Top 100 Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes and Wishes

Updated: August 24, 2019

Check out these best happy birthday grandma sayings and quotes for that lovely old lady that always shared her love to us and gave us happy feelings.

Who doesn’t love that sweet lady and here is why we have prepared new ideas on what to write on greeting cards for happy birthday wishes for grandma. We have also prepared more than 105 Birthday wishes that you could also use as birthday messages ideas.

Grandma, when I look at your wrinkles, I find it so amazing. I’m just wondering that how beautiful your life was and obviously you look almost the same till now. Wishing you a happy bday.

Your wrinkles describe the journey of your life and of course it was an amazing and gorgeous like you, grandma. Happy birthday.

When I look at your eyes, I find that our eyes have so much resemblance. I wish I could inherit more of your qualities. Happy birthday, grandma.


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There are so many matches between us. I believe I inherited so many things like your eyes, personality, attitude and wisdom. I wish I could grow up like you, grandma. Happy birthday.

Grandma, you have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Your personality says all about your journey of life. Your big heart is the most precious item I’ve ever found in my life. I wish I could be like you. Happy birthday.

Granny, your life is really so awesome because it has the epitome, of what real happiness is. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

Your grace and maturity adds a tremendous beauty to our home that it doesn’t need any fancy flower vases or luxurious furniture’s. Wishing you a happy birthday, grandma.

Your good health, active lifestyle and the beautiful face is better than any young women. If they see you then definitely they’ll feel ashamed. Happy birthday.

You are such a wonderful person who has the extraordinary power of simplifying any complications of my life. Your simple and loving hug is enough to do this. Happy birthday super fly Nana.

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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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I’ve never felt alone because you are always beside me. You are my strength and the most perfect companion. Thank you grandma. Wishing you a very best birthday.

I know grandma that your recipe cannot be created because I might find all the ingredients you put in any supermarket, but the amount of love you put in it is obviously irreplaceable. Enjoy your special day, grandma.

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Happy Birthday Grandma Sayings List

Grandmother is like mother that will allow you do everything, but everything. That is why we need to show her that we appreciate it with this special crafted birthday messages just for her.

My lovely grandma… you are so expert in almost all kinds of work like pampering, advising, shopping, baking, knitting, gardening, knitting. Happy birthday.

I always felt like I was in the heaven because you always treated me like a princess. Wishing you a wonderful bday.

Your love, your affection has never let any sadness or sorrow to reach me. I’m so grateful to your grandma. Best bday.


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My school teachers and the books have taught me the lessons that my sweet grandma was always saying. Wish you happy birthday.

I always feel that I’m the richest in the world because I’ve the most adoring granny like you. Best bday to you.

When I look at your face, I find what actually the true happiness is. I’ve never seen your gloomy face because you’ve all the blessings of God upon you. Wonderful bday, grandma.

You are my mom’s mother, but trust me she is not as graceful as you. Because all your magnificent qualities have been passed to me. Love you grandma. Happy birthday.

The most precious childhood memories of mine are gifted by you. I’ll be cherishing the memories for a lifetime. I hope I’ll be able to make your old age as the best period of your life, so that you can cherish it too. Best birthday, grandma.

Grandma, you are as beautiful as your baked cookies – warm, delightful, lovely and extraordinary. Wonderful birthday.

Grandma, I’m so thankful to the God, because he blessed me with the blessings of a wonderful granny like you. Love you and wishing you a happy birthday.


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Grandma, because of your wisdom’s a naughty kid like me easily becomes tolerable to his mother. This is only your love that has made my mother’s all yelling and scolding tolerable to me. Wishing you a happy bday.

Happy birthday Grandma quotes with images

It is nice to use sayings from some smart people before our time to send birthday quotes for grannies. These special women have brought so much joy in our life that we should at least repay with some nice gift and wrap it in these famous birthday sayings.

Grandma, it’s true that between us there is a multi-generation gap, but I want to hear all the stories of your life while I lay on your lap. Happy bday.

Happy birthday Grandma quotes

If I was a cartoonist than I would have made a cartoon character of you with the name “SuperGranny”. Wonderful birthday to the most amazing woman of our sweet family.


Grandma, you are the only person who loves me even when I’m naughty. You the only one who pampers me despite of all my tantrums. Best birthday.


Everyone praises the founder of the company when it reaches its success. Similarly, I want to thank you – the co-founder of our family, because you are the reason for all the happiness of our family. Wonderful bday, grandma.

Punching bags are meant for boxing and you are meant for love, affection and hugging. Have a wonderful birthday, grandma.

For other people may be the most comfortable place is TV couch, bathtub or bed. But to me your shoulder is the only place where I can forget all the worries by resting my head. Best bday, granny.


Grandma, I want to make up a team against dad and mom, so that we can win every argument against them. Hope you will not let me down. Best bday.

You have taught me the actual meanings of so many things like nuzzle, cuddle, huddle, nestle and snuggle. Have a gorgeous birthday.


