100+ Motivational Monday Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Modified: June 27, 2023, Published: March 6, 2017

Mondays can often feel like a fresh start, a chance to set new goals and embrace new opportunities. To help kickstart your week with positivity and inspiration, we’ve compiled an extensive collection of over 100 motivational Monday quotes, wishes, and messages.

Whether you’re looking for a dose of motivation to tackle your tasks or a boost of encouragement to stay focused on your goals, these quotes are here to uplift your spirits and ignite your drive. Let’s dive into this uplifting compilation of motivational Monday messages that will inspire you to make the most out of every week.

Rise and shine! It’s Monday, and you have the power to make this week extraordinary.

Embrace the new week with a positive mindset and watch as great things unfold.

Mondays are a fresh start, a chance to set new goals and conquer new challenges.

Don’t let the Monday blues dim your shine. Let your determination and passion light up the week ahead.

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. Make every Monday count.

Mondays are the building blocks of success. Start strong and keep going.

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and let that belief drive you towards greatness every Monday.

Mondays are for new beginnings, so leave behind the failures of the past and focus on the victories ahead.

Each Monday is a reminder that you have the power to create the life you desire. Seize the day!

Mondays are a canvas waiting for your creativity. Paint it with your dreams and make them a reality.

Here is a reminder that it is Monday, and you are amazing!

Why is Monday not optional?

A day between Sunday and Monday would work for me.

Put your hair back, drink some coffee, put on some music, and handle your Monday.

Bring it on Monday. I just put on my take-charge pants.

Move over Monday, and I just drank a giant cup of coffee.

Mondays were made for new beginnings.

Mondays are the best days because you can wear the same thing you wore on Sunday on Monday, and no one will ever be the wiser.

Do one thing with your Monday that your future self will thank you for on Tuesday.

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It is Monday. Remember to be amazing!

Do not let a little thing like Monday take away your shine.

Treat every Monday as a fresh start. Clean with no mistakes in it.

Monday is one of my favorite days of the week! It’s my seventh favorite.

One little happy thought on a Monday morning can change your entire week!

So, we meet again, do we, Monday?

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Today is Monday. Time to throw around some glitter.

If you do what makes you happy, Monday will not mean a thing.

Monday is the ideal time to make suitable for the mistakes of last week.


OK, Monday. I am looking at you!

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When you feel like you can not go on, remember why you began in the first place!

Today will be shiny and fabulous. Bring it on Monday.

Work towards a goal that makes you pop out of bed every morning. That way, Monday will not even matter.

On this Monday, gain perspective. However hard it seems, it is not going to last forever.

Start every Monday with a song and a happy heart.

It is Monday. Make it a good one.

Monday is just a subtle reminder that it is only five more days until the following weekend.

Sometimes, you deserve a medal for making it through Monday.

Monday is not a day to dread; it’s a day to embrace with enthusiasm and make it your own.

Start your Monday with a grateful heart and watch as blessings unfold throughout the week.

Let Monday be the day you decide to chase your dreams relentlessly and never settle for less.

Mondays are not just another day; they are an opportunity to rewrite your story and create a masterpiece.

The key to success is to start each Monday with a positive mindset and a determination to overcome any obstacles.

Mondays are the foundation on which you build your success. Make it solid and strong.

Don’t wait for inspiration; create it. Let every Monday be the spark that ignites your passion.

Mondays are for progress, growth, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Embrace the challenges and push yourself forward.

Use Mondays as a reminder that you have the power to shape your future. Make every moment count.

Let go of what’s holding you back and embrace the opportunities that Monday brings. Success is within your reach.

Mondays are the perfect chance to turn your dreams into plans and your plans into actions.

Make Monday the day you take a step closer to your goals and prove to yourself that anything is possible.

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Well, hello Monday. I was hoping you would forget to show up today.

Oh, it is Monday. The last time I had a day this bad was last Monday.

Wait a minute. When I went to sleep last night, it was still Sunday!

Wake me up when Monday is finished.

I would instead enter a lion’s den than walk into work on Mondays.

Hello Monday. Now Where is my coffee??

I have figured out that Mondays last so much longer than any of the other days.

When you are almost ready to go back to bed, remember that Mondays come once a week!

