Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Updated: August 22, 2019

Celebrating fifty years on earth is truly something to celebrate or even throw a feast for. It is often called the golden birthday, somehow in years, fifty is almost golden. It is the time when you just want to settle down, to do something that you love to do because by this age your children may already have a family of their own, they may already have a life of their own, so they might live far away from you by then.

If someone you love or someone you are close to is celebrating his or her fiftieth birthday, you might as well greet that person and make him or her feel special about it. Here are some happy 50th birthday meme to help you out with the times that are up ahead.


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Go and try them out and see if you will get your desired reaction for the meme you will send.

One does not simply reach his 50th birthday without receiving a meme Birthday Memes
fifty the ultimate F-word Be proud you're 50, Happy birthday!
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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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ye be 50? Shiver me timbers! Wishing you a 50th alcoholic birthd... Oh wait, bad for the old man.

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fun, foxy and fifty! Happy 50th birthday! I'd like to buy you a birthday drink! Oliver Queen wishes you a happy 50th birthday, this is the happiest he can look If you haven't grown up by age 50, you don't have to 50th birthday? Honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a shit- but we do! Happy 50th birthday, you are my favorite oldie 50 today, remember when you were young and could stay up all night? ... Have a memorable 50th birthday! looks 22, fees 18, acts 10.. that makes 50 Happy 50th birthday!! Too sleepy to greet you a happy 50th birthday Look who reached the golden year, happy birthday! You're 50... and you've still got it! Remember how excited you were when you turned 5 years old? You should be 10x that excited. Happy birthday! It took 50 years to look this good! Shop til you drop, happy 50th birthday! If fifty is the new forty only yesterday, you were still on your thirties. It's a 50th birthday event. So I guess you can say that things are getting pretty serious. Some things just are better with age.* Happy Birthday *And you are definitely one of them. Happy 50th birthday! Now sit back girl and watch me sing you a Happy Birthday You are a "piece of work" Happy Birthday! Looking 40 is great... if you're fifty So old you had to listen to music at 45rpm Looking pretty nifty at fifty So there I was celebrating my 50th birthday when I ordered a chili dog. You should have seen it! It still had the weiner in the bun. I’m like, “hey! Did I order a hotdog? Take it back you bum.” Happy 50th birthday pal! ... I’m the ‘Hemorrhoid Fairy’, and these are my buddies… The ‘Gout Fairy’ and the ‘Erectile Dysfunction Fairy’. You only get to turn 50 once, but you get 49 practice birthdays. Happy 50th Birthday! Happy 50th birthday, have fun with that colonoscopy Don't worry about your age, alcohol will make it all better. Happy 50th birthday! Oldie Oldie, Happy 50th birthday Goodness! It feels like heaven is calling you. Happy 50th birthday! This party is right for yah! Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday, have the time of your life just a friendly reminder - you're now older than dirt. happy (50th) I don't feel a day over 49 years... and 364 days! Have fun @50 Your face when they tell you the correct number of candles on their birthday cake You're on your wilted years, Happy 50th birthday! Happy 50th birthday you magnificent sparkle beast! Hey old girl, Happy 50th birthday! Look who's all grown up and ready for a colonoscopy Gone are the drunk days, ain't? Happy 50th birthday! Dearly beloved, we are here to wish this old person a happy 50th birthday! 50?! I demand a recount!!! Flowers are perfect for your 50th birthday not alcoholic bev...


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