Happy 31st Birthday Wishes

Modified: July 15, 2023, Published: May 18, 2018

Turning 31 is a remarkable milestone in one’s life journey—a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and eagerly embrace the future. In this article, we dive into the significance of reaching the age of 31 and explore the essence of sending heartfelt birthday wishes to those celebrating this special occasion.

Whether you’re a friend, family member, or simply want to make someone’s day brighter, we’ve gathered a collection of warm and inspiring birthday messages to help you convey your love, admiration, and best wishes to the lucky celebrant. Join us in spreading joy and celebrating the spirit of turning 31!

Happy 31st birthday! As you blow out the candles, know that your presence brightens the lives of everyone around you.

Sending you warm wishes on your 31st birthday. May your heart be filled with joy and your path be paved with success.

Turning 31 is a reminder that life is a gift. Enjoy every moment and create beautiful memories along the way.

Wishing you a fantastic 31st birthday! May your dreams take flight and your aspirations lead you to great heights.

Happy birthday to an amazing person turning 31! Here’s to a year of abundant blessings and wonderful surprises.

Congratulations on reaching 31! May your birthday be as bright and extraordinary as you are.

Happy 31st birthday! May your special day be a reflection of the joy and warmth you bring into our lives.

Turning 31 is a chance to embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the wonderful individual you’ve become.

On your 31st birthday, may you be blessed with good health, prosperity, and unwavering positivity.

Congratulations on turning 31! Keep shining bright, and may your light inspire those around you.

Happy 31st birthday! Embrace the journey ahead with open arms, and know that greatness lies within you.

As you celebrate your 31st birthday, remember that age is just a number, and your spirit is forever young!

Wishing you a year filled with exciting opportunities and the courage to seize them fearlessly. Happy 31st birthday!

Happy 31st birthday! May your heart be filled with love and your life with unforgettable moments.

Cheers to 31 years of spreading joy and happiness. May your birthday be as wonderful as you are.

Happy 31st birthday! May you continue to inspire and touch the lives of everyone you meet.

Turning 31 is an invitation to chase your dreams with passion and determination. Have a truly magnificent birthday!

Sending you warmest wishes on your 31st birthday. May your day be as bright as your smile.

Happy 31st birthday! Here’s to a year of personal growth and discovering your limitless potential.

Wishing you a beautiful 31st birthday surrounded by the love and warmth of cherished friends and family.

Happy 31st birthday! May the next chapter of your life be even more extraordinary than the last.

Happy 31st birthday! May you continue to find strength and courage in every step you take.

On this special day, I wish you love, success, and all the happiness your heart can hold. Happy 31st birthday!

Here’s to a year filled with dreams achieved, aspirations met, and new adventures embraced. Happy 31st birthday!

Happy 31st birthday! Celebrate the journey you’ve traveled so far and the bright future ahead.

May your 31st birthday be a reminder of how far you’ve come and an inspiration for all that lies ahead.

Happy 31st birthday! May the next 31 years be even more extraordinary than the ones before.

Happy 31st birthday! May you always find the strength to overcome challenges and the courage to pursue your dreams.

Congratulations on turning 31! May you be surrounded by love and happiness, today and always.

As you turn 31, may you be blessed with wisdom, kindness, and the courage to chase your passions.

Happy 31st birthday! May your heart be filled with gratitude for the beautiful life you’ve created.

Wishing you a spectacular 31st birthday, where all your dreams take flight and your wishes come true.

To you, my friend, I wish you a happy 31st birthday and that you can be as happy as can be.

Even when things do not go the way they should, it does not mean life is not perfect, enjoy it.

There is so much you should know and change about yourself, that is part of growing older.

You are no longer a kid, you might as well make the most of what you have right at this day.

And even when things change, remain true to you and all things will just be fine, happy bday!

You were just a kid yesterday but now here you are, mature enough, happy 31st birthday, girl.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Do not forget that life is but an apple so eat it up and enjoy every moment that you can bite.

Give your love to other people and you will be surprise to have some of it back too, have fun.

Your birthday is important simply coz you are, so just make the most you can out of all of it.

Every second should matter to you and it should show you that it will all be just fine, hang on.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

You turned out to be a very classy young lady, I wish you a really happy 31st birthday, honey!

Understanding is something hard to come across and you fully have it, have a great bday too!

Now, set things in motion so you can watch things happen later on, I hope you have nice bday.

Happy 31st birthday, no matter how stormy your life might get, always remember this day.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Do not follow anyone’s footsteps but your own, make your own life story, have a good bday!

