Owl Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Owls are creatures of the night, awake at night but asleep at night. They have these amazing eyes that are cute enough to make them look adorable and cute. Kids love them and so do adults. Owl stuff toys are also cute enough to look at.

Owls are friendly creatures and they are so lovable you just want to get one as your pet but they are creatures of the wild and so you must learn that they should belong to the wilderness. They belong in nature, in the forests where there are a lot of tree and they can look out for themselves.


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Now, if you are planning an owl themed birthday party or if you know someone who loves owls, then you might as well try your best at it. You can greet that person with an owl birthday meme and make him or her remember his or her love for owls.


Hey you! Yes you! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday! May you grow old and grumpy!


Have an owwlsome birthday!


Well okay! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday

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It's your birthday owl day long


Remembers your birthday, makes you breakfast in bed


Happy Birthday! Good luck tonight!


Happy Birthday! Have fun!


Woo-whoo to you! Have a happy birthday.


Happy Birthday. Hope it's a real hoot.


I knew it! Today's your birthday!


Happy Birthday? To who? To who?


Happy Birthday you old git


It's your birthday tomorrow!


Happy Birthday! Have a memorable one!


Have a fine and chill birthday!


Happy Birthday grandma!!! Hope it is a hoot!


They didn't abort you. They didn't abort you. They didn't abort you. They didn't abort you.


Today's your birthday?


You celebrate your birthday, okay?


Happy birthday my dear!


Look! It's your birthday!


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!


Happy happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday


Why didn't you tell us that it's your birthday?


Have a cute and wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday! I hope it's a real hoot!!


Happy birthday


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