Geek Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Geeks are cool, they know everything about a certain things and they will amaze you with information that you never thought you would ever know. They are amazing in such a way that they are unique and really awesome.

If you have a geek friend, you might as well show him or her that you really like everything that he or she knows about and how cool you find it that he or she knows random facts about movies or comics and the like that you never even knew about, that you never even thought would be really great, but it actually is, and now you are thankful to be his or her friend.


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Try to see these geek birthday meme that would help you to greet him or her on his or her special day and make someone feel happy about themselves. Make someone feel important and bring a smile to someone’s face today.


I don't know any greetings, I guess I should just say... Happy Birthday!

Birthday Memes

Happy Happy Birthday!


I don't have birthdays anymore, I level up!


Happy Birthday from me and my mini me
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Happy Birthday 1 2 3


Happy Birthday you geek!


Come join our geek birthday party!


Stay cool man! Happy Birthday!


Exciting!!! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to my fellow geek


Funny, it is really your birthday!


Happy Birthday my friend!


Come, let's join forces... Anyways, Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday my geek friend


We do believe a happy birthday is in order


Happy Happy Birthday!


Oh, it's your birthday!


Hey there! Have a fun birthday


Hey Geek! Nice birthday party!


Happy Birthday from one geek to another


Last lines... Then I'll greet you a Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday!


What are we to do? Happy Birthday bro


Don't disturb me yet. I'm preparing something for your birthday


Happy Birthday friend!


Hey, what up? Happy Birthday!


Someone told me it's your birthday!


So sad, I can't attend to your birthday party


Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard


Happy Birthday! It's gonna be fantastic!


Happy Birthday! You good?


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