The 105 Funny get well wishes

Modified: June 17, 2023, Published: May 14, 2015

When it comes to helping someone feel better, laughter truly is the best medicine. If you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face during their recovery, you’ve come to the right place. In this collection of 105 funny get well wishes, you’ll find a delightful mix of humor, wit, and lightheartedness to lift their spirits and brighten their day.

From clever puns to witty one-liners, these funny get well wishes are sure to bring a much-needed dose of laughter to anyone on the road to recovery. So, let’s dive in and spread some cheer with these hilarious and uplifting messages!

Wishing you a speedy recovery so we can finally stop making fun of your hospital gown fashion choices!

I hope your doctor prescribes you a healthy dose of laughter because that’s the best medicine!

Being sick is no fun, but at least you get to binge-watch your favorite shows guilt-free. Get well soon!

Remember, laughter is contagious, so here’s a joke to speed up your recovery: Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!

Sending you virtual hugs and lots of chicken soup memes to make you feel better!

I heard the hospital food is terrible, but don’t worry, I’m bringing you a pizza to speed up your recovery!

Get well soon, my friend! I promise to stop sending you embarrassing throwback photos… after you’re fully recovered.

Sending you healing vibes and the strongest WiFi signal so you can binge-watch your way back to good health.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but if that doesn’t work, I can always bribe the doctor with cookies!

You’re so lucky, everyone is taking care of you while you’re sick. Just remember to milk it for all it’s worth!

Get well soon! I can’t wait to see you back in action, causing mischief and making us all laugh.

Sending you virtual hugs and a truckload of tissues. May your recovery be swift and your sneezes be funny!

I heard being sick is a great excuse to eat all the ice cream you want. So, get well soon and let the ice cream marathon begin!

I’m very sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well and trust me; I too is feeling so bored, because we were supposed to go-to for the trip. Feel better soon, please.

I am wishing you a quick recovery because we have a big match next week. I guess you also don’t want to miss it too.

If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now!

Praying for your quick recovery. Get better soon or I’ll break your legs again. Just kidding dear, fast recovery soon.

Hoping for your complete recovery, because I don’t want to come to the hospital for a second time!

Writing these several lines in order to encourage you, because I know you a nervous person. Have a very quick recovery and feel good soon.

I told your mom that I’m praying for your quick recovery. So, get well soon and make my prayers true, otherwise I’ll stop doing so.

How long will it take to get you well? It’s raining outside and I’m missing the football game with you. Please feel good soon.

Sometimes I thought that you are some kind of invincible, but now I know that you are human too. Get well as soon as possible.

I believe I should warn you beforehand that your laziness has piled up a lot of work for me to do, so hurry up and help me with it!

I wonder why there aren’t any portions for healing in the real world, because if they were, I would’ve gotten you one a long time ago! Fast recovery soon my friend!

In case you’re wondering, I sent those flowers for the nurse, not for you! Just kidding! Hope you feel better soon by seeing them!

I know you’re lying about your illness! Get up from your bed quickly so we can go party! Feel better soon!

I was thinking the whole night that if you weren’t that much beautiful then that virus might have left you alone. I’m so happy that I’m not good looking like you. Anyway, get well brother.

If you haven’t eaten those ice creams without me then may be fever wouldn’t come this severely. Happy ice cream eating now fast recovery soon.

Sending all the warmest regards so that you feel the warmness of fever twice. Just kidding dear. Feel good soon.

I saw what they give you to eat every day, now I get why you aren’t getting better! Hope you feel good soon so that you can come back to eat the veggies!

If you wouldn’t have eaten my favorite snacks without me, you wouldn’t be in the bed right now! So remember the lesson and fast recovery soon!

Missing your annoying and bad sense of humor, so feel better soon!

Your absence cannot be tolerated anymore, because I don’t have anyone to fight now, so feel better soon!

You have plenty of patience and that’s why god tests your tolerance by offering illness to you quite frequently. Get better now.

