200+ Safety Quotes and Messages about Security

Modified: June 27, 2023, Published: December 23, 2016

When it comes to our well-being and protection, safety and security are paramount. Whether it’s in our personal lives, workplaces, or communities, maintaining a safe environment is crucial.

Safety quotes and messages serve as reminders of the importance of staying vigilant, practicing precautionary measures, and prioritizing the well-being of ourselves and others. These quotes and messages encompass various aspects of safety, including physical, emotional, and mental security.

From inspiring words to thought-provoking insights, they aim to raise awareness and promote a culture of safety in all aspects of life. Let’s explore this extensive collection of 200+ safety quotes and messages that emphasize the value of security and encourage us to make it a priority.

Your safety is our top priority. Secure today, assure tomorrow.

Safety is not just a rule; it’s a lifestyle.

Security is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Protect what you value most: your safety and peace of mind.

Safety is the key that unlocks productivity and success.

In a world full of uncertainties, safety provides a comforting embrace.

Secure your surroundings, shield your loved ones.

A safe environment fosters growth, innovation, and harmony.

Be alert, be aware, and be safe.

Invest in safety today for a secure and prosperous future.

Safety isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.

Precaution is the armor that guards against regret.

Your safety is a reflection of your self-respect.

Safety first, because accidents last.

Security is not just a lock; it’s a peace of mind.

Stay secure, stay confident, and embrace a worry-free life.

A secure workplace is a productive workplace.

Take responsibility for your safety, and watch your dreams flourish.

Safety is the best insurance policy you can have.

Protect yourself today, so you can enjoy tomorrow without worry.

Cultivate a culture of safety, and watch greatness thrive.

Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your safety.

Security begins with awareness and ends with responsibility.

Peace of mind starts with a solid security plan.

Safety is a shared responsibility; let’s work together to ensure it.

Trust in safety, for it is the foundation of trust in all aspects of life.

Stay cautious, stay safe, and let your confidence soar.

Never compromise on safety; it’s an investment that pays dividends.

Secure your steps today for a future full of possibilities.

Stay alert, stay alive; safety is your survival guide.

Choose safety over shortcuts; it’s the path to lasting success.

Protect your well-being; it’s the most valuable asset you possess.

Create a safe haven wherever you go; your peace of mind matters.

Keep safety in your thoughts, and accidents will become a thing of the past.

Prioritize safety today, and you’ll enjoy a worry-free tomorrow.

Ensure your security, and unlock the door to a life without fear.

Safety is not an option; it’s an imperative for a thriving community.

Guard your dreams with a fortress of safety.

Make safety a habit, and you’ll never have to worry about accidents.

Stay cautious, stay aware, and keep safety at the forefront of your mind.

Embrace a safety mindset, and watch obstacles turn into opportunities.

Secure your surroundings, protect your loved ones, and find peace within.

Choose safety, not just for yourself, but for the ones who depend on you.

Prevention is the key to a safer future; take action today.

Your safety is a precious gift; cherish it and protect it.

Be proactive in safety, because hindsight won’t undo accidents.

Safety is not a one-time effort; it’s a continuous commitment.

Be the example of safety you wish to see in the world.

Take a moment to assess the risks, and enjoy a lifetime of rewards.

Be mindful of safety, for it’s the guardian of your well-being.

Secure your environment, elevate your peace of mind, and thrive.

Your safety starts with you not with the others.

The moment you start to compromise the safety, you are already compromising everything.

Safety prevents sickness. Safety avoids suffering. Safety evades sadness. So stay safe and be safe.

The practice of safety should start today and not tomorrow, for tomorrow may be too late for it.

Each and every accident should be a learning lesson because surely something went wrong that causes it. The event should be investigated then an act should be done to prevent it the next time.

Safety brings the best first aid to the ones who are uninjured.

Our body is our biggest capital. Let us not invest it in the Bank of Carelessness.

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Safety has only three letters in its alphabet. ABC which means Always Be Careful.

An accident can happen to anyone and everyone, do not ever think that you are immune to any of it.

When doing something, put your skills and craftsmanship into your work, not your hands, fingers or foot.

Accidents are someone else’s fault; do not allow them to be your own.

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We don’t have to sacrifice either our lives or limbs just for the sake of achieving the result we are yearning for.

Promote a habit of safety and caution.

Being careful will cost you no money but try to be careless and it might cost you your life.

Abiding with the safety rules is as important as following the company rules.

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Do not make safety as a joke because at the end of the day you might become the joke.

Safety is a state of mind. It is not a device that you get to played with.

There is no such thing as accidental safety.

Safety first is not a cliché. Everybody should take it seriously.

A seatbelt is not a burden to wear. It is a protection to bear.

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Prevention and precaution are both better than cure.

Whenever you see a mistake, do something to fix it or else it will become yours.

If you cannot afford an insurance policy then practice safety.

Accidents don’t just happen out of nowhere, they all have a cause.

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It is better to be prepared than to do a repair.

Make it a habit to prevent so you will not repent.

Some of the chance and risk takers are disaster makers.

Hug your children at home but be sure to buckle them up in the car wherever you go.

