Superhero Birthday Memes

Updated: February 10, 2018

Superheroes are quite popular even back in the old days and even more right now in the modern times as they are the savior of mankind, they like helping people who are in need and they are always there to lend a helping hand.


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There is a lot of market of superheroes nowadays from the Avengers or the X-men to other classic superheroes such as Superman, Spiderman and whoever is right there. You can make a birthday theme that you can use, even the new superheroes like Deadpool, Dr. Strange and a lot more.


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Here are some memes about superheroes that you can use to greet your friend or your little kid. You can use them to have something to send to your friends on the internet. There is a wide range of superhero birthday meme below in which you can choose from so you can choose the best one you think.


Happy Birthday, you're a superhero!


Happy Birthday


Have a fierce birthday!


So, you gonna bat all the birthday cake? Yup.

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Happy Birthday. I made this cake for you


Happy Birthday. I hope it doesn't bite


Happy Birthday


Wonderwoman approves your birthday


Pssssssttt Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday girl, it's really a happy moment


Happy birthday superfriend


Happy birthday you superhero!


Happy Birthday to you!


Your birthday will be great!


Happy Birthday!


Sorry, I forgot about your birthday


Hey there, big boy, I heard it was someone's birthday


Birthday twin powers.. Activate


Happy Birthday!


I wish you a Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Have a nice one!


Do you why I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday? Because I'm Batman!!!


Happy Birthday from your superman


Have the sweetest birthday my love!


Hope you have a Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday darling. Love you


Nanananananananana Happy Birthday


Hey good lookin'! Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday!


I want you to have the most Marvel-ous birthday


Excuse me, I'm late for my friend's birthday party.


I approve your birthday and pancakes


Hey little superhero!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday from all of us! xoxo




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