Don’t be so impatient, illness are regular events of human life. Hope you’ll get well very soon.

So finally the illness has arrested you. Now it’s time to get some lawful punishments. Make sure you are taking enough fluids and bed rest as well. Fast recovery soon.

You look so bad when you are sick. I wish you quick recovery because it’ll make you good looking and attractive again.

Don’t rest on the bed for a long time. You are already fat and you’ll become more as well. So remember to walk for a while and feel good soon.

I guess you forget to eat your daily apple, so you had to visit the doctor! Don’t forget again and feel good soon!

Hope you fast recovery soon Mom, because in the meantime, we have to eat dad’s cooked food!

I’m missing my partner in crime, so hope you come back soon!

Don’t rest on the bed all day long; you’ll lose the body you made from gym for the whole year! Feel better soon buddy!

I heard of your cycle accident and that’s why I’m here. Oh dear, your face looks so exhausted that I think maybe you are out of fuel. Let’s bring something to eat for you. Please get well friend.

It’s really painful to see you at the hospital, but look how beautiful the atmosphere is, absolutely calm and peaceful. Hope your summer vacation will be a nice one in here. Anyway, feel better soon dear.

Those who get the get well cards most, has a lower recovery rate than the average. Look how many cards you already got. Good luck!

According to the belief of many people if you get a recovery card, then it certainly stimulates the recovery rate. That’s why I brought this card for you. Get better soon.

Have you heard the schedule of our college football tournament? It’s damn pretty close and we don’t want to lose a single match for your absence. Please fast recovery soon dear.

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Get Well Soon my Love

I guess you forgot to take apples every day. That’s why you are visiting the doctor now. Feel good soon and eat your apples.

Mom, please feel good soon. We don’t want to miss your foods anymore.

Mommy, we are praying so that you get well soon. Otherwise, we’ll have to eat the foods cooked by dad!

Really missing your sarcasm and epic comebacks to my arguments, so hurry up and get well soon so that you can continue punching me in the face with your words!

I told your parents that I’m praying for you. Don’t make them disappointed about me and get out of bed soon!

I was thanking God the whole night for not making me as beautiful as you, because then, the virus would’ve attacked you instead of you! Get well soon dear friend!

Dear friend I remember the fun moments that we shared together, to a point that i thought the accident was fake, anyway fast recovery soon my dear.

Sending you healing vibes and a funny cat video playlist to brighten your day.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so I’m prescribing you a daily dose of hilarious memes until you’re back on your feet.

Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. If I could, I’d take your place, but I don’t want your sickness stealing my spotlight!

Get well soon! Remember, the sooner you recover, the sooner we can go back to embarrassing ourselves in public together.

I hope you feel better soon because the world needs your contagious laughter and witty sarcasm!

Sending you positive vibes, healing thoughts, and a big jar of pickles because laughter is always a pickle jar away!

Wishing you a speedy recovery, my friend. Just remember, being sick is no excuse for bad dance moves!

I hope your recovery is as fast as your WiFi connection. Get well soon!

Remember, germs can’t handle your awesomeness. Kick them out and get well!

Sending you virtual hugs, positive thoughts, and a prescription for unlimited laughter.

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather. Just remember, a little bird told me that laughter is the best cure!

Get well soon, my friend. We miss your contagious laughter and your ability to turn any situation into a comedy show.

I heard laughter is a great abs workout, so consider your recovery time as an opportunity to get those six-pack abs!

I hope you’re taking this opportunity to catch up on your beauty sleep… and by beauty sleep, I mean binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

Get well soon, buddy! We need you back in action so we can continue our hilarious adventures together.

Wishing you a swift recovery and a pile of funny books to keep you entertained. Laughter is the best book medicine!

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Just remember, if life gives you lemons, make a lemonade and add some tequila!

Get well soon! I’ll bring the jokes, you bring the snacks, and together we’ll turn your recovery into a party!


It’s scientifically proven that a get well card for your best friend can seriously help you in reducing the recovery time. Take this card and get well soon.

