Star Wars Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

Everyone loves the Star Wars movie series, it is one of those movies that has a really large franchise, something that truly has a marked on the society that we live in. It has truly been one of the best movies that is known to people. It is a legacy that is still on going until now.

Every new release of this movie, brings a lot people together, especially the fans. A lot of kids want a Star Wars themed birthday party, even. You can see it in shirts, mugs, caps and a whole lot more. When someone who loves it celebrates his or her birthday, maybe you can indulge that person by giving him or her related gifts or sending him or her some Star Wars birthday meme that he or she would surely understand and love.


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Here are some of those memes that you might want to test out and see how that person will react.

Birthday Memes
Happy birthday. Happy wishes so many


Happy birthday


Happy Birthday!!! You rebel scum!!


Happy birthday. May the force be with you.


Just droppin by to say Happy birthday
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Happy birthday, I know it's a trap for getting gifts


It's your birthday? Goooooood......


A happy birthday I wish you


May the fork be with you



Luke, I know what you got me for my birthday - I felt your presents. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... you were born


Happy Birthday


A happy birthday you will have


Use the force to get the cake...


"Urrghh uurrrh urh uuuurggh" - Chewbacca Translation Happy Birthday!


Middle aged?


Happy birthday. Here's a little millennium falcon for you


Happy birthday from the republic incoming celebration


Your birthday it is, celebrate you must


Happy birthday. Looks like you had a big night.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, that's the thing I have not wished since a long


Happy birthday bearded jedi


That face you make when you see an unwanted friend at your birthday party


Happy Birthday. Another year older you may be


That's how you can enter a birthday party where you are not invited


You're never too old for an Imperial Walker.. Happy Birthday


Look how old you've become... Happy birthday!!!


It's your birthday... I know.


Birthday, you have party, you must yes, hmm...






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