Wishing a very wonderful bday to my official story teller. I love you so much.

I’ve never seen such a person in my life that is full of wisdom, full of inspiration and full of gratitude. I also want to live a life like yours that is full of fortitude and pride. You have deserved all the best and that is why I am sending you these cute birthday messages . Happy birthday, grandma.

Happy birthday Grandma quotes images

You are different in almost every sense from my parents. They offer me a toffee only when deserve it, but it’s you who offer me a toffee even when I don’t deserve that. Best birthday.

You are my Santa because you always presented me gifts. You are the glue of our family that keeps us together. Wonderful birthday, grandma.


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Out beloved Grandma could not have done it alone 🙂 That is why we should also say Happy Birthday Grandpa to our sweet papas or mamas papa.

Your work like the gravitational force that brings us together. Your wisdom and love is our power to work harder in our life. Happy bday.


On your special day, I wish you all the happiness of this world. I’ll love you with all my heart, no matter what happens to me. Have a wonderful birthday.

I might find all the answers from Google, but it can’t give me wonderful and loving hugs like yours. Happy bday, grandma.

Welcome to best place for gathering ideas to help you out with expressing feelings to this special woman, oue nana. You can choose from this collection of birthday wishes for nana and put it as cherry on top of the cake on your birthday card. Enjoy.

I’m so grateful to you for blessing me with lovely parents. I’m really thankful to the God because he sent his most beautiful angel from the heaven to me. Love you grandma. Wonderful birthday sweet nana.

Happy birthday nana

I believe that the genes, really pass through the next generations otherwise I wouldn’t have the qualities of a sophisticated and elegant woman like you. Happy birthday, nana.

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The best part of my life is to have your only daughter as my mother and her mother as my lovely granny. Best birthday grandma.

When I was younger you are the one who taught me to read the books. Now it’s my turn to teach you something new like using Facebook and Twitter. Wonderful bday granny.

If you have such a caring and loving grandma then who needs a day care? Wishing you a best bday my dearest nana.

If God has given me the chance to change my life then I would have made so many changes except one – the times I spent with you, grandma. Best bday.

To me, you are the best because if there is any chance of vulnerability, then I can run into your arms, where I feel safest. Wonderful bday. Love you dear Nana

Not because you are so sweet and lovely, I love you for the reason that you’ve the most loyal heart in the world. Best birthday grandma.

Apart from giving me birth on this lovely world, my parents also gave an amazing gift and that is you – grandma. Wonderful birthday.

I always find you available for a hug that’s why I call you as my lovely teddy bear. You are so incredible, grandma. Wishing you a happy bday.

You are that cute, caring and loving person who has taken my life into a new level. You are so amazing. Happy bday, grandma.

Grandma, I love you so much. All I want is that, today you have the most wonderful birthday of your life. We have planned so many things to surprise you. But before all this, let me wish you wonderful birthday.

Today, I’m sending the biggest hug of my life to you because you always gave me the best hugs. So, you deserve the best one. Best birthday, granny.

If I wish you with some flowers, then it would be nothing and if I wish you with all the flowers of the world still that would be insufficient too to celebrate the birthday of the most loving grandma in this earth. Happy birthday to the amazing grandma.

Quotes for grandma

I never thanked you openly for all the things you have done for me, but trust me grandma that I always thank you and pray for you in my heart. Have a wonderful birthday.


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If I want to show my gratitude to you then I’ll have to spend my rest of the life in hugging you. Thank you grandma. Wonderful bday.

Our family is blessed with the most amazing grandma. You are perfect in every sense. We are so grateful to you for the unconditional love we have got from you in all these days. Best bday.

Wishing you a very best bday on the happiest day of your life. Let’s celebrate your birthday with so many colorful ways. Get ready to blow out the candles.

For our entire family you are the nucleus. You’ll always remain in the center of our love. Wonderful bday, grandma.

Today is your birthday and it’s the celebration of your kindness, loveliness and uniqueness. Wish you all the best, grandma.

Grandma, all I want to tell you that – you are amazingly sweet, cute, wonderful and kind. I’m so happy to find you as my granny. Happy birthday.

From the deep of my heart, I want to wish the person who has brought so much happiness in my life. Best birthday, grandma.

May this birthday become your best birthday with the most magnificent birthday celebration of your life! Wish you wonderful birthday.

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May your birthday bring lots of happiness in your life and on this day I want to cherish all the sweet memories we had in the past days. Happy bday, grandma.

You are so special to me. You are so lovely and kind. Your birthday is amazing too. Hope you’ll enjoy lots more birthdays in future. Happy bday granny.

May be you don’t yet know, who is the biggest fan of you? It’s me, grandma. You mean a lot to your grandson. Wishing a very wonderful birthday to you.

Special Quotes for grandma

You are the most amazing woman with wisdom and love, I’ve ever found in my life. I wish I could grow up like you in the coming days. Hope all your remaining wishes will come true. Best birthday grandma.