Crashing into a nap is way better than napping into an impending crash.

Do not entrust your safety to luck because it usually runs out.

Safety does not hurt but accident does.

It is better to practice the age old work safely because those who did reach the old age too.

The door of safety uses the hinges of not very common sense.

If you work without taking safety seriously, you are working in a dead-end job.

If you know safety, you will have no injury. If you have no safety, you will know injury.

Accidents are mostly caused by negligence.


Carelessness does not bounce back like a ball, it breaks and shatters.

Safety should never take a day off.

Danger is always lurking everywhere, so better bring safety with you.

Accidents never take a happy holiday.

Try to gamble with you and you will pay with your life.

Death will be the punch line to all the jokes of safety.

I’d rater lose a minute of my life than to lose my life for a minute.

Admire your work when you done doing it, not while you are still on the ladder.

A sound and safe investment is by putting a good hearing protection.


If you want to learn about safety, ask someone who practice it daily.

Safety eyeglasses make the future of your eyes so bright and clear.

Prepare and use properly your safety gears to avoid remorseful tears.

Broken things and tools can be replaced but your limbs can’t be replaced.

The best weapon of safety is your personal safety gears.

You are still alive today because you practiced safety yesterday.

Unsafe and dangerous actions will give you stitches.

Learn safety before an accident, not after the accident.


If you mess safety up, you will have you face crush up.

Safety in the road is a thing to behold.

Caution is the sibling of safety.

The 2 C’s of safety are Caution and Care.

Safety is not as expensive as you think, it is actually priceless.

Stay alert! Stay alive! Stay safe!

Being alert today is your ticket to be alive tomorrow.

Accidents hurts pretty bad but safety does not.

Being dead sure is far way better than being sure dead.

If your guts are telling you it is not safe, most probably it is not.


Safety is a great factor if it is not taken seriously it will cause a chain of reactions.

Quotes and wishes will not keep you safe. Practicing safety will.

Safety should never take a weekend getaway.

Accidents don’t just happen in thin air; they all have an underlying cause.

Working safely is comparable to breathing. If you will stop doing so, you will die.

Not all risks are worth taking for, most especially if it is your safety.

Do not take all the risk if you still want to exist.

Safety is not just a mere catchphrase; it is a way of living.

Businesses which prioritize profit over safety often face bankruptcy.

If safety is disregarded, no one will be rewarded.

Safety first over results.


Not everybody can buy insurance but everyone can carry out safety.

The dangers in life are endless, so stop being a fool who is careless.

Public safety should be the utmost priority of every government.

Be safe now so you will not be sorry later.

Those who practice safety enjoy a long life.

You cannot hold safety in your hands alone but you can use your whole body and mind to do it.

Fear often instills the best safety rules.

You cannot rate how safe you are, for safety is cannot be found on numbers.

The highest law in every place should be the safety of all the people.

Valor is caused and fueled by the desire of making everybody or somebody safe.

Safety does not and will never happen accidentally.

The best way to prioritize safety while driving is by imagining your rear-view mirror with a police in it.

Protection is better than doing cure.

Safety is the most dangerous things in the entire universe, so you better not play with it.

We only live once but safety makes us live longer.

Two goals before each day end. Be safe. Be secure.

I’d rather be a million times more careful than to be dead at once.

Without safety, danger will flourish and accidents will thrive.

Sacrifice anything but safety.

Safety is goal that you should not miss no matter what happen.

Being safe is not just a matter of luck but a matter of deed.

You can pray for your safety but it takes the right actions to keep yourself safe.

Safety is sometimes one of the good result s of over thinking.

The path without anything on it is not always the safest.

The past teaches the present lessons while the present secures the safety of future.

If you want to remain alive tomorrow, be careful today.

Safety will result to peace and tranquility.

If you want to know how expensive safety is, try to get yourself in an accident. Only then will you know how expensive it is.

If you have an injury you most probably ignored your safety.

Overconfidence sometimes leads to disastrous accidents.

Accident will cost you tons and lots of money, but safety will not cost you even a single penny.

Safety should not be an option. It should be the first priority.

Carelessness minus the common sense is equals to disasters.


A teeny tiny act for safety and security has big repercussions.

Accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere but you can also perform safety anywhere and everywhere.

If you choose life, you should also choose safety. You can’t be alive without being safe.

Your safety starts with you alone and not with the other people around you.

Do not expect anyone else to keep you safe. Do it on your own.

If you rely your safety to others, it is like you are also relying on others to breathe for you.

Do not put your guard down any time of the day for accidents are back stabbers.

If you think that you are a hundred percent safe, then you are actually not.

The only way to secure the future is by making the present safe and sound.

Safety should never come last. It should always comes first.


Safety is not just a rule that should be followed plainly. It is an understanding and an attitude of the mind.

Safety personnel are one of the most hated beings in a working environment; little did they know that they are the ones who are keeping the workers alive.

Respect the people who ensuring and implementing the safety in a place because they are also ensuring yours.

Not all zero records are bad. Zero accident in a company is actually a great thing every worker should be grateful for.