No matter the hurdle put in your way, hang on and be the change you want to see enjoy today.

I love you even when you think I don’t, you are the best gift I received on my 31st bday, ever.

May your life be as amazing as this birthday, I wish you a happy 31st birthday, you deserve it.

There is nothing more I want now than to greet you a happy 31st birthday, I miss you already!

You light up the room just by being there and that is saying something about you, happy bday!

35+ Happy Birthday Young Man

No one else has ever made me feel this way but you, I hope you enjoy your bday just as well.

There is not a single day I do not think about you, I am crazily in love, may you enjoy this day.

Though life is not always going to be the best, I assure you that I will be there, always, friend.

You need to fight for the things that you want until you finally get them, happy 31st birthday!

30 Happy Birthday Wishes for Pastor

Old age surely suits you best, more mature yet more beautiful, make every minute of it count.

Do not forget to share that cake to your friends and you will enjoy this day of yours, really.

The point is that you should make all things you want to happen to happen, that’s the goal.

We all have our weaknesses and strengths, yours is both on being too kind, enjoy this day!

No matter who you meet, you make something unforgettable, you will be remembered, always.

I hope you are having the best time of your life today, you deserve to, after everything else.

There is something about you that makes people crazy about you, have a great birthday party.

Your voice is the best one that I have ever heard, I am wishing you a happy 31st birthday, girl.

Life and time will bring you wisdom so as you age you will be wiser, you will have more of it.

Thanks to all the encounters you have had, you understand life better now at your age of 31.

There is nothing wrong with reminding yourself where you have come, celebrate your life.

Boy, you make me feel like I can believe anything that you say believe me happy 31st birthday!

When you feel comfortable and easy, maybe it would not last for long so enjoy your bday now.

Fight for those things that you believe in and stand for yourself from now on, happy bday girl.

My friend, it is never too late to shift course and pursue what you want in life, happy birthday!

You will be just fine as long as you trust yourself and just stay okay, happy 31st birthday, dear.

This bday of you moving another step towards adulthood and I want to say I am proud of you.

We have a lot of laugh together and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, my dear.

You have maintained your beauty even up to this age, I am but proud of you even on this day.

There is always the one person who makes me happy and that is you, happy 31st birthday, girl.

You certainly have the looks that kills if you want to so for now, just enjoy everything there is.

Have fun with other people and enjoy the time that you will spend with them too, remember.

The only advice I can give you is to always be kind to another person in need of kindness.

I pray for your happiness and your success just the same, have a really happy 31st birthday!

There are people who have trained for the sake of the customers, you need find your skin type.

Dresses is never a problem, you can easily dress yourself up but now you just stay tight there.

I feel a big pound lighter now and am happy to be of your service if that is what you want to.

Happy 31st birthday, may the blessings keep pouring into your life for you really do deserve it.


I know how important your career to you is so I hope you the best to that and happiest bday!

There is a reason you were born today 31 years ago, I hope you are happy right this moment.

The only advice I can give you on your birthday is that you push through your struggles, girl.

You are now at an age where you need to stand up for yourself, so have a happy 31st birthday!


At 31, you are no longer a girl but a full-pledged woman, stand up for yourself and smile!

Through all the obstacles that will come to you, never forget to be kind to other people, enjoy!

Today is really a day to celebrate coz it was the day you were born years ago, enjoy this too!


There is nothing I want more than to be with you right now so I’ll say happy 31st birthday.

No matter what other people say to you, believe in yourself and you will be set for it all, dear.

There will be times that you will be lost but if you trust yourself, you will find your way back.

Every struggle is a blessing in disguise so just keep going and celebrate your life, happy bday.

Through the years you have remained as beautiful as ever and I wish you happy 31st birthday!

May you live thru no one’s expectations but yourself, you are your own champion, enjoy now!

The people around you may not trust you but you should never doubt yourself one bit, honey.


Stay true to yourself and the people around you and you’d be fine, only you should matter!

You are trained to be someone who can be kind so be that person and enjoy this bday, dear.

Happy 31st birthday to the woman who has shown me what love truly is after all these years.

Success has always been relative so just keep going, you will be just fine, a fantastic bday!

I will be the friend who will share both good and bad times with you so let’s celebrate you.

This day is as important to me as it is to you as it is the day my best friend was born, only you.

Happy 31st birthday to the friend who stuck by me through and through everything else really.


I never want to imagine the world without you, I am so happy and relieved you were born too.

All the hard work you did will eventually amount to something, hold on and just stay happy.

At this point in your life, you will have experiences to last, make every single one count, okay?

