The 105 Mother’s Day Greetings with Sayings

Modified: June 25, 2023, Published: February 26, 2016

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor and celebrate the incredible women who have played a significant role in our lives. Whether it’s our own mother, grandmother, stepmother, or any maternal figure, expressing gratitude and love on this day is essential. In this collection, you will find a wide range of 105 Mother’s Day greetings with meaningful sayings.

From heartfelt messages to inspiring quotes, these greetings are designed to convey your appreciation and admiration for the remarkable mothers in your life. Let these words serve as a tribute to their love, sacrifice, and unwavering support that have shaped you into the person you are today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing mom in the world! Your love, care, and guidance have shaped me into the person I am today. I am forever grateful.

Wishing a beautiful Mother’s Day to the woman who effortlessly balances love, strength, and grace. You are an inspiration, Mom.

On this special day, I want to thank you, Mom, for your endless sacrifices and unwavering support. You are my rock, and I love you more than words can express.

Happy Mother’s Day to the queen of our hearts! Your love and devotion have created a home filled with warmth and happiness.

Mom, you are my guiding light and my best friend. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate the extraordinary woman who gave us life and nurtured us with boundless love. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Sending love and warm wishes to the most beautiful and loving mother on this special day. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

To the world’s greatest mom, may your Mother’s Day be as wonderful as you are. Thank you for everything you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to a phenomenal mom who effortlessly juggles it all with a smile on her face. You are truly amazing!

Mom, you are a superhero in disguise. Your love and strength know no bounds. Wishing you a Mother’s Day filled with joy and relaxation.

Today is the perfect day to let you know how much I appreciate and love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the universe!

You have always been there for me with a listening ear, a caring heart, and unwavering support. I am forever grateful for your love, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for being the epitome of love and grace, Mom. Your presence in my life is a blessing. Happy Mother’s Day!

May your Mother’s Day be filled with moments of joy, laughter, and love. You deserve all the happiness in the world, Mom.

On this special day, I want to honor the amazing woman who has shaped my life in countless ways. Thank you for being an incredible mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, your love is the fuel that keeps our family going. You are the heart and soul of our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has loved me unconditionally, believed in me, and taught me the true meaning of strength. You are my hero, Mom.

Today we celebrate the beautiful bond between a mother and child. Thank you for being the best mom anyone could ask for. Happy Mother’s Day!

To the woman who raised me, nurtured me, and taught me the importance of kindness and compassion, I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there who make the world a better place with their love, sacrifice, and endless devotion.

Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader, my confidante, and my source of strength. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world!

To the woman who has shown me what unconditional love truly means, thank you for being the anchor in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, you are the epitome of grace and beauty. Thank you for being my role model and teaching me to embrace my uniqueness. Happy Mother’s Day!

Sending you a bouquet of love, gratitude, and admiration on this special day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mom, your love is the glue that holds our family together. Thank you for being the heart of our home. Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who can do it all and still manages to make it look effortless. You are truly incredible, Mom!

Today, we celebrate the incredible strength and resilience of mothers around the world. You are superheroes in our eyes. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, you are the sunshine that brightens my days and the moon that lights up my nights. Thank you for being my guiding light. Happy Mother’s Day!

On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for showering me with your love and for always believing in me. You are my biggest supporter. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has made countless sacrifices and put her heart and soul into raising a beautiful family.

Thank you for being my rock, my protector, and my biggest advocate. Your love and guidance have shaped me into the person I am today. Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, we honor the woman who has devoted her life to making ours better. You are our guardian angel, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, your love has given me wings to soar and the confidence to chase my dreams. Thank you for always believing in me. Happy Mother’s Day!

You are the queen of our hearts, the glue that holds us together, and the source of unconditional love. Wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day, Mom.

You will always and forever be the person that inspires me to strive for the better. Best wishes on this special day to the best Mom in the world! I love you.

Mom, you are the only person who never abandoned me, even when I was unlovable. I won’t be where I am today without you.

Hey! Mom! Have I told you lately how much I love you? That’s from a song for you! Happy Mother’s day.

I may not often tell you how much I appreciate you, but I want you to know that you are the reason why I keep fighting. I want to make you proud! Happy Mother’s Day.

You have been the witness to almost half of my life’s first – my first step, first word, the growth of my first teeth or my hair. As a witness to most of my first, I want you to know that you are also my first love, Mom.

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No teacher can ever replace my first teacher – she taught me how to walk, read and write, love and give, and stand when I fall. Thank you for everything, Mom.

