laughter than scares and more candy than your pumpkin can hold!

Sending you magical Halloween wishes that make your broomstick fly higher and your cauldron bubble with laughter!

Wishing you a Halloween night that’s filled with boo-tiful moments, creepy surprises, and a moon that shines just for you!

May your Halloween be haunted by laughter, not by ghosts! Have a spook-tacular time!

Wishing you a Halloween filled with pumpkin carving, costume shenanigans, and candy-induced bellyaches!

Here’s to a Halloween that’s so much fun, it’s scary! Enjoy the thrills and chills of the night!

May your Halloween night be filled with wickedly good company, eerie adventures, and treats that make your taste buds scream with delight!

Sending you wishes for a Halloween that’s as sweet as candy, as thrilling as a haunted house, and as magical as a full moon!

Wishing you a Halloween night that’s full of mischief, mayhem, and memories that make you smile like a jack-o’-lantern!

May your Halloween be frightfully delightful, monstrously enjoyable, and absolutely unforgettable!

Here’s to a Halloween filled with silly costumes, spooky stories, and enough candy to keep you on a sugar high until Christmas!

Wishing you a Halloween that’s as fun and freaky as a zombie disco! Get your groove on and enjoy the spooky vibes!

May your Halloween be full of wicked surprises, bone-chilling adventures, and a broomstick ride to remember!

Sending you wishes for a Halloween night that’s full of ghostly encounters, mysterious shadows, and treats that make you scream with joy!

Wishing you a Halloween filled with pumpkin spice everything, witchy vibes, and a cauldron overflowing with laughter!

Here’s to a Halloween that’s filled with more laughs than scares, more smiles than frowns, and more treats than tricks!

May your Halloween be a hauntingly good time, where the only thing that goes bump in the night is your laughter!

Wishing you a Halloween night that’s so fun and fabulous, it’s like being in a horror movie with a happy ending!

May your Halloween be a monstrous mashup of laughter, scares, and memories that linger like a ghostly whisper!

Sending you Halloween wishes wrapped in cobwebs and sprinkled with magic. Enjoy the enchanting night!

Wishing you a Halloween filled with wickedly delightful moments, spellbinding encounters, and a pumpkin that lights up your world!

Here’s to a Halloween that’s so spook-tacular, it makes your bones shake with excitement! Have a boo-tiful night!

May your Halloween be a fantastical journey into a world of make-believe, where costumes come to life and dreams come true!

Can you feel the night wind blowing through your skin? Look at the darkness; look at the trees as if they are hiding something. But no, do not be afraid! I’m sure that is only your brother trying to scare you.

Are you trying not to scare anyone on Halloween? Then, you better not go out tonight.

I don’t know about you, but children wearing Halloween costumes are too damn cute for me. Do the real ghosts are cute too?

Why does Halloween wrap us in fear? It is because of ghost stories we heard and saw. I am not saying there’s wrong with it; I am just saying not all of it was real and that we do not have to fear.

All I need is a mask, and I am ready for Halloween.

Do you know what scares me the most? It is not the ghosts or the darkness; it is the feeling of losing you and knowing that you’ll be gone tomorrow when I wake up.

My mom doesn’t need a mask to look like a real witch. I bet you all; she is the best Witch you will ever know, ever.

Halloween reminds me of the night when all I can see is darkness, and all I can feel is the cold wind of the night. Sometimes I’m scared; sometimes I am not, especially when you are right by my side.

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My Halloween would never be complete without my crazy cousins, who always scare me to death. But I must admit, they are all nice but not during “hollow” days.

Please beware of the black cats; they said it brings bad luck. Most significantly, beware of those who wear masks; you will never know what they are up to. Happy Halloween!

You know it is Halloween when almost all shows on different TV channels are about horror and white ladies. Scary as it is, but it completes my night.

Wears mask and Halloween costume, and yet you still look handsome? You the natural man! Happy Halloween!

I do not have to decorate my room for Halloween. Spider webs everywhere, black paint, and a jack-o-lantern. Who wants to sleep in my room tonight?

Why do I have the feeling that someone is watching over me every night? Oh no! It’s Halloween! Tell me, how can I sleep tonight?

I cannot forget last year’s Halloween. It is when I scare the wrong person and get hit hard by my face. That’s the creepiest thing that ever happened to her and a funny thing for me.

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You are the cutest witch I’ve ever seen. Say it loud, “Trick-or-treat!” Bring home many candies tonight, sweetie.

Have you ever been to a cemetery during Halloween? Do you feel something creepy? Well, you are not alone. I thought about it many times, but I did not want to scare everybody. They are honest, I swear.

I love Halloween feels. I love how it silences my younger brother, who usually is super active. I love watching horror movies. I love the quietness and the cold night. I love Halloween.

What is scary about the Halloween costume party? It is when everyone is scared of you, and you realize you are not wearing any costume. Is it you, or are they seeing somebody else beside you?