Grandma, you are the one who adores me most. I can’t live without your love and warm hug. Wonderful bday.

You can quote me on this. Love you the best, sweet Grandma. You rock!

Your birthday is the most splendid day of the year. Hope you’ll enjoy a lot. Happy birthday grandma.

I pray so that this birthday becomes the greatest birthday celebration that you’ve experienced in your entire life. Hope you’ll find so many memories to remember on this day. Best bday.

I’m so thankful to the God he has allowed me to share so many wonderful days with my lovely grandma. You are my guide and best friend. Love you because you are truly blessed. Happy birthday.

Grandma, thanks for being the most amazing partner in my life. Without your hug, guidance and support, there would be no me. Wishing you all the best on this day. Best bday.

Grandma, we passed so many days, we shared so many memories. You supported me when I was down. You are truly an angel who was specially sent to me. Thanks my angel. Happy birthday.

If you weren’t always beside me then I guess my life would have not been like this. You are the reason for why my journey of life is so smooth. Thanks for all your support, grandma. Wonderful bday.

You are best granny and there is no question about it. All I want to say is that I love you my darling. Best birthday.

Grandma, you have been so much to our big family. You always acted like a glue to hold this giant family together. There is no way that we can forget your contribution. You are simply remarkable. Wonderful birthday.

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The job of a grandmother is very big because you’ve to act as the chief of so many things like family recipe holder, family historian and so on. You’ll be happy to know that you did all this perfectly. You the harmony of our life. Happy bday.

I believe your birthday is going to be filled with so many wishes, cards, kisses and hugs. Wishing you a happy bday.

You are a great grandmother. Your every little work makes all the members of our happy and we feel very special for being with you. Wonderful birthday to my true love.

You taught me so many things – specially the power and strength of love and friendship. Grandma, you are the true inspiration of my life. Best birthday.

You sang me so many beautiful songs to make me sleep when I was a kid. So, I’m going to sing one of those amazing songs to celebrate your birthday. Hope, you’ll love this. Wonderful bday.

20 Lovely happy birthday to grandma

On this special day I wish all the great things of this world for you because no one deserves them more than you. Wishing you all the best and a very best bday.

You are really more than a grandma. I always found you as a friend, guide and my inspiration. You are like a role model to me. Wishing a best bday to my lovely granny.

You are more than a grandmother to me. You truly are an inspiration and a role model to the family. I love you my dearest grandma, wonderful bday!

Best birthday grandmother. I love you so much for so many reasons, but the biggest one is that you are the way you are supposed to be – YOU.

We are truly blessed that we have you as our grandmother, who is also a friend and a shoulder to lean on. May all of your wishes come true since you deserve all the happiness in the world! I love you, wonderful birthday!

Happy bday, granny! An amazing grandmother such as you will not only grow on trees, but just on us. We love you so much more than we ever can express in this birthday wish.

Happy bday my grandmother. Your birthday is truly special that I believe that it should be a National Holiday called the World’s Most Amazing Day! That way, everyone, not just us, can celebrate your special day. We love you.

Wonderful birthday grandma, thank you for teaching us what is really important in life. I love you!

To the best grandma in the world, happiest birthday to you! You have added so much color into our lives and for that, I am forever thankful to you.

As thankful as I am for being blessed with loving parents that I so love, I am also grateful for having a granny who is an angel sent from up above, best birthday!

Grandma, it is not only your home that is open to us. You have also opened to us your heart and soul and this is what we wanted to be. Have a wonderful bday!

Dearest grandma, I pray that each day will bring you so much joy and wonder. I hope your birthday will be the most special day of your life, best bday!

Cute Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes and Messages

Happy Birthday, Grandma, I love you and hope you have a day as wonderful as your cooking.

You rocked me when I was a baby and let me have whatever mom said I couldn’t, I hope your day is as sweet as you. Happy Birthday Grandma!

The memories I have with you are like no other, you taught me how to better understand my mother, You are the best Happy Birthday Grandma.

Holidays and sleepovers spent with you are the most memorable i have, I want to thank you for making our time so grand, Happy Birthday Grandma.

Happy Birthday Grandma, you don’t look a day over 25. I love you.

Your embrace feels like home and I will always cherish the time I have with you, Happy Birthday Grandma I hope you have a wonderful day.

I can’t wait to celebrate with my favorite homemade cake tonight, Happy Birthday Grandma.

Cousins and cake, even staying up late, bedtime stories and snacks, you make all the memories come back, Happy Birthday Grandma thanks for always being there for me.

Happy Birthday from your favorite grandchild!

I want to say Happy Birthday to one of the women who taught me the most important life lessons, my Grandma.

The family kept recipes and traditions, you always made my favorite fixins, Happy Birthday Grandma.

Although stern you taught the best lessons, I can’t thank you enough for helping me become the person I am today, Happy Birthday Grandma.

Thanks for always letting me get away with licking the cake and brownie batter, Happy Birthday Grandma I love you!

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