Mom, thank you for the love that you have nurtured me with for so many years. I am lucky to have such a loving mother and best friend. Happy Mom’s Day.

A mother is someone who thinks twice before she acts – one for her child and the other for herself. Thank you for your boundless and unconditional love.

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What is a mother? She is a chef, a handyman, a teacher, a superhero, and she is your go-to person when you are in trouble. These do not even come close to how much you mean to me, Mom. To me, you are more the most precious woman in my life—happy Wonderful Day for extraordinary women of our lives.

No amount of cakes, flowers or cards can truly express how much you mean to me. I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mom, you are the greatest! I’ll return the favour by making sure that you are loved, well-taken care of and pampered like a queen to produce some of the love that you have showered me generously throughout the years!

When I am down, you know how to lift me. When I am happy, you celebrate the victory with me. For this and many more, I love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day.

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Even when I’m all grown up, I will always need your tender warmth and love to nurse back from my fall. Thank you, Mom!

To the sweetest Mom who bakes the most delicious cakes – for this particular day, let me return the favour of years of sweetness by baking you one! Happy Mother’s Day.

Being a woman is not easy, but being a mom is an even more formidable challenge. I am amazed how you can keep a smile on your face all the time despite the hurdles of taking care of me! You’re the best! Happy Mother’s Day.

No matter how far apart we are, no distance can ever spate us. I know that’s how much we love each other, for no one else will come close to you, Mom!

Mother is short for Majestic, Optimistic, Terrific, Heroine, Effervescent and Radiant. Happy Mother’s Day!

I admire how you seem to never run out of patience, Mom. Thank you for tirelessly loving me for who I am, though I am full of maladies and trouble.

A Mother’s Love is all we need to get through the jaws of this cruel world.

A thousand blooming flowers in a field of spring. A hundred fallen leaves from the trees of autumn. A hundred sparkling oceans in the sands of summer. A pile of snow covering the winter lakes. No matter which season passes, there can only be one mother in this world – and that is you! Happy Mom’s Day!

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Being a full-time mother is a lifetime commitment, not even the highest-paid job can ever compare to, for the payment is endless love from those around you.

The sweetest sounds you will hear on Earth are the sound of the waves, the rustling of the leaves, the gentle blow of the breeze and the voice of your mother.

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A mother will always have a sacred place in a man’s heart. He may love his wife the deepest and his children the most, but no one can dethrone his mama from the highest seat of his heart.

She is your angel on Earth and the most radiant in your eyes. She is the nurse that heals your woes, and her eyes are your stars in the sky. She is your Mom, your greatest salvation in this wild and crazy life.

Wishing you all the happiness, love and blessings you so greatly deserve! Happy Mother’s Day!

You are my enemy one minute, then my defender the next. When I was a kid, you were my least favourite person, then my most precious now and forever. No one can ever replace you in my heart. Happy Mom’s Day.

Mothers are why there is still kindness left in the world, for a mother’s love is the light that resides in the heart. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for instilling that undying brightness inside my heart.

A Mother’s Heart never rests. Not a single second of her life remains untouched by the thoughts of her family. Thank you for your tireless devotion to us, Mom! Happy Mom’s Day!

You are not only the queen of the household but the queen of my heart as well.

When I was in school, you were the person who made me feel awkward the most. When I was out in the world, climbing the corporate ladder, I only thought about myself. Now, I realize that my world can’t be without you. I love you, Mom!

Even if I’ve put you through countless troubles, you never got tired of loving me anyway. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom, I am so glad to have been raised by your love and care. Because of you, I learned how to be grateful for every single second of my life.


When I’m lost, and out of hope, you are the voice that guides me back to my path. When I am clouded with seething anger, you are the hand that soothes my heart. Thank you, Mom! I would have gone astray without you! Happy Mother’s day.

A woman takes after her mother. I’m so happy to have been taken after your looks! Happy Mother’s Day!


A mother has an instinct that no psychic can match. She can sense if there is something wrong with her children just by listening to her heart. I think that’s what they call a ‘mother’s instincts. Thank you, Mom! You have saved me a lot with that power of yours. Happy Mother’s Day.


To the remarkable woman who has been my number one cheerleader, thank you for always believing in my dreams when no one else would. Happy Mother’s Day.

I will never know how it feels like to be a mother unless I’ve become one myself. Mom, thank you for being the best Mom in the world. I hope to be a great mother like you someday.