Somebody created Monday to punish us for all of the bad things we did over the weekend.

Make this Monday nothing that a pair of fancy shoes can not fix.

Hey Monday. Why are you here so soon again?

Mondays are for setting the tone of the week. Choose positivity, productivity, and progress.

No matter how tough the week may seem, remember that Mondays are a fresh start filled with endless possibilities.

Mondays are like a reset button. Take a deep breath, gather your strength, and conquer the week ahead.

Mondays are a reminder that you have the power to create a life that excites you. Make each week a masterpiece.

Start the week with a clear vision, unwavering determination, and a heart full of passion. Success is yours for the taking.

Mondays are not obstacles; they are stepping stones on the path to your dreams. Keep moving forward.

Maybe one day, I will wake up, flip on the radio and hear someone say that Monday has been cancelled and it is time to go back to sleep.

Hey Monday, I thought we agreed that you would not come back so quickly!

You have one goal today. To do something amazing.

Hey Monday, I am going to beat your pants off!

Hey, It is Monday. Not the end of days.

Mondays will never work unless you do.

Last Monday you said you would do it next Monday. Well, Monday is here. Now get to work!

There is never been a better Monday to make your dreams come true!

Some people say that Mondays are like a gift. I would like to know where I can return them.

Remember when you said you needed a second chance? Here it is. It is called Monday.

Do not worry if this Monday does not work out for you. You have 51 chances for success!

Well hello shiny new week! Please to see you!

Never fear a Monday. It will be over before you know it.

If you love Mondays, chances are they will love you right back.

Dear Monday. I did not expect to see you here so early. I think we need to talk about timing.

Please go away and do not tell anyone I am here. I am hiding from Monday.

I wish Mondays were optional.

Welcome to Monday. Now drink a cup of coffee and look like you know what you are doing.

It is Monday. Jump up and meet it with a smile.

If I just keep sleeping, will Monday go away?

Listen, Monday. I have never really liked you anyway.

Even though it is Monday does not mean you can not shine!


Monday? Never heard of it.

May this Monday be full of sweet surprises and simple gifts.

Do not worry. If you do not like this Monday, there will be another coming up very soon.

Make the decision to rule this Monday, or it will rule you.

Make every Monday a celebration of progress, growth, and the pursuit of your highest potential.

Mondays are the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and make a lasting impact in everything you do.

Seize every Monday as a chance to become a better version of yourself. Progress is made one step at a time.

Mondays are like blank pages in a book. Fill them with your dreams, goals, and stories worth sharing.

Embrace the challenges that Monday brings, for they are the stepping stones to your greatest achievements.

Start the week with gratitude, for Mondays are a gift that allow you to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

Mondays are the perfect day to set new intentions, prioritize your goals, and make magic happen.

Don’t let the Monday hustle discourage you; let it fuel your determination to reach new heights.

Mondays are for turning setbacks into comebacks and transforming obstacles into opportunities.

Embrace Mondays with open arms, for they hold the key to unlocking your full potential and realizing your dreams.

Use Mondays as a chance to reflect on the lessons of the past week and set a positive course for the week ahead.

Mondays are like a fresh breeze, a chance to breathe in new energy and exhale old doubts.

Wake up every Monday with a sense of purpose, for you have the power to make a difference in the world.

Mondays are for embracing change and growth. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons.

Start each Monday with a grateful heart, and you’ll attract abundance and joy throughout the week.

Mondays are not a burden but a privilege. Embrace them as opportunities to learn, grow, and shine.

If Monday was a type of food, it would be lima beans, for sure.

It is Monday. Time to wake up and put on Sunday’s clothes.

When is it to early to raise a glass to Mondays?

You will never know the beauty of a Monday until it is gone. Take the time to savor the moments of your day.

On Sunday, write yourself a note that tells you that you can handle anything. Even Monday.

Oh no, sorry. Monday does not go with these shoes.


Get out of here, Monday. You’re drunk.

Why are Monday and Friday so far away from each other, but Friday and Monday so near?

Do not just think of it as Monday. Think of it as the beginning of a new week with new goals and possibilities.

Why does Monday seem so long and Saturday feel so short?

