Old Man Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Your old man would surely love it if you can properly express your feelings for him, if you can actually tell that you are proud to be his son or his daughter. He will surely be glad to know that you actually care about him.

Every father wants to hear from his son or his daughter that he is loved and appreciated. There is something about hearing it firsthand that makes it a lot more better. Here are some old man birthday meme to show your love no matter how indirectly and show your old man that you also have some sense of humor, maybe he would laugh about it and thank you as well.


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Try using it and maybe you can actually show him just how much you love him and how much you appreciate him and that you do have these feelings for him and you care about him a lot.

Happy Birthday old dude!

Birthday Memes

Hmmm... He's not telling his age.


Enjoy your Happy Birthday old balls!


I got your teeth! Happy Birthday
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Gosh I'm old


Have a danc birthday party, the old man way


Happy Birthday! Where to?


Happy Birthday hanging... What?


You're older than me! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Warm regards to your knees


I wish I could figure out how old you are but I hate long math!


...ugh... very old


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday Old Guy! Fancy my hair/


Enjoy your Birthday mean


Goodness! You are indeed very old!


What? Birthday? What?


I have no idea how old you are


We can't contain ourselves! Really? you're that old!


Happy birthday Mr. Old one!


Happy birthday antique guy!


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday very old balls!


You've grown wise! Happy Birthday!


Hi! Mr. Nice old man! Happy Birthday!


I bet you miss how to be x 20


Happy birthday oldie but goodies


Happy Birthday old man!


Enjoy your birthday old man!


Have a great birthday old man!







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