My mother would always tell me not to go outside during Halloween. Is it because of the ghosts, or is she trying to avoid those cute kids chanting “trick or treats!”? Look at them; they are all cute!

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My favorite place to be on Halloween – under my bed. I feel safe down there. No one sees me; no one would ever try to scare me. And no, I am not alone; I have with me my teddy bear. He sings a lullaby to me, he comforts me, and he greets me, “Happy Halloween!”

I dressed up as a black lady during our Halloween costume party, and I must say I rocked the night. They think I am a natural black lady with blood all over my face. I heard someone say; she’s the one I am constantly seeing every night. And I was like, I am not her, okay?

I am not usually afraid of the night, but I am when it is Halloween. I cannot erase in my mind the story my mom once told me. It is during Halloween that the spirit of dead people rises from the grave. Whether true or not, I cannot go out tonight.

I do not want to scare anybody, but for me, ghosts are real. You cannot see them, but they can see you. Some are friends, but some are not. Be nice to them if you want them to be excellent at you.

The best time to try ghost hunting is during Halloween. Why? Because I’m sure you will not go home without something worth telling your friends that surely will terrify them.

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I always remember my grandma every Halloween. I remember she was the one who made all my costumes. I am always best in costume, like almost every year. But she’s gone now, and I miss her so much. If it’s true that there are dead spirits everywhere, then why my grandma doesn’t visit me? I hope to see her one of these nights.


My dad would always play Dracula, and my mom would play the Witch. I never thought that a vampire and a witch were perfect for each other. And I will be the princess to complete the family.

I have a friend that I can only see. He is nice but a little bit jealous. He doesn’t want me to befriend others. And now he is angry at me. He wants you out of my life. But don’t worry, I am just kidding. Happy Halloween!

There are lots of scary things that have played on my mind lately. I am scared I might do one of them one of these days. I hope not this Halloween because I do not want to scare away everybody.

I love Halloween because everything looks black. And I love black. It is as if everything is clear and calm for me. I want everything to be black for the rest of my life.

Halloween is not all about scary things, ghosts, or trick-or-treats. Halloween is also for everyone to celebrate life and enjoy. That is why there are such Halloween costume parties and street parties. Life is short. Have fun and enjoy.


The only pumpkin I love is vegetables and not the one you see every Halloween. It is a piece of shit that scares the hell out of me.

Please do not play the game hide and seek when it’s Halloween. In the darkness, you will find them hiding. You will not be able to see them, but you will hear their laugh. Go home right away, or else you will never find your way back.

When I was still a kid, I was scared of ghosts and the darkness. And now that I am old, I am now afraid of my wife. She is the scariest creature I’ve ever encountered in my whole life. Happy Halloween, my dear!

We planned to have a little event for Halloween. Just me and some of my friends. But when the party started, it looked like we are so many inside the room. It was terrifying, so we just decided to leave and let the unseen enjoy the rest of the night.

There are other stories aside from bedtime stories that your mother was telling you during your childhood, horror stories. Until now, I remember every single detail of it. The only thing that changed is that I am not scared anymore. It looks funny to me now than it being scary.


Why do I have the feeling that Halloweens are meant to scare everybody? Or am I the only that hates it? I want to let my fear go because I do not want to be afraid of anymore.


Happy Halloween to all my friends who loves to scare me. May you all sleep well tonight. Do not forget to close your window because someone might go inside and watch over you.


Remember when you attend your friend’s “Halloween Costume Party,” and you realize that you are the only well-dressed and fully accessorized while almost your entire friend only wears a black shirt? They should have called it “Halloween Black Shirt Party” instead of “Halloween Costume Party,” right?

Let the light of the moon be your light tonight. Darkness is everywhere and silences all over the place. Do not fear; just whisper your prayer. God hears it, and He will be with you tonight.

I have been to many places before, but this place is different. I have a feeling that someone is watching us. The way the wind blows, it also feels different. Is it because it is nearly Halloween time, or does someone else unseen live here? Let’s wait and see.

Halloween is the time where every kid turns to be friendly, and parents pretend to be something like a witch or a monster.

There are no other times when you will not feel scared to sleep alone except during Halloween.

I fear Halloween. I fear the darkness. I don’t know, but I think something hides in there. Something we are not sure if we can handle. I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

I am excited about Halloween because, after it, the holiday season will soon arrive. There will also be kids everywhere, but instead of saying “Trick-or-Treats,” they will be singing Christmas carols about how it feels good to be a kid once more. I missed my childhood days when my happiness depended on how many candies I brought home during trick-or-treating and Christmas season.

Cute Halloween quotes

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with these cute and whimsical quotes that capture the magic of the season. From adorable ghosts to playful pumpkins, these quotes are sure to bring a smile to your face and add a touch of sweetness to your Halloween celebrations.

