Happy Birthday Cousin Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Birthdays are important and so are family, when someone in your family is celebrating his or her birthday, it is common courtesy, out of familial love and duty to be there and to greet your cousin who is celebrating his or her birthday.
Cousins are like your siblings, they will annoy you, they will try their best in making you hate them but at the end of the day you will still love them and you will miss them when they are far away from you again because you are a family, you are connected by your blood and that is something that no one in this world can ever change.


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Here are some happy birthday cousin meme that you might want to try to use on your cousin’s birthday to make him or her feel loved and to make him or her feel a bit happy or to cheer him or her up.


Dear cousin, have a wonderful birthday Birthday Memes
It's a good day, isn't it cousin? Happy birthday!


Hey cousin I wish you a happy birthday


Smile cousin smile Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to a lovely cousin who leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes!


Happy birthday cousin

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Cousin, I hope your birthday is blessed with sunshine and smiles


Happy birthday cousin, tell me where is the party


Farting fo ya birthday cousin


Happy birthday my beautiful cousin


Cousin, have a happy birthday but don't get crazy


Hi cousin, sending you these tiny superheroes, Happy birthday!


Happy birthday from your favorite cousin


Happy birthday my crazy wonderful hilarious and truly amazing cousin


Happy birthday to the sweetest cousin


Cousin, what more can I say? You're gettin' weaker knees yearly


Happy B-Day! A day just for ya cousin


Have a kickass birthday cousin


I peed because it's my cousin birthday!


Happy birthday, cousin!


Happy birthday cousin, you are simply the best


Happy birthday cousin, you are growing by age not by mind believe me


Hey cuz, guess what? Happy birthday & I luvvv ya!!!


Happy birthday cousin


Cousins are awesome. Well, at least yours is. Happy birthday!


Waiting for twelve midnight to greet my cousin a happy birthday first


Happy birthday to my cousin


So cousin, what shall we do on your birthday?


From one cousin to another, happy birthday!


Cousin, Faccebook to me that it's your birthday


And I was like... Dear me cousin you didn't say it's your birthday


Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin <3


I smell birthday cake cousin dear


Happy birthday beautiful cousin


Happy birthday cousin, you must be so happy


Keep calm, it's my cousin's birthday


Smoochies for you cousin coz it's your birthday


I got you a birthday present, you're reading it


Happy birthday cousin, that's one hell of a beard


I said Happy birthday cousin


Happy birthday cousin, keep on keepin on!


Hey cousin, here's wishing you a great big Happy birthday! Yeah!!!


This is so ready for the food from my cousin's birthday


Doubling my pace cousin, almost there for your birthday


Happy birthday cousin


Happy birthday cousin, I was just thinking about your foolish talks




Cousins are awesome. Well, at least yours is... Happy birthday


Happy birthday cousin! Let's go bowling to celebrate


Crashing your house cousin on your birthday


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