Oh no! Not Monday again! I was just getting used to the weekend!

When this Monday is over, I am going shopping!

I am definitely not prepared for Monday. I will take one more Sunday please.

It is Monday. Time to rise and shine.

Today is a brand new Monday. Fresh and with a million chances to shine.

On this Monday, be the person who decides to change out of pajamas and get on with your life!

It is Monday. Time to continue my plan to take over the world!

This Monday, accept it, let it go and move on. It is just going to keep happening, no matter what you do.

May your coffee cup be large and your pot of coffee bottomless.

Let every Monday be a reminder that you are capable of achieving greatness. Believe in yourself and take action.

Mondays are the perfect time to set new goals, adopt positive habits, and create a life you love.

Approach Mondays with a curious mind and a sense of adventure. You never know what wonders the week has in store.

Mondays are the perfect occasion to leave behind the regrets of the past and embrace the possibilities of the future.

Don’t wait for motivation to come to you; create it. Let every Monday be a source of inspiration and determination.

Mondays are like a fresh start button. Press it with enthusiasm and watch as your week unfolds with success and fulfillment.

Mondays are not meant to be endured; they are meant to be embraced. Start the week with a positive mindset and watch the magic unfold.

Rise and shine, it’s Monday! Time to unleash your inner superhero and conquer the week ahead.

Mondays are a reminder that you have the power to rewrite your story. Make it a bestseller!

Let Monday be the catalyst that ignites your passion and propels you towards your dreams.

Embrace Mondays with open arms and a smile on your face. They hold the potential for endless possibilities.

Use Mondays as an opportunity to reset, recharge, and refocus on what truly matters in life.


It is Monday. Make someone smile today. Who knows, you just might smile yourself.

New week. New Monday. Bring it on.

C’mon Monday. I thought we had an agreement?

Hey Monday! I am going to crush you with my positivity!

Take that, Monday! I am going to pretend that you are Tuesday!

Why does it take twice as long for me to not get stuff done on a Monday as it does the entire rest of the week?

Monday would be better if it could be spent in bed.

If a presidential hopeful said they would work to make Monday another day of the weekend, I would surely vote for them.

if you begin Monday on a positive note, the rest of the week will seem like a sweet sweet song.

Mondays are like potholes in the bumpy road we call life.

Make Monday a fresh start. It’s never too late to change your world.

It is scientifically proven that a portion of your life will be lost to Mondays.

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Never apologize on Monday for all of the things you have done. Reserve that for the weekend.

One small positive thought on an otherwise dreary Monday can change your whole day.

Never doubt that a smile and a large cup of coffee can’t turn Monday around.

Monday is the perfect day to make up for the things you did on the weekend.

Hello? Monday? I am not feeling very well. I am going to need to stay in bed.

We interrupt your great weekend to bring you…Monday.

If Mondays were a pair of shoes, they would have hole in them and be really smelly.

If I just close my eyes and ignore it, Monday will disappear.

Dear Monday. Get out of here. No one likes you and they never did. Sincerely, everyone on the planet.

I hate Mondays as much as I hate mornings.

Hey Monday. Why don’t you call in sick. We have got it covered.

Monday again!??! I do not think that I can keep doing this, week after week!

If we did not have Mondays, we would not have any reason to love the weekends so much.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Friday is only 4 days away.

Shh. I am hiding from Monday. I know it close.

Sunday night’s anxiety about Monday is just confirmation that the res of the week is going to be so much better.

Today will be the best and most wonderful Monday of the entire week!

Monday would not be so bad if it were not called Monday.

Make Monday the kind of day that you want Friday to be.

Monday. The prefect time to make a new start.

It’s never too late to start loving Mondays.

Either you run Monday like you’re the boss or it runs you.

The difference between Saturday and Monday is only two days.

Be the master of your own destiny. Choose to conquer Monday.

Today is Monday and that’s good enough for me.

New Monday. New day.

Take time this Monday to reflect on all of the silly things you did over the weekend. It will make Monday seem a but more necessary.

I can be the change I wish to see. I can make Monday great.

How many more Mondays to go before I have used them all up?

Oh Monday. Do not you know that I do not need you around?

Today is Monday. It is a new Monday that has never happened before.