I was writing a poem’s line everyday for your recovery and look how big it has become in these days. Please get well soon because I’m out of new lines now!

Friend, feel better soon. We don’t want to miss your amazing birthday party coming next week. I’m already on a diet for that.

I believe you a recharging and energizing yourself while your stay at the hospital. Don’t forget we have some important matches in the coming weeks.

Please get recovered soon. I’m missing the snacks you brought at the classes.

I’m missing my perfect companion to make all the perfect crimes. I need you badly, that’s why you need to get better soon.

Sending you positive vibes, healing thoughts, and a guarantee that no funny memes will go unnoticed while you’re recovering.

I heard laughter is the best medicine, but chocolate comes in a close second. Get well soon and I’ll bring you a mountain of chocolate!

Sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather. Don’t worry, I’ll handle the funny business until you’re back in action!

Wishing you a speedy recovery filled with laughter, love, and lots of ridiculous dance moves.

Get well soon, my friend! I’ve already started stockpiling hilarious stories to make you laugh when you’re feeling better.

They say laughter is contagious, so I’m sending you a virtual comedy show to brighten your day and speed up your recovery.

I hope you feel better soon because our funny shenanigans are on hold until you’re back to your hilarious self!

Sending you warm wishes, healing thoughts, and a collection of funny animal videos to brighten your day.

Get well soon! Remember, laughter is the best medicine, but I can also bring you a slice of pizza to make it even better!

I’m sorry you’re feeling unwell, but don’t worry, I’ve taken up stand-up comedy to keep you entertained during your recovery!

Get well soon! I promise to bring you a funny movie marathon and an unlimited supply of popcorn.


I know you were on the ground for doing some hard practice and it’s time to take some rest in the hospital bed. Don’t forget to put your legs up for quick and complete recovery.

I heard that you are enjoying some delicious foods in the bed brought by your relatives. So, came here to check the taste of those foods by myself.

Missing your cycle stunts. Hope to see you on the feet again soon. Make sure you get complete recovery other you might be seen in the hospital again.

Wishing you a speedy recovery so we can get back to our hilarious adventures. The world needs more laughter!

Sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. If laughter is the best medicine, consider me your personal pharmacist!

Get well soon! I’ve already alerted the funny cat videos squad to provide you with a daily dose of cuteness.

Sending you positive vibes and a guarantee that the next time we hang out, I’ll bring my best jokes to make you laugh.

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. In the meantime, I’ll take up prank calling telemarketers to keep the laughter going.

Wishing you a speedy recovery filled with belly laughs, good times, and an endless supply of funny memes.

Get well soon, my friend! I promise to bring you a hilarious mixtape to lift your spirits and make you smile.

I’m sorry you’re feeling down. Just remember, laughter is like a superhero cape that can make any day brighter.

Sending you healing thoughts and a playlist of funny podcasts to keep you entertained and uplifted.

Get well soon! I’ve already started researching knock-knock jokes to make you smile as soon as you’re feeling better.

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling your best. Don’t worry, I’m compiling a list of embarrassing stories to share once you’re back on your feet!

Dear, I’ve become sick to see you sick this frequently. Please feel better soon and get a grip.

I told you not to become so crazy while you are driving on the road. Now pay the fines and stay a few days in the bed. I’m happy because I wasn’t with you otherwise we both would have the same luck.

Hope you fast recovery soon because we have a big assignment on your most disliked subject.

Missing your terrible jokes for the last few days. Hope you feel good soon, but don’t bring those terrible things with you.


The whole class is missing its most awful person. Just kidding dear, please feel good soon.

Hello, darling? It is painful to stay home without your presence, even now, your smile still kills me fast recovery soon and I love you.

The tried to kill you dear brother, but they did not know that your life is not dependent on them but on the most high, it is fun and a miracle too seeing you are regaining strength, I will say arise and walk soon rather than feel better soon, for you are already well.

The good Lord, My God had purposed that you live again therefore I say get well soon.

