Unicorn Birthday Memes

Updated: February 8, 2018

The world of rainbows and unicorns seemed to be left behind when you were still a kid full of imagination about the world. However, that is not always the case, sometimes, adults can still live in the belief that unicorns exist.

Some people are still kids at heart and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you want to be a unicorn or you just love seeing a unicorn for once. Or maybe you know someone who would love to do that, it would surely be lovely to make him or her happy for once since today is going to be as special day. Go ahead and set up a birthday party that has a unicorn theme and let him or her have the best moment of his or her life.


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Here are some unicorn birthday meme for that friend who loves unicorn so that you can make him or her happy on his or her big day.


Happy Birthday


May all your dreams come true


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Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday


May your birthday be as awesome a vigilante cat riding a fire breathing unicorn


hope your birthday is Magical

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Happy birthday!! I got your back.


happy birthday


Bat Unicorn says: Happy birthday


May all your birthday wishes come true


sugar is sweet, lemons are tart, I love you more than a unicorn fart


Have a magical birthday!


Happy birthday Dream big for dreams we believe in tend to come true.


Happy Birtthday!!!!!!


My mommy and daddy promised me something special. They said I was going to have a unicorn for my birthday party.. Where is my unicorn!!!!


Happy Birthday


Hope your birthday is magical!


It's your birthday... Party like a Unicorn!


Happy Birthday. Here's your unicorn


One unicorn! Check! Just doing my part to make your birthday dreams come true


Rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten says Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday


This unicorn took it's time to say Happy Birthday. There is no reason for you to be sad anymore


Hope you have a super happy birthday filled with glitter and rainbow unicorn farts!!


Happy Birthday! I wanted to gice you a hug on your birthday but...


Happy Birtthday


Happy Birthday!!!!


Forgot your birthday card. These creepy f unicorn will work, right?


happy as a unicorn eating cake or a rainbow


May your day be more beautiful than a unicorn farting rainbows.


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