The 105 Humble Quotes and Messages

Modified: June 24, 2023, Published: February 7, 2016

In a world that often celebrates self-promotion and individual achievements, humility stands out as a virtue of great importance. It is the quality that reminds us to be grounded, grateful, and respectful of others. Humility allows us to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses while fostering genuine connections with those around us.

In this collection of humble quotes and messages, we explore the power of humility and its impact on our lives. From inspiring words to heartfelt messages, let us delve into the beauty of humility and embrace its transformative influence.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. – C.S. Lewis

Humility is the foundation of all virtues. Without humility, there is no true greatness.

Being humble means recognizing that we are all a work in progress, constantly learning and growing.

The humble person finds beauty in simplicity and contentment in gratitude.

Humility is not about diminishing your worth, but rather recognizing the worth of others.

True humility is being able to apologize and admit when we are wrong.

A humble heart is open to learning from everyone and cherishes the wisdom of others.

Humility is the key to genuine empathy and understanding.

In a world that glorifies self-importance, let us choose to be humble and kind.

The most humble souls are often the most impactful ones.

Humility allows us to let go of our ego and connect with the deeper essence of our being.

Humble people shine brighter because their light comes from within, not from seeking validation.

Humility teaches us to listen more and speak less, allowing others to be heard.

True humility is not about being weak, but about having strength under control.

Humble hearts are filled with grace and compassion, uplifting those around them.

The humble find joy in lifting others up, for they understand the power of encouragement.

Humility is a constant reminder that we are all part of something greater than ourselves.

The humble appreciate the small blessings in life and find joy in the simplest of moments.

Humility is not a sign of weakness, but a reflection of strength with humility.

Let us strive to be humble in our victories and gracious in our defeats, for that is where true character shines.

Humility is the foundation of true greatness, for it allows us to recognize and appreciate the contributions of others.

The humble find joy in serving others, knowing that true fulfillment comes from selflessness.

In a world that celebrates self-promotion, let us choose the path of humility and let our actions speak louder than our words.

Humble souls seek to understand rather than judge, and they bring harmony wherever they go.

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less and others more.

The humble are not concerned with being the center of attention; they find joy in uplifting those around them.

Humility allows us to accept our limitations and embrace the journey of growth and self-improvement.

A humble heart opens doors to new opportunities and deepens connections with others.

In the presence of humility, conflicts dissolve and understanding prevails.

Humble minds are open to new perspectives and eager to learn from every experience.

The truly humble do not seek recognition or praise, but their actions speak volumes about their character.

Humility breeds gratitude, as it reminds us of the blessings we have and the interconnectedness of all beings.

The path of humility leads to inner peace, as it frees us from the burden of comparison and competition.

Humble individuals inspire others to be their best selves, as they lead by example.

True humility is not a mask to hide behind, but a genuine expression of authenticity and self-awareness.

Humble souls are like magnets, attracting the goodness and kindness of others.

In a world of noise and self-promotion, the humble stand out by their quiet confidence and genuine humility.

The humble celebrate the accomplishments of others, knowing that their own worth is not diminished by the success of others.

Humble spirits are guided by integrity, honesty, and a deep sense of purpose.

Let us embrace humility as a virtue that brings us closer to our true selves and fosters harmony in our relationships.

To be humble is to serve our fellowmen.

It is essential to recognize that there are other people globally, and it takes humility to acknowledge their gifts.

Being humble is not having a low opinion about yourself; it’s thinking less of yourself.

Pride has 0% fat content – it doesn’t hurt to swallow occasionally.

What makes a man hateful? It is when he throws the spotlight on himself and forgets about those around him.

When you are graced with incredible talents and abilities, do yourself a favour. Instead of showing off to others, why don’t you use your gifts to help other people?

A man so full of himself is a foolish and delusional man.

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Anyone can fake love, counterfeit hope or forge faith, but it is impossible to hypocritical humility.

Simplicity is such a rare beauty that comes with humility.

Dwelling at yourself in the mirror will get you nowhere.

The biggest failures in your life will teach you the value of living humbly.

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Blessed are those with eyes who can see the beauty in others in the most humble of places.

Talent is a gift from God. A blessing ought to be shared with those around you in the most humble manner.

If you want to fill your life with peace and contentment, learn to be humble, to live in kindness and be honest every step of the way.

I am not a big fan of the shining spotlight, nor do I like being on centre stage. I find comfort in hearing other people’s triumphs than mine. I want to live like this – a humble way of my own.

No matter how far high you’ve climbed up, never forget where you came from.

Accepting help from others is the greatest act of humility.

A humble man is someone who never thinks that he stands higher than others.