During this down time I hope you’ll get rid of those boring joking habits. Get well soon with something funny items.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a steady stream of hilarious puns to brighten your day.

Get well soon, my friend! I’ve called in a professional clown to ensure your daily dose of laughter.

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling sick. Just remember, laughter is like a mini-vacation for your mind. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the laughter therapy!

Sending you healing vibes and a promise to bring you a collection of funny books to keep you entertained during your recovery.

Get well soon! Remember, laughter is the key to unlocking your body’s natural healing powers.

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’ve hired a team of comedy writers to ensure your recovery is filled with non-stop laughter.

Wishing you a speedy recovery filled with funny moments, joyful surprises, and a renewed zest for life.

Get well soon! In the meantime, I’ve organized a funny video conference with your favorite comedians to keep you entertained.

Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Just remember, laughter is contagious, so make sure to infect everyone around you with your sense of humor.

Sending you positive vibes and a prescription for daily doses of laughter. Side effects may include aching cheeks and tears of joy.

Get well soon! I’ve enlisted the help of a professional tickler to bring some extra laughter into your life.

Sorry you’re feeling down, but don’t worry, I’ve compiled a collection of funny memes to turn that frown upside down.


Heard yesterday that you are in the hospital. I hope that they’ll be releasing you soon as we need you more than them. Have a fast recovery.

One good thing has happened due to your illness because we don’t have to your boring humors for at least a few days. Anyway, feel better soon.

Looks like your healing time is taking longer than others. Make sure you don’t miss a trip incoming week.

I’m missing your cute and contagious smile. Get well soon and smile forever.

All your friends are waiting to celebrate your birthday. Make sure you don’t disappoint them by staying this whole week in the hospital. Please fast recovery soon.

No one can make us laugh with a simple joke like you. We are bored of missing that little but long lasting moments. Please feel good soon.

I’m praying for you, really. Not only to get you well, but also to get the money back from you.

Your absence cannot be tolerated anymore. Because I can’t find anyone to fight. Get well as quickly as possible.

I and many others are praying for your complete and quick recovery because you are the best in saving the goals. We want to win in the match and that’s why your recovery is so important.

I always want you to smile like an angel and you know no angel can look so beautiful in a hospital bed except you. Have a quick recovery and keep smiling.

Sending this get well card to let you know that I’m coming to see you. Please arrange some good items to enjoy during my visit. Anyhow, get better buddy.

Your voice is so catchy that cold loves it too much. That’s why you suffer a lot due to cold and your voice becomes horrible. Please feel good soon.

Most of the flowers in the garden aren’t blooming because I lost my gardener. Please get well soon and take care of them.

Everyone is praying so that you fast recovery soon but I was praying the opposite. Because the submission of our latest assignment is getting closer. I hope you won’t have to do it if you are sick.


Mom, feel better soon very fast. We are almost on the eve of our summer trip.

Get ready to have more fun with us. You have stayed enough in the hospital. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Who can miss your company for a long time? Feel better soon and make me happy like earlier. Wishing you all the best.

I’m bringing a magician to make your broken hand okay. May be this is the best way to fast recovery soon that the lengthy recovery process at the hospital.

I told you that I’ll stand beside you forever, but I didn’t mean that you’ll have to break your legs to get that. Please get well as soon as possible.

Hope you feel better fast otherwise I’ll have to inject you more pain killers. You know that I always want to avoid those.

Think of happy thoughts. May be they’ll be able to help you in recovering more quickly than the regular.

You have faced so many times, which were more painful than this simple accident. Hope you can manage it by yourself to get well very soon.

I’m wishing and praying for your quick recovery because I need to borrow some money from you! You know very well that I don’t take it from anyone else.

I was hoping for a place on the football team at your absence, but maybe I won’t be able as you are recovering so fast. Anyway, get better.


Do what the doctors suggest. Don’t be a fool by rearranging the medicines prescribed by your physicians. Feel good soon and have a quick and complete recovery.