The 55 Good Night SMS Messages

Modified: June 26, 2023, Published: October 12, 2016

End your loved ones’ day on a comforting and affectionate note with these heartwarming Good Night SMS Messages. A simple gesture of sending a good night message can make someone feel cherished and loved, even as they drift off to sleep. These messages are designed to convey your care, warmth, and wishes for a peaceful and restful night ahead.

From sweet and tender expressions to heartfelt prayers, these Good Night SMS Messages are the perfect way to let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them before they close their eyes. So, spread love and positivity with these messages and ensure that your loved ones have the sweetest dreams and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

Good night, my love. May your dreams be as beautiful as the love we share. Sleep tight and wake up refreshed for another day of love and happiness.

Wishing you a peaceful night filled with sweet dreams and a restful sleep. Good night and sleep well, my dear.

As the night unfolds, let go of all your worries and find solace in the embrace of sleep. May your dreams be filled with love and positivity. Good night!

Good night, my friend. May the night bring you peace and serenity, and may you wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world tomorrow.

Sleep is nature’s way of rejuvenating our bodies and minds. So, let go of the day’s stress and surrender to the embrace of a peaceful sleep. Good night!

Before you close your eyes, let me remind you how special you are to me. You are in my thoughts always. Wishing you a restful night and sweet dreams.

Good night, my precious one. As the stars twinkle above, know that you are cherished and loved beyond measure. Sleep tight and dream big.

Sending you a virtual hug and a kiss on the wind to gently lull you into a peaceful sleep. Good night, my dear. You are always in my heart.

May the night sky be filled with dreams that inspire you and fill your heart with joy. Wishing you a good night’s rest and a bright tomorrow.

As the moonlight blankets the world, I want you to know that you are never alone. I am always here, watching over you. Good night and sleep well.

Close your eyes and drift away into a world of tranquility. May your sleep be deep and refreshing, and may you wake up with a smile. Good night!

Just as the stars light up the night sky, your presence in my life illuminates my world. Have a peaceful sleep and wake up to a beautiful day.

As night falls, let go of the worries of the day and surrender to the embrace of a restful sleep. Tomorrow is a new beginning. Good night!

Wishing you a night filled with sweet dreams and a mind at ease. May you find comfort in the stillness of the night. Good night, my friend.

Let the night breeze carry away your troubles and bring you tranquility. May you wake up refreshed and ready to embrace a new day. Good night!

As the day comes to a close, I want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. May you have a peaceful night’s sleep. Good night!

Good night, my sweet angel. May the night unfold like a beautiful symphony, lulling you into a deep and blissful sleep. Dream of all the happiness in the world.

Let go of the day’s burdens and surrender to the night’s embrace. May you find solace in the quiet moments and wake up refreshed. Good night!

As the night sky fills with stars, may your dreams be filled with hope and inspiration. Good night, my dear. Sleep well and wake up ready to chase your dreams.

Darkness already creeps in. The crickets are now playing their music. The busy roads are now empty. Before I go ahead and count the sheep, let me say goodnight to you! Lovely night!

The moon above the sky is shining bright for you. The stars are shimmering for you. And me? Here I am busy sending you this goodnight wish that you may have a wonderful night. Good night!

I am sending you my kisses-full of love and wonderful wishes. Good night to the woman whose reading this. I love you my dear!

Night is much longer than day for those who are dreaming. Day is much longer than night for those who are busy making their dreams a reality. Sweet night!

A bed of soft and fluffy clouds for you to sleep in. Twinkling stars to give light as you sleep. Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Dreams are the best moment of night. So stop working. Put on your pajamas and go to bed. Chase those dreams.

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See those two bright stars shining brightly? They are my eyes; no matter where you are I will always be there to look into you. Sleep weel my sweet love!

Put all your worries aside. Free your mind. Quit over thinking what will happen tomorrow. Have a good rest tonight. Good night my friend.

Your bed is ready to comfort you. Be ready to have the rest that you deserve. Farewell to all the stress. Have a very goodnight!

You had enough for this day. Time for you to tuck yourself in the bed. Say goodnight to the world! Goodnight to you as well!

Good Night Quotes for Different Occasions

It is not possible to have a life without sleep. Close your eyes, for it your body’s time to recharge. Have a sound sleep! Best night to you!

This day has come to an end. It is a blessing knowing that I have someone like you in my life. Now let me say goodnight to you my friend. See you tomorrow again.

Be sure to have a good sleep tonight, tomorrow you don’t know what will come. It’s good to be ready for the battles yet to come. Goodnight brother! Sleep well!

Before you count the sheep, first let me say goodnight and may you have an awesome dream. I might visit you in your dreams as well so better prepare. Just kidding! Good night my friend!