Humility is not a crown made of gold nor a tiara made of crystals. Humility is spun from the threads of the heart and forged from the fires of the soul.

Humility is the wisdom to accept whatever changes that will come in your life.

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The measure of a great man is the humility to be small in front of others.

Being humble in front of your superiors shows great respect and courtesy.

Humility is when you realize how minuscule you are in this vast world.

To instil humility in your children is to fill the world with seeds of hope, goodness and beauty.

Humility is to take good care of yourself and to let others take care of you when you are at your weakest.

Humility is the courage to show others how frail, human and vulnerable you are.

Living in Japan has taught me a great deal about the ways of being humble. They never brag, and they are willing to stand low for others to shine. ‘Please treat me kindly’ are the words they tell others when meeting for the first time. It means that I am humbly relying on your kindness.

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Arrogance is a poison that taints the goodness in your veins and pollutes the mind with false and foolish images of yourself.

Are being humble means not to spread the word about our greatness but to use that greatness to help those around us.

A humble man is no one’s enemy.

Being humble means having the ability to listen to others, lift them, and help them realize the greatness lying in slumber within themselves.

Words are such a powerful force that either unites or drives people apart. Words can either preach about humility, respect, love or deceit, hate and arrogance.

The tongue of a humble man knows how to sing the hymns of other people’s beauty and hum the light residing inside their hearts.

Pride is prodding on who is right. Humility is to follow what is right.

It takes great humility to accept that others out there will always be better than you.

Humility is to open the doors of wisdom and to accept that life is a journey of continuous learning.

A person who is consumed by his pool of shallow pride has no grace.

An empty person is someone who is too full of himself.


Stop wasting valuable time boasting about your success. Instead, use it wisely by helping others find their success.

Admirable are those who are honest, humble and forgiving.

Do not conquer your enemies with strength; instead, win them over with love and humility.

The flowers bloom silently, without great music or spotlight aimed towards them.


The little humble work we do every day is the greatest act that nurtures our soul.

Mothers are the humblest, for they take pride not in their achievements but that of their children.


To be humble is not to label yourself as such but with a quiet resilience of upholding the virtue in your everyday acts.

No person wants to be around a man so full of himself, swimming around in his pool of selfish pride.


Being around a humble person is a balm for the wounded and comfort for those who seek it.

No great person has thought of himself as brilliant or impressive.

Nothing is more humble than a man who knows of his errors and imperfections.


To know everything in this world is impossible! Remember, not even knowledge can outrank kindness, patience and humility.

No thoughts of himself have crossed the mind of a great person.

Be smart, but never think of yourself as smarter than others.

A man who has his head up the clouds will inevitably fall hard on his bottom.


The less a person talks about his greatness, the more curious we are about it.

Strength stems from humility – to admit one’s mistakes and to strive to overcome these failures hones the spirit of a warrior.

Humility is to work in silence and let your undertakings speak for themselves.

An unassuming manner of living is one filled with peace good for the mind and the body.

The humble is terrified of his might.

A genuine, humble person never shouts about his strength and refuses to be the centre of attention.

It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge your fault, and it takes a lot more to conquer that weakness silently.

The biggest challenge in garnering success is shutting up about it.

Sometimes saying ‘I don’t know it is not too bad at all.

There are just too many people overestimating their value while others are underestimating what they are.

You don’t need to talk about yourself; other people will do it for you when you are not around.

The ego is a dull accessory that only hampers your beauty. Throw it away. You will never need it.

Let your accomplishments do the speaking, not you.

It takes great confidence to be humble.

The egoist only sees his reflection in the ponds. In the end, he will drown in his narcissism.

I consider you a great person if you can stop yourself from stroking your ego while the other person is showering you with sweet praises.

You are not born to prove yourself to anyone, to anybody, but only to yourself alone.

To stand at your true height against the tall and majestic nature will teach you that there is greatness in being small.

I am humbled by the exquisite art surrounding me, like the sunrise filling the earth with light or the sunset drowning the world in darkness. It reminds me that there is a greater power, a God, who can do amazing things that a mere human like me can never have the ability to.

Search not for honour but more learning values.

When you realize that this life is an endless book of learning, you will be reminded of how small and imperfect you are.

I would rather speak ill of myself than look thoroughly look like a fool drowning in my murky pool of ego.

People who put themselves high above others will only fall hard and longer.

To ignore criticism, first, you must ignore the roar of praises.

To talk about oneself is to speak foolishly about himself.

Keep in mind to wash off of arrogance. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.

He thinks that he can live without others is a fool and feels that others can’t walk without him is even a greater fool.

A man who can stand corrected is a man standing taller than anybody else.

Modesty may be the lowest of virtues, but it is a virtue that throws light for other people to realize their greatness.

