Sarcastic Birthday Memes

Updated: June 19, 2018

There are so many tones you can use to greet someone a happy birthday, you can use a happy tone, you can use a cheerful tone and a whole lot more. However, when you are greeting someone whom you do not like or someone who you hate or your enemy, you might want to greet them in such a way such as sending sarcasm together with your birthday greeting.

There are also a lot of ways to greet them but one of the best ways to do that would be to send a sarcastic birthday meme. You can also greet him or her in  a way that only you can, in a way that might not sound so great but is actually a pretty nice thing in the end.

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Here are some more that you can choose from to greet that “friend” of yours a happy birthday and show him or her how sarcastic you can be when you do not like someone.


Happy Birthday! Need I say more?

Birthday Memes

May yo get as much praise and attention on your birthday as an average millennial feels entitled to every day.


Happy Birthday dumbass


Wait, you're how old? Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Husband Memes
Happy Birthday Girl Memes

People are wishing you a happy birthday ove Facebook? Wow you must have lots of friends!
40+ Birthday Memes For Sister
Happy Birthday Cousin Memes

i'm glad you were the strongest sperm


Happy Birthday! You're beginning to look like me!


A little bird told me it's your birthday. I ate him.


I hope you celebrate your birthday the way you came into this world. Naked and screaming


Slow clap for the birthday celebrant!


Smart, good looking and funny, but enough about me, Happy birthday!


Oh, it's your birthday! I don't care!


May you grow old that people mistake your boobs for nuts! Happy birthday


Sorry I got so drunk and ended up getting really mouthy and offensive and then I barfed in the hot tub at your birthday party. (Next week.)


What so special about your birthday anyway?


I'd wish you a happy birthday but to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit


I'm acknowledging that it is your birthday


Forecast for your birthday! Alcohol, Low standards, and poor decisions.


Happy Birthday! May you live to be old and toothless.


If you're old and wise today, you must have been young and stupid once.


On this birthday, we know how to keep your party gluten-free.


Hoeny, it's better to be a year older than a month late.


Happy birthday to a "very important" person! Well, that's what he thinks.


And I'm saving all my love for your birthday cake tonight


Happy Birthday! Now go away or else I shall taunt you a second time!


How old? Congrats on reaching an age that doesn't mean anything at all.


Oh, how cute. You are with that toothless smile. Happy birthday dear friend!


From G-strings to Granny panties. It happens. Happy birthday


Oh, so you think when one is celebrating his birthday, he can act whatever he feels.


Happy birthday. Stay drunk my friend




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