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I have been sleeping like a baby for how many days now; it is because I kept on dreaming about you. At least I get the chance to be with you, to talk to you and laugh with you even if it is only in my dreams. I can’t send this message to you, but at least let me say good night!

Good night to the powerful women who make the world a wonderful place. Sleep well!

To the man who comes home from work late so he can give us a brighter future, good night Daddy! Have a good rest and sleep well!

There are only two words I have for you. Lovely night!

Sleep tight my adorable sweet pea. You will always be my little baby no matter how old you get! Good night! Mommy loves you!

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The beautiful stars shine brightly against the dark skies. You are the star who light up my dark life. Sleep well my love! Bring my love for you in your dreams! Have a good rest!

I hope tomorrow that you will have an amazing day, but tonight I wish that you will have a good rest, a sound sleep and an out of this world dream. Good night! Best wishes for tomorrow!

Good night to the person who ate my lunch today. You are annoying and lovable at the same time. I expect that you will treat me tomorrow. Good night to my special friend. And when I say special I actually mean retarded. Have a good sleep!

The moon that shines tonight is as beautiful as your smile. Keep the smile as you sleep. Sleep good!

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Shut your eyes now. Stop reading this message. I said shut your eyes so I can kiss you goodnight!

Night is the perfect time to have dreams. Day is the perfect time to turn your dreams into reality. So go to bed now and have a good dream. Good night sweetie!

The crickets are busy playing their melody, so you better get yourself to bed while they are still playing your lullaby. Tomorrow is a big day! Good night and rest well!

Your beauty is the only thing that beats the beauty of a full moon. Sleep good my sweet girl! See you in our dreams!

A full moon can signify either of the two things- romantic or scary. I am not a romantic type of person so better sleep now before the bogey man finds you. Good night! By the way, who is that person smiling behind you?

I do not fear the night because I knew that the stars are there to guide and help me with their might. Have a peaceful night. Good night!

The stars are at their brightest when the night is at its darkest. Time to go to bed and a have good rest. Good night and sleep tight!

Appreciate the fact that you can sleep soundly tonight because some people sleep is just a luxury which they can’t afford. Rest well! Goodnight!

Sleep as much as you want because sleep will become a luxury when you have a newborn baby. Trust me, I know. Goodnight!

Nothing is more comfortable at night when I get to sleep using your arms as my pillow. I love you dear husband! Sleep well love of my life!

Nothing is greater than spending my nights with you while we both cuddle at the sofa watching our favorite TV show. Lovely night honey!

Work hard during the day then have a relaxing night when the day is over. Nothing can be more rewarding than that. Good night!


This day has come to an end. But unlike the day, our friendship will never end. Best night to you my loyal friend!

My pajamas misses me so much, not because I don’t sleep but whenever I get home I don’t have any extra energy left to change into my pajamas. That’s how tired I am. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Goodnight!

Tonight, before I go to sleep I want to let you know that you are the last person I am going to think of. I love you my sweetheart! Have a good rest tonight please!


If only I have wings, I will fly tonight just to be with you and watch you fall asleep while I hold you in my arms. I love you my darling! Sleep well tonight! Goodnight!

Sleep now my beautiful child, dream lots of happy dreams. Have a peaceful sleep and safe night! Mama loves you! Goodnight!


I love it when I just fall asleep while looking at my adorable sleeping baby girl. Beautiful moments of my nights I wouldn’t exchange for anything. Look at you now, a gorgeous lady in full bloom. Have a good night sleep my darling angel! Sweet dreams!

Tonight is the end of the day, but keep in mind that soon there will be a brand new day. Keep your hopes up for tomorrow will come but for now enjoy your good night’s rest. Good night!


While you are having your dreams tonight, I wish that all of your dreams will come true when tomorrow comes. Well, except those dreams that will make you famous, rich and good looking. Sleep well my friend!

I have something big and warm for you tonight. It is not what you are thinking, you green minded person. It is my big warm hug saying goodnight to you!


You are one of the lucky few people who get to have a goodnight message before you go to bed. So here I am, making sure that you will be always be one of those few people. Good night and may you have cheerful dreams!

Do not forget to thank God for all the things today; you will never know if you will still wake up tomorrow. But don’t you worry, I am sure you will still wake up tomorrow. You must or else I will punch you. Just kidding my friend. Sleep tight and best night!


Now that I got a little older, I appreciate the nights when I am just at home, reading my favorite book in my pajamas. I love how relaxing the sound of the peaceful night can be. How about you? Anyway, whatever it is I hope you are having a lovely night as well!

May the angels of heaven visit you tonight to sing a lullaby for you. I can do it for you too but you know how bad my singing is, right? Have a peaceful evening! Good night and I will see you tomorrow my friend!

I miss our late night talks before going to bed. I wish you are missing those too. Please be home soon my love. For the mean time, let me say goodnight to you and I hope we can see each other in our dreams.