Every victory that I achieve is me greeting you a happy 31st birthday, it makes me feel okay.


May you never get overwhelmed by the things that comes to you in this life, just be stronger!

I think you are the most important person in this world, just keep it up you’ll be in Forbes too.

Make your goal to be happy and everything else will fall into it, you ought to be celebrating.


You take my breathe away and I am helpless but I do wish you a really happy 31st birthday!

Keep being positive and later on, it will come back to you and make you feel better than ever.

Today is a gift from the heavens, telling you to just keep on going, you will be just okay, dear.

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As a special someone in your life reaches the remarkable milestone of turning 31, what better way to convey your heartfelt wishes than through beautiful and inspiring images? In this collection, we present the crème de la crème of Happy 31st Birthday Wishes Images, designed to ignite smiles, warm hearts, and spread the joy of this special occasion.

Each image is carefully crafted to capture the essence of turning 31—a time of reflection, growth, and excitement for the future. Whether you’re looking for the perfect message to share on social media, accompany a heartfelt card, or simply brighten someone’s day, these images are sure to convey your love, admiration, and best wishes in the most delightful way.


You are given more time to do the things you have yet to do so make the most out of each second.

Happy 31st birthday, there is nothing better than being able to hold hands on this very day.

It is only months since we’ve met but it surely feels like forever, have an amazing birthday celebration.

There will always be a special place for you in my heart, may you keep being blessed, dear.

Happy 31st Birthday! May this year be the start of your most exciting and fulfilling chapter yet.

Happy 31st birthday! May you continue to shine brightly and inspire everyone around you.

Cheers to 31 years of making the world a better place. Have a wonderful birthday!

As you turn 31, may each day be a beautiful reminder of how cherished and loved you are.

Happy 31st birthday! May your dreams take flight and your aspirations know no bounds.

Congratulations on turning 31! Here’s to a year filled with blessings and endless opportunities.

Happy 31st birthday! May this year bring you the courage to chase your dreams fearlessly.

On your 31st birthday, I wish you love, happiness, and the fulfillment of all your heart’s desires.

May your 31st birthday be as wonderful and extraordinary as the person you’ve become.

Happy 31st birthday! Embrace this new age with open arms and a heart full of hope.

Wishing you a year of exciting adventures, cherished memories, and unforgettable moments. Happy birthday!

Happy 31st birthday! May your life be blessed with happiness, health, and prosperity.

Happy 31st birthday! Now you’re officially old enough to have a favorite brand of anti-aging cream. Cheers to youthful memories!

Congratulations on turning 31! You’re at that age where the candles on your cake cost more than the cake itself!

They say 31 is the new 21, but let’s be honest, the only thing new is the number. Enjoy your “21st” birthday part two!

Happy 31st birthday! Just remember, at this age, you can’t pull off an all-nighter like you used to. Sleep is now your best friend.

Turning 31 is like being in your 30s but with a touch of “I still got it!” Enjoy your not-so-youthful but still fabulous birthday!

Happy 31st birthday! Remember when we used to party until dawn? Now we’re in bed by 10 pm, and that’s pushing it!

Congratulations on surviving another year of adulthood! It’s like a never-ending roller coaster ride, but at least you get cake.

Happy 31st birthday! They say life begins at 30, but at 31, it’s more like life hits the snooze button and says, “Five more minutes.”

Turning 31 is like getting the upgraded version of yourself. You’re still pretty awesome, but with a few more quirks!

Happy 31st birthday! They say you’re only as old as you feel, so let’s go party like we’re 21 again (with a 10-year experience bonus)!

Congratulations on turning 31! It’s the age when you start using words like “back in my day” and “kids these days.”

Happy 31st birthday! You know you’re getting older when you receive more birthday cards for your back pain than for anything else!

Happy 31st birthday! They say wisdom comes with age, but I think you’re just getting better at faking it.

Congratulations on turning 31! It’s time to start checking for gray hairs, but don’t worry; they’re just strands of wisdom!

Happy 31st birthday! You’re now at that age where your body makes weird noises, and you’re not sure if it’s you or your phone.

Turning 31 means you’re officially a full-fledged adult. But don’t worry, you can still be immature at heart!

Happy 31st birthday! Remember, age is just a number, and wrinkles are just tiny roadmaps of a life well-lived.

Congratulations on turning 31! At this age, you’ve earned the right to say, “I’m not old, I’m vintage!”

Happy 31st birthday! Let’s celebrate the fact that you’re still young enough to do stupid things but old enough to know better!