Whether you’re looking for something to include in a card, share on social media, or simply brighten someone’s day, these cute Halloween quotes are perfect for spreading the charm and cuteness of this enchanting holiday. Get ready to indulge in the delightful side of Halloween and let these quotes inspire your festive mood!

Wishing you a pumpkin-filled, candy-coated, cute Halloween!

Ghosts and goblins, spiders and sweets, may your Halloween be filled with cute treats!

Boo-tiful and oh-so-cute, Halloween is here to give you a hoot!

Get ready for some cute and spooky fun, because Halloween night has just begun!

May your Halloween be filled with giggles, smiles, and adorable trick-or-treaters!

Cute costumes and sweet treats, Halloween is the best time to be a little bit silly!

Sending you ghostly hugs and witchy kisses for a cute and happy Halloween!

Wishing you a spooktacularly cute Halloween full of laughter and joy!

Cute pumpkins, friendly witches, and cuddly black cats, Halloween is all about adorable moments!

Halloween night is the perfect time for cuteness to take flight!

May your Halloween be filled with cute moments that make your heart soar!

Cute and magical, Halloween brings out the childlike wonder in all of us.

Halloween is the time when cute and spooky come together in perfect harmony.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something cute to eat!

On this Halloween night, let cuteness shine bright!

Wishing you a Halloween filled with cute surprises and happy memories!

Get ready to be bewitched by all the cuteness Halloween has in store for you!

Cute ghosts and friendly witches, Halloween is all about adorable stitches!

Halloween is the time to let your inner cute monster out to play!

Hocus pocus, cute and focus, Halloween brings out the sweetest moments among us!

May your Halloween be filled with treats as sweet as candy corn and costumes as cute as can be!

Wishing you a pumpkin-spiced, cute-filled Halloween that’s nothing short of delightful!

As the moon rises and the stars twinkle, may cute magic surround you this Halloween.

Halloween is the purr-fect time for cute and cuddly creatures to take center stage!

Cute witches fly on broomsticks, spreading smiles and laughter on Halloween night!

Cute little monsters roam the streets, trick-or-treating for sweets and adorable treats!

Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear a cute costume and let your inner child shine!

Get ready for a night of cuteness overload as trick-or-treaters fill the neighborhood!

May your Halloween be filled with cute pumpkins, friendly ghosts, and lots of joy!

Cute scarecrows, cute bats, cute everything! Halloween is all about adorable things!

Halloween is a time to embrace your inner cute ghoul and have a boo-tiful celebration!

Cute trick-or-treaters knock on doors, spreading smiles and cuteness galore!

Wishing you a Halloween filled with cute and spooky fun, and memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Halloween night brings out the cutest costumes and the sweetest moments. Enjoy every minute of it!

Cute spiders, cute skeletons, cute everything in sight! Halloween is a delightfully cute night!

On this Halloween, may the cute factor be so high that it scares away all the spooky vibes!

Cute pumpkins, cute ghosts, cute everything you see. Halloween is the cutest night to be!

Trick or treat, smell my feet, cute candies are what we eat!

Halloween is a time for adorable mischief, cute giggles, and memories that warm the heart.

Get ready for a Halloween filled with cute surprises, magical moments, and lots of smiles!

Trick-o-Treat, I love a prank; you are so scary cause your breath stank: Happy Halloween.

Boo to you, and may all your nightmares come true: Happy Halloween.

I’m creeping with your mother this Halloween – We’ll be back before the stroke of midnight.

I got a bag full of candy, a great costume, and lots of great tricks just in time for Halloween.

Halloween is about kids, fun, costumes, and treats.

Be careful; I’ll be stalking you this Halloween.

I’m a weirdo; I like to stalk you in my underwear on Halloween.

Be afraid, be very afraid this Halloween. For the fascinating hour is upon us.

I’m going to steal lots of candy old ladies’ bags during Trick-or-Treat.

The definition of Halloween scary has to watch all the Human Centipede movies on replay.

Halloween = costumes, candy, and a scary good time.


Can I creep with you this Halloween?

I love to be scared on Halloween; please send me a photo of your face when you wake up in the morning.

Halloween scary makes the world a better place.

October is the month where psycho killers and social paths can fully express themselves.

That’s a costume you’re wearing?

Candy corn, black licorice, and hard caramels are the stuff of Trick-or-Treaters dreams.

Halloween chills and thrills come when the blood spills.

Halloween: the only day of the year where scumbags and nutjobs get to shine.

I enjoy Halloween during the fall; it chills my soul.

Halloween nights are long, scary, and dreary. May this time of the year never end.

Candy apples, carved pumpkins, and the feel of fear are in the air. Halloween is coming.

Halloween is about cemeteries, haunted houses, and Michael Myers Marathons.

October 31 is the ultimate day for scares, good times, and frightening fun delights – Happy Halloween.