30+ Happy Birthday Wine Memes

Updated: August 22, 2019

Every birthday must be celebrated through something, through a quick feast, with your friends, with a party or maybe by just going somewhere quiet to relax out. One of the things that you might not want to miss on your party or on your special day would be wine.
Wine makes everyone happier, it makes people giddier and it is especially healthy so that is truly and added bonus to it. There is something about the process of drinking up some good, well-aged wine that makes you want to cry in delight and just celebrate a lot. When you feel like heading for a glass of wine, you might want to give a toast to the celebrant as well.


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Here are some happy birthday wine meme that you might like to try out to make people realize that birthdays are so much better with wine and that a party is not complete without it.

Roses are red. Wine is also red. Poem is hard. Happy birthday! Birthday Memes
It's your birthday Drink all the wine Happy wine o'clock birthday Happy birthday! Enjoy your day with lots of wine! Happy birthday! Have some cake... and by cake, I mean wine.
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Have a great day and enjoy in your life!


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You said no wine on your birthday, you are mercy less

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May your birthday be filled with magic moments and wine!

Age and bottle of wine should never be counted. Happy birthday! Happy birethday! Don't worry, Mexico will pay for the wine Like a good wine, you're only getting better with age Men age like wine, happy birthday! Happy birthday! with best wishes Congratulations for surviving on wine for this long. Happy birthday! That smile you give when they say wine is allowed in the birthday party Today's birthday forecast is 100% chance of wine! Happy birthday girl! would you like some wine on me? Happy birthday! I can smell the wine now on Happy birthday! Let's drink some red wine! Remember, age gets better with wine, Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Keep two glasses wine ready! Happy birthday to my partner in wine! What's this? I wanted wine on my birthday May your birthday be filled with joy and wine Keep calm and have some wine, Happy birthday! Birthday girl, you get more beautiful each year like a fine wine My wine brother, Happy birthday! Hey birthday girl! I heard you're partial to the wine and blue It's your birthday, better order more wine Hello, did you receive the birthday wine I sent you? Happy birthday! No wine? Say that again I dare you Many things in life are okay to be left unfinished, but never a glass of wine. Happy birthday! It's your birthday! Enjoy to the last drop! Happy birthday to someone who would die for wine! This birthday, I prescribe a whole bottle of wine On your birthday, will there be wine and cake? No wine in my birthday, that's not fair May you age like wine and not cheese! Happy birthday! Do you know what rhymes with happy birthday? WINE Happy birthday, I was going to drink wine anyway Happy birthday! Have an amazing wine day! Wine wishes and cake kisses to you on your birthday Happy birthday! Let's drink to aging like fine wine! Happy birthday to a wine person Did someone say birthday wine? Happy cheese and wine day! Happy birthday! Cheers! Making a wish before uncorking a birthday bottle of wine is my version of blowing out the cadles. Happy birthday! Have a few glasses of wine and relax... Happy birthday! Blah blah blah... Wine! Happy birthday! Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years.


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