Happy 21st Birthday Memes

Updated: August 22, 2019

The twenty first birthday is important especially for boys, it is the moment when they are truly considered legal, especially in some countries. Gone are the days of being a boy and welcome to the world of being a man. No more playing with toy guns and say hello to being serious about life and finding a decent job to keep you away from hunger and other problems.
To be 21 is such a nice age to be in, you can still keep having fun and you can also start on planning the future that is waiting ahead for you. If you know someone who is celebrating their 21st birthday and you want to let them know that you remembered or just to remind them how happy and how proud you are of them or maybe give them a good old laugh….


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Here are some happy 21st birthday meme you can send to them.

Happy 21st birthday! Now let's party! Now, go drive! Happy 21st birthday! Happy 21st birthday!! Birthday Memes
Goes out for 21st birthday, designated driver
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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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Happy 21st birthday, where is the party? Happy 21st birthday Happy 21st birthday. Make your birthday great again! You're 21. Time for some fun!

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Happy 21st birthday, looking fine gurl

Celebrate your 21st birthday they said. It will be fun, they said. Happy 21st birthday 21st birthday. It will be worth it.... Happy 21st birthday. Now let's dance. 21st birthday? YOLO Once you turn 21, you can legally do all the things you've been doing since you were 15 Happy 21st birthday, from everyone's founding father. 21. Congratulations you're finally legal. Happy 21st birthday Happy 21st birthday! Buy beer on his 21st birthday. Budweiser American Flag Can I'll have you know that last might was my 21st birthday and only puked four times Happy 21st birthday. Time to drink Happy 21st birthday, you are legal now The doctor has arrived to help you celebrate. Happy 21st birthday Happy 21st birthday. If you remember it tomorrow... you did something wrong!! Happy 21st birthday. I can ss you're enjoying it from the bushes outside your house. Knows it's your 21st birthday. Makes memes instead of calling wishing a Happy Birthday When you were a teen, you were too awesome. Now you have turned 21, we believe that you will blossem. Happy 21st birthday Happy 21st birthday! No, wait, Happy 61st birthday! Just wanted to say Happy 21st Birthday girl Happy 21st birthday! Now you can drink 21st birthday? Challenge accepted


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