Happy 10th Birthday

Updated: September 24, 2019

Turning ten is a great feat, it is a wonderful time of a child’s life in a sense that it is going to start opening the doors of adolescence.
They are now beginning to see how their life are going to be in the future.
Little by little, they will mature into fine young adults.
This would mean that greeting your child or your friend a happy 10th birthday matters.
It is not something that you should neglect doing.
It is something that is both very important and also very nice to do.
Also, it is the very first double digit number that every child is going to get as they age.
Here are some happy 10th birthday wishes that you might want to use in order to greet your special someone.

Happy 10th birthday, congrats on finally scoring a double digit after so many years right now.

I feel so happy that you are here with me and that I get to celebrate with you, my dear child.

Happiest birthday to you who has been very kind and accommodating to us, my dearest kiddo.


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You do not seem to have fun but I hope you are happy because I love being with you, my dear.

You deserve one of the best parties in the whole town, I wish you a really happy 10th birthday!

Enjoy your birthday now and just tell yourself to have some good old fun once in a while now.

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For now, just focus on what you have, appreciate what you have and just enjoy your big day.

You can be anything that you want when you grow up, so go ahead and just have some fun.

Happy bday, I believe in you and I believe that one day in the future you will be a doctor too.

Happy 10th birthday, may you have more patience from now on to face hurdles along the way.

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Aim really high and do not worry, you will get there, I promise I will support you, happy bday.

All the best for you at 10, I do not even know where to begin telling you I love you a lot now.

May you have a future where you will be as contented as you can ever become, happy bday!

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Happy 10th birthday, I wonder if that puppy inside your gift box will make you happier now?

May your special day really be as special as it can be, I love you and that is the truth, baby.

I think this age is your first big milestone into becoming a real adult, enjoy it while it lasts.

This one point in your life when you turn ten is very important, I think so treasure it a lot now.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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These balloons are for you, wishing you a happy 10th birthday and that enjoy yourself today.

Welcome to a brand new page in your story, your new chapter, go ahead and start writing!

You are but no longer the little boy I once knew, you are now a kid ready to take on the world.

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May the heaven bestow you its greatest blessings for you deserve whatever they will give you.

I may not be the best parent but still I wish you a really happy 10th birthday, stay smiling now.

I just can’t help but to congratulate you for all the things you’ve done, turning 10 and all that.

Watching you grow up for the last ten years has been nothing but a fun filled responsibility.

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You are my pride, my little bundle of joy but now you are big enough to stand on your own.

Happy 10th birthday, make this day into one of the most memorable moments of your life too.

You grew up into such a bright child that I cannot help but be proud of raising you myself.

Happiest birthday to the one who is always smiling, who seems to be damn amazing as well.


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I am a proud parent of a kid who is turning 10 today, I cannot help but shine with joy too now.

You are the best for me in all the things you do and you will always be that for me, I love you!

There is not much I have but I still wish you a really happy 10th birthday, you are my favorite.

You grew up to be this little gentleman and I am just so happy that you are, happiest birthday!

Though we may argue a lot, you are still the best friend I ever had, happy 10th birthday, bro.

You are 10 now, time really flies by, I hope you would not get too old with so little time, baby.

Of all the people I have met, you are still the most amazing kid, so have a happy 10th birthday!

I want you to succeed on being happy when you grow up, happy 10th birthday for you, child.

Kiddo, now is the time to enjoy your life and start living it the way you would want to, really.

And though it is going to be hard, I promise you it is also going to be worth it, happy bday!

Happy 10th birthday, throughout the years, you never lost your shine, you still sparkle now.

You are always going to be number one in this heart of mine so for now, happy 10th birthday!


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May your tenth birthday be as awesome, as unique and as special as how you are in real life.

You are my hero, even stronger than Batman or Superman, than anyone else in this world.

I think the best moment to be yourself is now, on your birthday, let no one else define you.

I think the difference between being 9 and 10 is a lot, how you matured up in a single year.

Happy 10th birthday, thank you for being my child, if I get to pick, I would choose you again.

I guess, you are now old enough to get a job, go ahead and start your first task: enjoy today.

You are practically the best kid in this whole town and everyone knows just that as well too.

I think it is truly amazing how you were just a toddler yesterday but she’s annoying as well.

Cheers to all the success that is now starting to come your way, have a happy 10th birthday!


My little sis is all grown up now and I cannot help but be proud I was part of your childhood.

Happiest birthday wishes to the people who are important to my life, I love you all the way.

The truth is that you are now an adult, almost like a fledging one so be careful, happy bday!

Happy 10th birthday do not worry for better and brighter days are going to come very soon.

All your actions from this moment forward are your own so you must take responsibility too.

I think the coolest birthday happens when you are ten, playing under the sun, enjoying life.

It must have been a good thing to bring you to the beach and have a great tan as well now.


Maybe the point of all this is to teach you a lesson you’ll bring into adulthood later on too.

You are still the one I would love to be with when I feel down, kiddo, happy 10th birthday!

You are now capable of playing video games that were not allowed to years ago, congrats!

Turning ten seems like a really big deal to me seeing how you are celebrating it as well now.

I believe that you are more than capable of dealing things on your own, happiest bday to you.

Happy 10th birthday, you are my ultimate energizer, my own personal battery to recharge me.

I think your age is the perfect one, not too heavy of responsibilities but with a lot of perks too.


You are the most beautiful ten year old I have ever seen, and I cannot help but feel proud.

Remember that you are our world, your Pa and I loves you so much, we wish you the best.

Who can believe you are now a hundred and twenty months old, you are fantastic, I tell you!

Happy 10th birthday, enjoy your special day and tell yourself that you are awesome, you are.

You make me proud in all the ventures you go into, and I am just so happy you are my sister.

I think I must be the happiest person here for you turning 10, I am so proud of what you are.

The future hold a lot of hidden gems, you just have to fight for what you like the best for today.


Today is the day you turn 10 and I cannot help but say that you are truly a special person.

Happy 10th birthday your happiness is all that I had ever wished for and I still wish for it now.

You have the brightest future I have ever seen, be careful not burn yourself and live happily!


Happy bday, may you always find a light to follow no matter how dark your life slowly gets.

And I think it must have been fun all along, being the one to keep me busy, happy bday now.

This is to making your party one that no one would ever get to forget, happy 10th birthday!

Happy bday to you, I believe that you are the best person for me now, my dearest daughter.


We should have a good talk about what you want to be when you grow up, happy birthday!

You deserve the stars and I will get it for you if I can, I am not God but I’ll try for a bit now.

I want to do something special for you, something worth your time, still ended up with it too.

In this world full of second guesses I want to be the one you are sure of, happy 10th bday, kid.

You are the light of my world, I will always protect your smile as long as I can, happy bday!

Happy 10th birthday, I still keep wishing that you would get to hear everything right out now.


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