Top 60 Happy Birthday Aunt Wishes and Messages

Updated: August 22, 2019

Our aunts certainly have a special place in our hearts. They act like our second mother and love us like their own kids. So if your aunt is celebrating her special day today, you should send her a special birthday message. Below is a list of the best happy birthday aunt wishes that can serve as your inspiration.

To the best aunt in the world, may God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart, happy bday!

Dear aunty, another year has passed into your life, and this also means that you have become even wiser and stronger. Here’s wishing you many joyous years ahead, Wonderful Birthday!

Because you are very special aunt. It is so nice to have this chance to wish you the best of everything. Best Birthday Aunt.


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On your birthday, I just want you to know how blessed I am to have you as my aunt. Wishing you many happy returns, dear aunt! I love you!

My beloved aunty, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me. My life would not be this great if not for you. I will forever cherish the wonderful memories we have shared, I love you! Wonderful Bday!

You are truly a fantastic aunt and I wish you all the happiness this world can bring. I love you, best bday!

Aunts like you are precious and few. For that, I consider myself lucky for having you. Best Bday!

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Let the God decorate ach golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity for you. Happy Birthday Dear Aunt.

I believe I am the luckiest person in the world for having such a caring aunt like you! I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true, wonderful birthday!

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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Happy birthday to my incredible auntie! You’ve generally been an incredible companion and a genuine inspirer for me. May your day bring you heaps of otherworldly minutes and joyous astonishments!

Happy Birthday Auntie Wishes List

Here is the collection of loving messages for special woman we call Aunt on her special day. So enjoy reading, sending and sharing not only with her but with all who knows her.

Dear auntie, you are a standout amongst the most magnificent ladies that I have met in my life. Warm wishes on your extraordinary day!

May this birthday of yours bring you more luck, happiness and success! I wish you a wonderful year ahead and a great life for the many more years to come! Wonderful Bday!

On your birthday aunty, I wish you will receive the lost opportunities of yesterday and many more bright chances for tomorrow. Have a great birthday! I love you!

Dear aunty, may your birthday be as beautiful and as special as you are! Happy Bday!


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Dear aunt, believe it or not, I am always thinking about you and how much you mean to our family. You certainly have played a special part in our lives and for that, I am forever grateful. Best Birthday!

Today is the best day to share this… You are the most fantastic aunt in the universe! Happy Birthday, our beloved aunty!

There are lots of wonderful women in my life and you are certainly one of them. I appreciate all that you have done for us. Wonderful Birthday!

The hottest welcome to my dear aunt! You generally know how to light up even the darkest day. May you Big Day be as sunny as you seem to be!

I feel so fortunate to have such a jovial, supporting and motivating auntie like you! Have an awesome day!

Warm musings, cheerful circumstances and joyous recollections are so much a piece of you, my most loved auntie! I wish you a particularly happy birthday!

My dearest aunt, on your Birthday I wish you to get the lost chances of yesterday and the brilliant odds of tomorrow!

The 100 Happy Birthday Wishes

On your birthday dear aunt, I wish that you will receive more than what you have asked for. Happy Bday!


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My auntie is an imperative column in my life’s structure – the special case who is sufficiently unbending to hold up under a substantial weight yet sufficiently adaptable to permit me a great deal of fun. Best birthday.

A debt of gratitude is in order for showing me that an auntie niece relationship can go route past family get-togethers, end of the week grills and Thanksgiving meals. Wonderful bday.

Dear auntie, I may have acquired my mother’s effortlessness and my father’s knowledge. However, I’ve acquired your capacity to make the best of what I have. Best bday.

Aunty, thank you so much for all the love and support. We will be forever grateful for all the great things you have done to our life. Best Bday!


Dear aunty, the word “generation gap” will definitely not work for us. For you have never behaved in a way that I will feel the age difference between us. Thank you for being my best friend and my partner in crime. Wonderful Bday!

Warm thoughts, pleasant memories and happy times. Thank you for being a part of my life, my favorite aunt! Best Birthday, I love you!

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Aunty, may God continue to bless you with all the best things in life. Happy Birthday!


15 Loving Happy Birthday Aunty wishes

When you want know how to send bday wishes to your beloved Aunty, you have come to the right place. We have prepared these caring messages that you can use as inspiration on congratulation her this joyful day.

Hey aunty, do not worry about how old you are turning today. What is important is that you are here with us one more year and we are forever grateful for that. May you have a wonderful birthday, I love you!


