Penguin Birthday Memes

Updated: June 19, 2018

Penguins are usually found in cold places like the Atlantic, in Alaska, in places where there are snow all the time. They are often found in places with low temperatures because their bodies are designed to handle very cold things. They are also ultimately cute and people love them because of their cute little feet and the way they walk.

There are some penguins held in captivity and some that goes on show so you can go to some aquariums and see them in there. Maybe you can even throw a penguin party for your friend who loves them, he or she would surely appreciate it. If you want to get in trend with all the other people out there then you might want to try out sending them a penguin birthday meme to greet them a happy birthday that they will surely appreciate.

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You can try these ones below to do just that.


Happy Birthday! Stay cool!


Now, where's the birthday celebrant?

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I heard your favorite color is blue... Never mind. Happy Birthday!


How could you forget my birthday?


Hello there! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Dance ti you drop!


Happy Happy Birthday!
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So, they did not remember my birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Have a fierce one!


Happy Birthday you beautiful human!


Happy Birthday! Now, give me a hug!


Happy Birthday! Fly high!


Hi! We're here to throw you a fun birthday party! You ready?


Happy Birthday to you!


Invite me to your birthday party or else!


HA HA HA HA Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday my love!


Off to your birthday party! Weeee!


Drink on your birthday they said... Have fun they said...


I heard your favorite color is red... Never mind. Happy Birthday!


I can smell the fun! Happy Birthday!


Don't have any idea about your birthday


Happy Birthday! I love you!


Hooray! It's your birthday!


Happy Birthday! Ready for an adventure of a lifetime?


Happy Birthday! Now, where's the party at?


Have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday mi amore!






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