Words and signs do not save people. It is the ability of the people to follow them that keep them safe.

The lack of common sense is one of the roots of all the accidents.

Common sense is as important as all the other senses, without one you will never be safe.

Funny safety quotes for the workplace

Maintaining a safe workplace is crucial, but that doesn’t mean we can’t inject some humor into the topic of safety. Funny safety quotes can help lighten the atmosphere while still emphasizing the importance of staying safe on the job.

These quotes add a touch of lightheartedness to the seriousness of safety, reminding us that a little laughter can go a long way in creating a positive and mindful work environment. So, let’s explore some funny safety quotes that will keep everyone smiling while keeping safety a top priority.

I have a love-hate relationship with gravity. It keeps me grounded, but sometimes it brings me down.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident, but accidents sure do happen by not being safe!

Keep calm and don’t trip over imaginary obstacles.

Don’t be a fool, use the right tool!

Safety: It’s not just a hard hat, it’s a state of mind.

If you think safety is expensive, try an accident.

I’m not saying I’m accident-prone, but I do make friends with a lot of first aid kits.

Safety comes in cans, I can, you can, we can!

Safety tip: Don’t be the reason we need a safety meeting.

Caution: I brake for donuts and safety hazards.

If you’re not here for safety, you’re in the wrong place.

Safety is no accident, but my coffee spills are.

Safety rule: Do not let the idiots ruin your day.

Workplace safety: It’s a team effort, unless I’m on a break.

Safety is like a lock; only effective if you remember to use it.

Keep calm and let safety be your superpower.

Safety: It’s not just about avoiding danger, it’s about mastering it with style.

Remember, the best safety device is a careful coworker.

When in doubt, use your brain—helmets won’t protect stupidity.

Safety: Because you don’t need another excuse to visit the emergency room.

Safety is a team effort, so let’s all take a nap together.

Accidents happen, but if they happen to you, you’ll be in big trouble.

Safety is like a job: you gotta do it every day, even if you don’t feel like it.

If safety was a game, I’d win the championship of wearing mismatched socks.

Safety first, but let’s not forget that coffee comes a close second.

In case of emergency, keep calm and blame the person who didn’t follow safety protocols.

I don’t always follow safety rules, but when I do, it’s because my boss is watching.

Safety rule: If you see a banana peel on the floor, pretend you’re in a cartoon and walk carefully.

Workplace safety is like a dance party: follow the steps and avoid the awkward falls.

Remember, safety goggles are the latest fashion trend in the workplace.

Safety is like a good joke: if you have to explain it, it’s probably not working.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I’m pretty sure safety goggles come close.

Safety is important, but so is finding creative ways to blame gravity for our clumsy moments.

Wanted: Safety ambassadors with a sense of humor and a knack for making coworkers laugh during safety drills.

Safety tip: Don’t test the limits of your reflexes by trying to catch falling staplers.

Safety rule: If a coworker tells you to ‘hold my coffee,’ run in the opposite direction.

Remember, a helmet won’t protect your ego if you slip on a banana peel.

Safety is like a good cup of coffee: you can’t start your day without it.

Warning: If you don’t follow safety rules, I might tell your mom.

Safety reminder: Tripping over your own feet is a performance art, not a workplace activity.

Remember, the floor is lava… for safety reasons.

Safety is like a game of hide and seek. Can you find the hidden hazards?

Safety is not just a slogan, it’s a comedy show. Watch out for the banana peels!

Safety goggles: making us all look like mad scientists since forever.

If you think safety is boring, try falling off a ladder.

Caution: Work in progress. Excuse the mess and potential hazards.

Safety is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh while wearing hard hats.

Safety rule: Always wear a smile, it’s your personal protective equipment.

Don’t worry, we’ve got safety covered… with a layer of bubble wrap.

Attention: Safety violations may result in forced karaoke performances.

Safety tip: Dancing on a desk is only allowed if you’re rehearsing the safety shuffle.

Safety is like a box of chocolates… you never know when you’ll slip on one.

In the event of an emergency, please form an orderly and hilarious evacuation line.

Caution: This workplace may contain nuts (and bolts).

It is important to do what you can in order to stay safe, so that you can be around for your family for a long time.

Looking out for the safety of children is an important job and it is a job that should be taken seriously by anyone given that task.

Looking out for your own safety is something that is important, and looking out for the safety of others is also important.

It is important to do what you can to live in a safe way because there are people who are watching you and following your example.

You should practice safe habits so that you can stay safe and live out a long and good life.

There are certain things that you can do to stay safe on a regular basis, and you should get in the habit of doing those things.

It is important to do what you can in order to stay safe because life is valuable and you do not want to mess yours up.

There are some who are concerned about their own safety and the safety of others and there are some who are not worried about that… it is important to do what you can to stay safe.

It is important that you do what you can to look out for your needs and to stay safe in all that you do because your life has value.

There are steps that a person can take in order to stay safe, and those steps are important ones that should not be ignored.

The safety of those people you love is important, and you should do what you can to look out for those people.

Practice safe habits and always help others know what they should be doing if they would like to stay safe.