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I am so happy to celebrate your birthday with you, dear aunt. You are a special person to me and I wish you many more birthdays to come! I love you, happy bday!

happy birthday aunt

Despite the fact that you are significantly senior to me, I never comprehended the importance of the expression era hole since you have dependably been a companion to me. Glad birthday to my most loved close relative.

Dear auntie, when everything in life appears to stop, your recommendation is the main push that helps me advance. Happy birthday.


Dear auntie, you are the mother that never chides and the closest companion who never deceives. Happy bday.

You will dependably remain as a cherished memory to me, dear auntie, and on your birthday I wish you only the best things in life!

Aunt of my soul, on this special day of yours, I just want to tell you how much I really love you. Thank you for everything and for making me a better person because of your wonderful advices. Wonderful Birthday!


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Aunty, you deserve a birthday that is filled with so much joy and happiness. Best Birthday!

You are a very dear aunt who brightens any day by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way. Here’s wishing you love and happiness, not only for today but for the many years to come. Wonderful Bday aunty!

Best Bday to you, aunty! May your day be one of the best days in your life, I love you!

There aren’t many like you around, aunty. Just like a shining pearl, you are gorgeous. Just like a diamond, you are precious. Thank you for everything you have done in my life. Best Bday!


It did not take you doing a lot before I realized how special you are to me. From your smile to the way your eyes lit up, you are simply amazing! I love you so much, dear aunt! Wonderful Bday!

You always have a special place in my heart, aunty. Best Birthday!

Wonderful birthday to my awesome auntie and crucial companion! May your most profound dreams be satisfied!


My dearest aunty,today is an exceptionally extraordinary day, since today is your 55thbirthday,we trust you generally remain as sound and as solid as you are now!Happy birthday!

The clock is ticking, time is going birthday after birthday… But regardless you look as youthful as you did 20 years prior! Cheerful birthday!

Being wonderful is just what aunts do best. I know it because my aunt is truly the best! Whether you are hugging or comforting or just being funny… you certainly are the best aunty! Happy bday!


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My life is full of love because I have you in my life, aunty. Thank you for being a part of my life, Happy Bday!

You have been great to everyone around you, but it seems that you treat me like the absolute best! I love you aunty, happy birthday!

I hope that your birthday will be filled with so much happiness and love, as well as wonderful things that are especially for you. Wonderful birthday, my dear aunty!

Aunty, you are truly the most wonderful aunt in the world. Thank you for spoiling me… happy birthday!


Aunts like you make life become extraordinary. You are just not like any other aunt out there. You are a super one! Happy Birthday!

When looking for ideas to express your love and gratitude to this amazing woman, you will be pleasantly surprised with some bday ideas for you to use.

I would never ever forget an auntie like you… especially on this special day of yours! I love you, best birthday!

May God shower you with so many blessings in your life! You are always in my thoughts and prayers, auntie. I love you so much, wonderful bday!

Dear aunty, I hope that your birthday will be brimming with happy times. Best bday!

I cannot tell you how many times I have giggled when I’m with you and how many hugs we have shared together. But one thing is for sure… I am definitely thankful that you have always been there for me. Best bday, aunty!

Hey aunty, you deserve to be happy. Not only because it’s your birthday, but it’s because you are truly the best! I love you, wonderful bday!

Every time I think of you, I will always remember your tight hugs and your bright smile. I also think of how you always go out of your way to make us happy. Happy birthday, my beloved aunt! We love you!


I would tell you over and over again… that you are the best aunt ever! Thank you for being my best friend! Happy Birthday!

I just could not let the day go without wishing my favorite aunt a very best birthday on her special day. I love you aunty, happy birthday!

Good things come to great people like you. Thank you aunty for coming to my life, wonderful birthday!

You are someone that I can lean on. You are someone I can trust and you are the one that I love to spend time with. I love you so much auntie, happy birthday!

We can’t choose our family, but if I could… I would still choose you to be my aunt. You are terribly awesome. Thank you for your unconditional love, happy bday!


Here is a big great hug for a wonderful aunty like you, happy bday!

Aunts like you are as precious as gold. You are a great example of what a great aunt should be like. Thank you coming to our life, wonderful birthday!

You are a topnotch aunt! The other aunts could certainly learn from you, best birthday!

I am so glad you are my aunt and I am even grateful we are best friends at heart! Happy Birthday!