This Monday is yours. Own it.

One tiny positive thought on a Monday morning can change your entire day.

You are a shark. Now go one and take a bit out of Monday.

Mondays were made for hot coffee and new beginnings.

It is Monday! Time to make your dreams come true.

When life gives you a Monday, dunk it in coffee and take a big bite.

It is never too early on a Monday to begin again.


Hey! Be a rebel and love Mondays!

Here is a friendly reminder that Monday is the best and freshest day of the week. Today is the day that you could change everything.

Mondays are absolute proof that we did terrible things in a past life.

Is it too early on Monday to already be thinking about Friday?

It’s Monday. Rock it out.

On its worst day, Friday the thirteenth is still better than any Monday, any time.

Wait! I was not ready! I need more weekend!

I think that I am allergic to Mondays.

Oh, hello Monday. I have been expecting you.

It is Monday. Get out of bed, kick butt. Repeat every day until Friday.

Hey Monday. Let us make a deal. If you are good to me, I will be good right back.

Um, no. I am just not feeling Monday today. Can I try again tomorrow?

Today I will do what I always do on Mondays. Come up with a new plan to figure out how to make this the last Monday ever!

It is Monday. Yet another chance to be awesome.

Hey Monday. If you just leave now, no one will get hurt.

Mondays are the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of the week. Choose positivity, productivity, and progress.

Don’t let Monday blues dim your shine. Let your light radiate and inspire others throughout the week.

Mondays are like a blank canvas waiting for your colorful brushstrokes. Paint a masterpiece this week.

Start the week with a grateful heart, and you’ll attract blessings and abundance every step of the way.

Mondays are for breaking free from the chains of routine and embracing the thrill of new beginnings.

Let Monday be the launchpad for your dreams. Buckle up and enjoy the ride to success.

Mondays are the perfect opportunity to redefine your goals, rediscover your passions, and reignite your fire within.

Don’t let the Monday blues get you down. Dance your way through the week with joy and enthusiasm.

Mondays are your chance to shine bright like a diamond. Let your light illuminate the world.

Start the week with a dose of inspiration, a sprinkle of motivation, and a dash of determination.

Mondays are like fresh starts packaged in 24 hours. Unwrap them with excitement and make the most of every moment.


May your Monday be short, and may your outfit be fabulous.

If you think that Monday is taking forever, just wait until you get to Tuesday.

Hello? Is this an emergency? Well yes. It is Monday and I can not get out of bed.

Let us make a plan. Let us have less Mondays and more FUNdays!

Yes, barista. I will have a Monday sized coffee please and thank you. Sure, I can wait. I have got all day.

Shhh. Do not move. If we stand very still, maybe Monday will pass us by without knowing we are here.

Help! I ran out of weekend and I need another day!

Make every day silly hat Monday!

Let Monday be the launchpad for a week filled with accomplishments, growth, and endless possibilities.

Mondays are not the end; they are the beginning of a new chapter in your journey. Embrace them with open arms.

Use Mondays to set your intentions, align your actions, and manifest your dreams into reality.

Mondays are the perfect time to reset your goals, rekindle your passion, and redefine your purpose.

Don’t dread Mondays; celebrate them! They are your stepping stones to a brighter future.

Mondays are the punctuation mark that separates dreams from reality. Make them count.

Start the week with a positive mindset, and the universe will conspire to make every Monday magnificent.

Mondays are the invitation to dance with life, to embrace the rhythm of change, and to create a symphony of success.


Wait. What do you mean tomorrow is Monday? Was not it just Friday? Where did the time go?

If Monday was a beer it would nothing but a glass of foam.

I am going to make a voodoo doll and call it Monday. Then I’m going to hang it in the closet and forget about it.

Do not waste your time wish it were Friday. Monday is the freshest day of the week!

There really should be a parade for people who come to work with a smile on Mondays.

Monday already?! My brain and my body say no. But my bank account says yes.

Mondays were created by overachievers.

Look out, Monday. I have got a really large cup of coffee and my cranky pants on. You are in for it.

It is Monday. Be the reason that someone smiles today. You will be happy that you did.

Monday again?! Goodbye, weekend. I will miss you so much.

Monday?! I am not ready!