Mexican Birthday Memes

Mexicans are known to be happy people, they love celebrating events especially birthday parties. It would be great to have a Mexican themed birthday at that. It would be great to show the world that it is a good place to be. Mexican parties are usually festive, they have a lot of colorful decoration, a lot of food and also a lot of games to keep the party as fun as it can possibly be.


Happy Birthday Dad Memes

Your dad is someone who took care of you ever since you were but a little child. He is the one who tried his absolute best to provide for you and your family and still spend some time whit his children. He is one of the best people there are, and he surely loves you a lot, for sure. You can always give back to him by actually showing him that you care and that you appreciate every single thought that you have in mind.


Old Man Birthday Memes

Your old man would surely love it if you can properly express your feelings for him, if you can actually tell that you are proud to be his son or his daughter. He will surely be glad to know that you actually care about him. Every father wants to hear from his son or his daughter that he is loved and appreciated. There is something about hearing it firsthand that makes it a lot more better.


Happy Birthday Memes Dog

Dogs are really man’s best friend, they are loyal to their owners and they are just adorable creatures. They come in a lot of sizes but no matter whether big and small, they are really amazing. They are so honest too, if they like you, they will always be beside you, always welcoming you when you get home, always being there for you and going to you whenever you need them.


50th Birthday Memes

Fifty is an important number and getting to that age is truly a feat worth celebrating for especially in the dangerous place that the earth has ever become. It’s a good thing that there are still some kind people out there in the world and that there are people who reaches the prime age of fifty and live to their fullest. Here are some 50th birthday meme that will remind your loved one, may it be your grandma or your grandpa that he or she is never too old to get out there and have fun.


Brother Birthday Memes

A brother is someone who would fight with anyone else just to make sure that you are safe. He is someone who will be on your side even when you are wrong. He will be there for you especially when you are in trouble, trying his best to get you out of it. Your brother is the one guy you will be happy to have in your life even after a lot of years.


21st Birthday Memes

When a person gets into the 21st year of their life, all they want is to enjoy life, all they want is to get into the corporate world and start a new job, to get into a certain company that they have long wanted to go to, all they really want is to settle a good job and be more stable in terms of financial matter that they do not really have the time to have fun and enjoy their lives. This is why if you have a friend who is turning 21, it would be a great idea to throw him or her a party so he or she can forget all the pressure that society has put on him or her and just makes sense of the life he or she is living.


40th Birthday Memes

The fortieth birthday of a person is important and it signifies a lot especially for those who believes in moving out of a certain stage in their life. Mostly, people who reach the age of 40 has already settled down and are experiencing a good life or at least they are mostly decided on what they want in life. Nevertheless, if you know someone who is just about to celebrate their fortieth birthday, it would be good to greet them up, it would be great to remind them that they still have the time to change their mind and even to change the world.


Belated Birthday Memes

One day you will be too busy, you will be too full of things to do that you might forget someone’s special day, you may forget to send a greeting to a person who matters to you because you have too much on your mind, because you have too much on your plate and that is not really your fault. It is not your fault that you have tons of homework or tons of work left to finish and the deadline is approaching too fast.


Happy Birthday Best Friend Memes

Your best friend is the only one who knows you inside and out, who stayed with you even though you have so many flaws, even when the whole world left you, he or she stayed because he or she decided that you are worth staying with. Your best friend is the one who knows all your secrets, the one who knows what makes you tick, what makes you happy and even what annoys you a lot. He or she knows all about you, even things that you may not know about yourself.


Unicorn Birthday Memes

The world of rainbows and unicorns seemed to be left behind when you were still a kid full of imagination about the world. However, that is not always the case, sometimes, adults can still live in the belief that unicorns exist. Some people are still kids at heart and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you want to be a unicorn or you just love seeing a unicorn for once.


30th Birthday Memes

Say goodbye to the twenties as you hit the thirties, or maybe someone you know, a friend or a loved one is going to the sweet but hard transition of being thirty. The problem is that by this age, people are expecting that you have already settled down. First of all, they expect you to have a decent and stable job by this time and at the worst case scenario to have a family already and a happy life. Well, not everyone is going to have all of that and most are just going to enjoy their birthday. This is a transition that not everyone knows about.


Happy Birthday Girl Memes

Girls are truly nice creatures that can be said to be made up of everything nice, but they are also people worth taking note of. They are really sensitive, but they are also very tough. They are truly nice to look at as they are so innocent about life and their intentions to help other people are pure and without malice. They help others without expecting anything in return.


Happy 21st Birthday Memes

The twenty first birthday is important especially for boys, it is the moment when they are truly considered legal, especially in some countries. Gone are the days of being a boy and welcome to the world of being a man. No more playing with toy guns and say hello to being serious about life and finding a decent job to keep you away from hunger and other problems.


45+ Cat Birthday Memes

Cats are truly nice pets, they are very much cute and they are very fluffy as well. You would just love to pet them and to hug them or to just snuggle with them, that is how awesome they are. They are truly nice to keep as pet inside the house because they are not as loud as dogs are and they purr in such a nice way. They are also easily taught to be potty trained and they have a good sense of loyalty too.


35+ Game Of Thrones Birthday Memes

Have you ever seen such a successful television series that has the world going crazy about it? Well, Game of Thrones is one of those series that made the whole world, especially the social media going in a craze and waiting for the release of every episode and even every new season. It has surely caught people in surprise and people just loved it and got immediately hooked up with the story of war, of princes, of royalties and their fight for power among kingdoms.


Happy Birthday Gay Memes

As of today, people has widely and openly accepted gay people in the world. Most countries have even approved same-sex marriage to back up this so-called acceptance. If you have a friend who is gay, you must make that person feel just how much you accept and support every decision he has made. After all, he is a human being too, who would very much love to have every right that other people, especially the straight ones do.


Star Wars Birthday Memes

Everyone loves the Star Wars movie series, it is one of those movies that has a really large franchise, something that truly has a marked on the society that we live in. It has truly been one of the best movies that is known to people. It is a legacy that is still on going until now. Every new release of this movie, brings a lot people together, especially the fans.


Happy Birthday Mom Memes

How sad the world would be if you do not have your mom beside you, if she is not there any more for you when you need her the most to be near you? Life is so much better when you are with your mom, when you both have a good working relationship, you need to make her feel that you are thankful for all that she did for you and all that she is still doing for you. Make her feel that you appreciate her a lot and that you are more than willing to make her feel that she deserves to have the happiest birthday ever because she had always made sure that you celebrate yours to be the best one there is for you as well.


Happy 50th Birthday Memes

Celebrating fifty years on earth is truly something to celebrate or even throw a feast for. It is often called the golden birthday, somehow in years, fifty is almost golden. It is the time when you just want to settle down, to do something that you love to do because by this age your children may already have a family of their own, they may already have a life of their own, so they might live far away from you by then. If someone you love or someone you are close to is celebrating his or her fiftieth birthday, you might as well greet that person and make him or her feel special about it.