15 Amazing Happy Birthday Quotes for Aunt

Sometimes we should not re-invent the wheel, in other words, just use some of the wisdom that people before us have crafted. This of course applies on bday quotes and sayings for special day of our beloved Aunt.

Today is truly a special day because it is your birthday! Wonderful bday, my dear aunty, I love you!

Our family is truly blessed to have a wonderful aunt like you! Best Bday and May you stay as wonderful as you already are! We love you!

To my beloved aunt, on this special day, I wish you nothing but all the best in the world! Best Bday!

Aunty, without you there will probably be a lot of things I could not have achieved. Thank you for guiding me into the right path and for treating me like your own child. Wonderful Bday!

Here’s hoping for a great day, because you are one year older today. You truly are becoming the best in every way, aunty! I love you, happy birthday!

An aunt is a cherished friend and a personal cheerleader who will always cheer you up especially when times get rough. Happy birthday aunty, I love you!

Today is the perfect day to say this… you truly are the best aunt in the world! I love you, happy birthday!

I don’t know whether to call you my parent or a friend. But I pray that our sweet relationship will never end. Best birthday aunty, I love you!

Dear aunt, you are everything to me. Thank you for coming into my life, wonderful birthday!


My aunt is an important pillar in my life – the only one who is rigid enough to bear the heavy burdens I carry, yet flexible enough to allow me to have a lot of fun. Happy bday, aunty!

Happy bday to the person who spreads joy everywhere she goes – my aunt! I love you aunty, may you have many more birthdays to come.

Dear aunt, I may have inherited my dad’s intelligence and my mom’s grace… But I have inherited your ability to make the best of what I have. Thank you for that, happy birthday!

Wonderful birthday, my dear aunt! Believe it or not, I am always thinking about you not only on your birthday, but for the rest of the year too. You played such a special role in my life and this is something I will forever be grateful about.

Dear aunt, today is the perfect day to share this – you’re a fantastic aunt and all I wish is for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life, best birthday!

There are so many wonderful women in my life, and you’re definitely one of them. I truly appreciate all the things you have done for me, have a wonderful bday!

Dearest aunt, may your birthday be as beautiful and special like you, happy birthday!

Auntie, I am so happy to celebrate your special day by your side. You truly are a special person to me and I hope that we will celebrate many more birthdays together. Best bday!

Dearest auntie, thank you for your love and support. May you enjoy this very special day, best bday!

I really feel so lucky to have such a great aunt like you. Thank you for all your support and may all your wishes come true. Wonderful bday auntie!

Dearest aunt, do not ever worry about how you turn a year older today. What’s important is that you’re still here with us, celebrating another year of your life. Thank you for being so nice to me and I hope that you remain that way, best birthday!

Wonderful birthday dear aunt! You deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you!

Dear aunt, you truly are a magical woman having a beautiful face and a very kind heart and beautiful soul. I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done in my life, happy bday!

Happy Birthday my favorite Aunt. I will always remember how you took care of me.

I have two mothers in my life. My real mother and my real Aunt, my hero. Happy birthday sweet Aunty, enjoy this day!

Funny Aunt Birthday Quotes and messages

To an aunt who has always supported me and been a positive influence, someone who is deserving of every good thing… happy birthday!

I do not know what I would do without you, my aunt, and I hope that your birthday is the best one that you have ever had!

You were there on day one and you have been by my side ever since that day. I love you, my aunt, and I want you to have the best birthday ever!

You mean everything to me, my aunt, and I cannot imagine trying to go through this life without you by my side. Happy birthday!

There are some who touch our lives forever, and you did that for me, my aunt. I hope that you have the happiest birthday ever!

May your birthday be something special, my aunt, because you deserve all of the happiness in the world.

You deserve everything great on your birthday, Aunt, because you are always giving to others and making lives better.

Your birthday should be a special one, my aunt, because you are never thinking of yourself and always thinking of those you love.

An aunt can change the life of a person for the better, and you have definitely done that for me. May you have a birthday that is truly special.

When I think of your birthday, I imagine something magical and fun, and I hope that you get that today, my aunt.

An aunt’s birthday should be celebrated more than any other because of all of the great things that aunts do.

An aunt like you is deserving of a special cake and a whole lot of fun, and I hope you get all of that on your birthday this year!

An aunt like you should never be forgotten, and I hope that you feel remembered and loved on this special birthday of yours.


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