A Mother’s heart is a child’s school of love. Thank you for nurturing me into a good person, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


Even if I have to live a thousand years, I can never repay entirely all the love you have given me. I love you, Mom!

I wonder how you can do it all this time, Mom. You can keep your head together in times of trouble. You can love me even during the times when I’m undeserving. You always manage to steer me back in the right direction. I love you, Mom.

I have received all kinds of gifts during my life, but nothing can come close to the advantage of having you as my mother—best wishes on this beautiful day.

The only job in this world without a day off is that of a mother. You are unique, Mom! I love you! Happy Mother’s Day.


My Mom occupies most of the space of my best memories. Thank you for filling my life with happiness and love, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

When people say that I look like my Mom, I feel so proud! That’s because it means I’m a bit close to being as awesome as you!

I feel so lucky to have you as my mother. My life is fantastic because I have you in it! Happy Mother’s Day.


Not only am I grateful for being alive because of you, but you are also the reason why I am not giving up on my dreams. Thank you for inspiring me to go after my heart’s desire.

A mother’s love is unbendable, unshakable and unrestricted. Every day should be a celebration of your love! Happy mother’s day!

Dear Mom, thanks for all the sacrifices, the pain and the love that you have been selflessly showering me with. I couldn’t imagine a world without you! Happy Mom’s Day.

I didn’t have to look too far to feel grateful every day. All I have to do is think about you, Mom, then I have all the reasons to feel happy. Happy Mother’s Day!


Funny Mothers day greetings and wishes

Celebrate Mother’s Day with laughter and joy by sending some funny greetings and wishes to make your mom smile. Show her your playful side and bring some humor to her special day. Let’s take a lighthearted approach to honor the incredible moms who have a great sense of humor. Here are some funny Mother’s Day greetings and wishes to brighten her day and bring a giggle to her heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who still claims I’m her “little bundle of joy” even though I’m a fully grown adult now. Thanks for keeping the delusion alive, Mom!

Cheers to the mom who mastered the art of finding missing socks, lost keys, and invisible homework. You’re like a magician, but with a laundry basket.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who knows how to embarrass me in the most spectacular ways. Thanks for keeping me humble, even when I wish you wouldn’t.

Mom, you’re a superhero without a cape. I mean, who else can multitask like you? You’re like a professional plate spinner, but with dishes, laundry, and endless responsibilities.

Sending you a Mother’s Day shoutout for surviving my teenage years. I know it wasn’t easy, but your sense of humor (and a bit of patience) got us through it!

Happy Mother’s Day to the one who always knew where to find the best hiding spots for the cookies. Thanks for sharing your secrets with me!

Mom, you deserve an award for the countless hours you’ve spent pretending to like my questionable artwork. Your Oscar-worthy performances deserve recognition!

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who knows how to make me laugh even when I’m in the middle of a tantrum. Your comedic timing is unmatched!

Mom, you’re the master of guilt trips and eye-rolling comments, but somehow I still love you to the moon and back. Happy Mother’s Day to the queen of sarcasm!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who always knows how to make a bad situation funny. Your witty comebacks can turn any frown upside down!

Cheers to the mom who can embarrass me with just a look or a story from my childhood. You’ve got a whole arsenal of embarrassing ammunition, and you’re not afraid to use it!

Mom, thanks for teaching me that laughter is the best medicine, especially when life gets tough. Your sense of humor is a gift I cherish every day.

This day is all about people like you, and I hope you feel the love I have for you today, my mother!

A mother like you should be celebrated every day and not only today, but I want to send you extra special wishes on this day that we set aside for all mothers.

I am greeting you on this Mother’s Day and hope you have a wonderful day of relaxation.

This day is a day that we put aside to celebrate angels like you, and I hope that you know how much you mean to me, my mother!

Not everyone loves their children in the way that you do, and I hope that your Mother’s Day is extra special!

I want to honour you, my mother, not only on this day set aside for you but every day of the year!

You deserve all of the best of everything, my Mom, and I hope that this Mother’s Day helps you know just how special and loved you are.

You deserve to take a break today, and I hope that this Mother’s Day allows you the chance to do just that.

Today, I think about all you have done for me, my mother, and I celebrate you while realizing just how blessed I am to have you in my life!

You are always looking out for the needs of others, and on this day, we celebrate all of the mothers like you who are living so unselfishly!

Today is a special day, a day when we honour those who mean so much to us… I hope that you have a fantastic day, Mom!

Mother’s Day greetings to someone who is always working hard and trying to do what is best for her children!