Tonight, I have 3 things for you! Best night to you! Sleep well! Awesome dreams!

May the angels of God protect and guard you as you sleep tonight. May the magic of Sandman give you amazing dreams. May the love that I have solely for you comfort you while I am away. Lovely night my apple!

Good night SMS for her or him

Send your special someone off to dreamland with love and tenderness through these heartwarming Good Night SMS messages. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife, these messages are designed to express your affection and let them know that they are in your thoughts even as they sleep.

From sweet and romantic gestures to heartfelt wishes, these Good Night SMS messages for her or him will create a warm and loving atmosphere before bedtime. So, make their night extra special by reminding them of your love and wishing them a peaceful and restful sleep.

Good night, my love. As the stars blanket the night sky, know that my love for you blankets my heart. Sweet dreams, and I’ll see you in the morning.

Wishing you a good night filled with dreams as beautiful as your smile. Sleep tight, my dear, and wake up refreshed for a new day together.

Close your eyes and drift off to sleep, knowing that you are loved beyond measure. Good night, my sweetheart, and may your dreams be filled with happiness.

Sending you a whisper of love and a gentle kiss on the wind. Sleep peacefully, my darling, and wake up knowing that you are cherished.

As the night unfolds, I find solace in knowing that we are connected even in our dreams. Good night, my love, and may our hearts always beat in harmony.

Rest your weary body, my love, and let your dreams carry you to a world of pure bliss. Good night and sleep tight, for tomorrow holds new adventures for us.

My heart yearns for your presence even in the depths of the night. Wishing you a good night’s sleep, my love, and may we be reunited in dreams.

As the day bids farewell and the night takes over, I want you to know that you are the center of my universe. Good night, my dear, and may you always feel my love.

Tonight, I’ll be the guardian of your dreams, protecting you from any worries or fears. Sleep peacefully, my love, and know that you are safe in my arms.

Just as the moon gently lights up the night sky, your love illuminates my life. Good night, my shining star, and may your dreams be as radiant as you are.

Before you close your eyes, remember that you are the reason for my happiness. Wishing you a peaceful night’s sleep and a morning filled with joy. Good night, my love.

May the night bring you tranquility and serenity, washing away the stresses of the day. Sleep peacefully, my dear, and wake up with renewed energy and optimism.

Good night, my dearest. Let the silence of the night carry my whispers of love to your heart. May your dreams be as enchanting as our love story.

Tonight, I’ll be dreaming of the moments we’ve shared and the ones we have yet to create. Good night, my love, and may our dreams intertwine in a dance of love.

As the world quiets down, my love for you grows louder and stronger. Sleep well, my sweetheart, and wake up knowing that you are deeply cherished.

The night sky may be vast, but our love knows no boundaries. Wishing you a good night’s rest, my love, and may our connection remain strong and unbreakable.

May the angels watch over you as you surrender to the peacefulness of the night. Sleep well, my love, and wake up to a brand new day filled with endless possibilities.

Good night, my soulmate. Our hearts may be miles apart, but they beat in perfect synchrony. Dream of our love, and know that I am thinking of you always.

As the day comes to an end, I am reminded of how lucky I am to have you by my side. Good night, my love, and may our love story continue to unfold in beautiful ways.

Good night, my partner in crime. May your dreams be filled with adventure and excitement, just like the moments we share together. Sleep tight and see you in the morning.

As the night sky unveils its splendor, may your dreams be filled with the beauty and magic of the universe. Good night, my cosmic love.


Good night, sleep tight, hope you wake up to see the light.

Good night and good riddance.

What a good night for us to go out and have fun.

What are we going screw up tonight?

Good night my friend. I’ll see ya when I see ya.

It is always a good night when I see your smile before I go to sleep.

I’ll always have a good night when I lay next to you before I go to sleep.

Look babe. There’s fireworks in the sky. I want to kiss you. It’s gonna be a good night.

I got a feeling … that tonight is going to be fantastic night and not just a good night.

Good night bae. I’m going to dream of us taking that vacation we always wanted.

If you make love to me, then tonight will be a good night.

I want us to have a good night out on the town.

This was a good night because we didn’t argue, fight or fuss.

I had fun all night long. I can say it was a good night.

The dark has come. There is excitement in the air. We are going to have a good night.

A good night for me is being home with the people I love.

Please make it home in one piece. I wanna have a good night with you.

You can come over when I get off work. I promise, we’ll have a good night together.

I’m going to pick you up about 7. We’re going to go out and have a good night together.

Yes, my fiancé. You can spend a night with me and we’re going to have a good night.

Hey bruh, everybody out tonight. Quit acting like a lame and hang out with the fellas. It’s a good night to act a fool!