Modesty is the grace of having good manners and patience over the bad ones.

Blessed are those who can happily cheer for the champion despite being in second place.

The humble one is a man close to the heart of God. He who is humble is on his road towards spiritual progress.

If you wish to rise, begin by descending the stairs of humility.

Just because God made us does not give us the right to play God.

Humility is the truth. Pride is nothing but lies.

God blesses those who are humble, those who are willing to be small in His eyes, for they allow the path of grace to open right before them.

A world without humility is like a world deprived of light – all the goodness drained, all hope lost and dark.

The real problem of the world is having people who lack the humility to listen to the truth.

The man so full of himself is farthest from the graces of God.

The work of loving yourself so much is such heavy work. Your guard is always, and peace will never find its way to you.

Quotes about being humble

Quotes about being humble serve as a gentle reminder of the virtues of modesty, selflessness, and a grounded perspective. In a world that often glorifies self-promotion and ego-driven pursuits, these quotes inspire us to embrace humility as a guiding principle in our lives.

They remind us that true greatness lies not in self-aggrandizement, but in recognizing our own limitations, appreciating the contributions of others, and leading with kindness and compassion. Let these quotes about being humble inspire and encourage you to cultivate a humble spirit that brings forth genuine connections, growth, and inner peace.

The more humble we are, the more open-minded and teachable we become.

Humility is the foundation of all virtues.

Humility is not a weakness; it is a strength that allows us to grow and learn.

Choose to be humble, for arrogance closes the doors to growth and understanding.

True humility is knowing that we are all a work in progress.

The greatest leaders are those who lead with humility and serve others selflessly.

Being humble doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself, it means thinking of yourself less.

Humility is the ability to accept praise and success graciously while acknowledging the contributions of others.

Humility is not about denying your worth; it’s about recognizing that everyone else has worth too.

Humble hearts attract genuine connections and foster meaningful relationships.

When we are humble, we become open to learning from anyone and everyone around us.

The most beautiful souls are often the most humble ones.

Humility is the antidote to entitlement and arrogance.

A humble person celebrates the success of others without feeling threatened or envious.

True humility is having the courage to admit when you’re wrong and the grace to apologize and make amends.

Let your humility be the North Star that guides your actions and decisions.

Embrace the beauty of humility, for it opens doors to wisdom and growth.

Humble hearts radiate a warmth that touches the lives of those around them.

In the quiet humility lies the power to inspire and uplift others.

Stay rooted in humility, for it keeps you grounded amidst the storms of life.

Humility is the art of recognizing that we are all interconnected, and our actions ripple through the world.

The true measure of greatness is not in how high we climb but in how low we bow.

The path of humility leads to a life of contentment and gratitude.

In a world craving attention, be the humble voice that listens and understands.

True humility doesn’t seek recognition; it seeks to make a difference.

Let your humility be a beacon of light in a world thirsty for authenticity.

The humble soul finds joy in lifting others up rather than seeking personal gain.

Humility is not a sign of weakness but a mark of strength and self-awareness.

A humble heart is like a magnet, attracting the best in people and repelling the worst.

When humility becomes your compass, you navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

In humility, we find the courage to admit our flaws and embrace the journey of self-improvement.

Humility is the fertile soil in which the seeds of greatness take root and flourish.

The humble are like stars shining in the night sky, illuminating the path for others to follow.

Genuine humility is a silent force that leaves footprints on hearts and transforms lives.

Humility is the bridge that connects hearts and fosters understanding.

In the presence of humility, ego melts away, making room for compassion and empathy.

True humility lies in valuing others’ worth as much as your own.

Humble souls see beauty in simplicity and find joy in the littlest of things.

May your humility be a testament to the power of kindness and the strength of character.

When I see someone who is humble, I look up to that person and respect them in a way that I do not respect others.

A true leader is humble and is always looking out for the needs of those around them.

A person who brags can get on the nerves of those around them, but a humble person will earn respect wherever they go.

When I look at someone and see them being humble, I want all of the best for them and hope that everything works out well for them.

A good leader will build others up in a humble way and never sit around bragging about their accomplishments.

Some children brag about all they have done, some show humility, and the latter is more respected than the former.


When a person is humble, even after doing great things, they will gain fans who will be with them for life.

I admire humble and who are not going to brag about all that they have accomplished.

Those who show humility are good examples for all of us, and they show us how we should live our lives.

I look up to those who allow others to talk about them rather than being proud and bragging about all they have done.

There is something special about a person who accomplishes something great and is humble about what they have done.

Humility is essential, and it can make a person go from being someone talented to someone who should be respected.

When a person shows humility, they value others and what they have done just as much as they love their accomplishments.